GOODGLAS double-walled animal-themed glasses at Tokyu Department store!

27.May.2019 | FASHION

Double-walled glass pioneer GOODGLAS will be selling cute animal-themed glasses at four Tokyu Department stores for a limited time only starting from 30th May 2019. The four limited stores are Shibuya main store, Shibuya station Toyoko store, Kichijoji store and Tama Plaza Kanagawa store. 

Bear: ¥3,200 + tax

Labrador: ¥3,200 + tax

The double-walled glasses will come in the following designs: Dog, cat, duck, bear, labrador, wild boar, grape, and cherry blossom.

Shiba Inu dog: ¥3,200 + tax

Bunny: 3,500 + tax

Cat: ¥3,500 + tax

From 8th June, more mug designs will be added to the series shown above! The Shiba Inu dog mug, which was fully sold out soon after it was launched for sale back in April, is making a comeback! There will also be two more brand new designs: the bunny and the cat! The Shiba Inu, bunny and cat mugs will be sold at Tokyu Department store in advance. They will be available for general sale from 14th June.


You won’t be able to stop drinking from these cute mugs so get your hands on some!