Sing Along at Tokyo DisneySea’s Tanabata Greeting Event

14.June.2019 | FEATURES / SPOT

Hi, everyone. It’s Midori, part of the editorial team here at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON.


Tanabata, also known at the Star Festival, is a traditional annual festival in Japan which celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and and Hikoboshi who are only able to see each other once a year. Right now at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea a special Tanabata event is being held called “Tanabata Days.” It is taking place right now until July 7.


As part of the Tanabata Days program, Tokyo DisneySea is holding the Tanabata Greeting where guests will be greeted by the Disney cast aboard boats in the park’s central lake.

At the greeting I went to Mickey and Minnie were on board the boat dressed in Tanabata-themed outfits. They were both like Orihime and Hikoboshi and looked so beautiful!


Duffy the Disney Bear and ShellieMay were there too.

I saw Disney princes and princesses too♡

Aladdin and Jasmine were there to celebrate Tanabata too. Guests are even invited to sing the Japanese nursery rhyme Tanabata-sama along with Mickey.


Celebrate this once-a-year event together with the Disney cast and see them all dressed in their Tanabata costumes♡
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