Kenshi Yonezu Releases Animated Music Video For ‘Children of the Sea’ Theme Song ‘Umi no Yuurei’

28.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

Kenshi Yonezu will release his new digital single Umi no Yuurei on June 3. The song will be used as the main theme for the upcoming animated film Children of the Sea which is set to hit Japanese cinemas on June 7.


Until now, the song could previously only be heard in the film’s trailer. 100 lucky people were also invited to an event for the film where they enjoyed an early screening of the song’s official music video.


Fans of Yonezu and those looking forward to the forthcoming film will be pleased to hear that the music video has now been posted onto the singer’s official YouTube channel.


The music video contains scenes from the movie itself. Those who were able to attend the premiere of the music video were plunged into a full oceanic experience as they watched it aboard a boat.

The boat’s bottom floor was made to look like the deep sea. Dark and bubbly underwater sounds echoed through the vessel while an exhibition of sea creatures were put on display such as starfish and jellyfish. The display was made in collaboration with Enoshima Aquarium. There was also a huge picture of the Umi no Yuurei CD cover in the centre of the room. Originally illustrated by manga author Daisuke Igarashi, the picture spanned 1.2m on each side. Dim lights also filtered throughout the area to heighten that sense of being below the sea.

The first floor was made in the image of a beach. Heard up here were the sounds of waves. The huge visual pictured above is taken from Children of the Sea. There were also lit-up panels featuring scenes in the movie. There was also a video of whales running too.

Finally, up on the second floor, attendees were able to stand atop the deck which was dubbed the “Sea Sky.” It was here the music video was projected onto the boat’s mast.

This unique experience makes it the first time in Japan a music video was debuted on the ocean surface. It wasn’t merely a viewing―it was a full body experience. The event was praised as making people feel as if they had become part of the music video.

In the animated music video, we get another peek at STUDIO4℃’s gorgeously detailed environments and sea life.

ⒸDaisuke Igarashi / Shogakukan

The CD cover for the single was also illustrated by Daisuke Igarashi.

Photo by Tomokazu Yamada

Umi no Yuurei will be released next Monday. Until then, be sure to check out the music video.


©Daisuke Igarashi / Shogakukan / “Children of the Sea” Production Committee