Recommended Yukata For Keeping Cool This Summer

25.June.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

Hi everyone, this is Midori from MMN’s Editorial Department!

Do you know what a Yukata is? It’s a long, casual garment that resembles a kimono. As they are made of light and breathable material, this traditional Japanese clothing is usually worn in the summer. A beautiful yet refreshing garment is the perfect clothing for a summer festival and other summer events. How would you like to try one on? Today, I’ll be introducing you to this year’s latest Yukatas.


KIMONOMACHI: Polyester Yukata Perfect for a Hot Summer’s Day

These yukata are made from polyester which is breathable and ventilating. From subtle and mature patterns for adults to large, modern and vivid patterns, there is a wide range of fabric designs to choose from.  


Cream Water-Colour Camellia Flower Yukata: ¥11,880 (after tax) 

You also do not have to worry about coordinating your outfit as you can putchase a set that includes a Sash (obi) and Japanese wooden clogs (geta). This is recommended for those of you who are completely new to yukata-wearing.  


▼ KIMONOMACHI main shop

Official Website:


Cayhane Yukata: Easy to Wear By Yourself 

Cayhane sells yukata that are made from materials sourced from all over Japan. 

Reiría Minana Yukata: ¥7,128

The Yukata sold here consist of a top and bottom half, which makes it easy for anyone to put on.

You can also get yukata with a separate skirt too, meaning that you can wear the skirt with your other normal clothes on a regular day too.


▼ Cayhane

Official Website:



kyomadoka: Wear a Yukata Designed By an AKB48 Graduate 

Haruna Kojima, who graduated from Japan’s world famous idol group AKB48, created the designs for a collection of kyomadoka Yukata.

¥45,360 (after tax)

Not only are the designs made with lots of care and attention, but the materials used have been carefully sourced. The patterns are mature yet cute. 


▼kyomadoka: Haruna Kojima Original Design Yukata

Purchase here:

Sales Start: June 5, 2019


Felissimo Neko-Bu™: Fill Yourself With Feline Fabulousness

Cat-Themed Retro Modern Yukata ¥8,400 (before tax)

Notice the cute, round eyes of a cat amongst beautiful camellia flowers. Felissimo Neko-Bu™ sells cat-themed goods that are also perfect for adults. This retro-modern design is both cute and mature.


Look closely and you will also notice a striped pattern. Felissimo are selling many other cat-themed Yukata besides this so please check them out.


This is a design of a tiger playing with green foxtail grass.

▼Felissimo Neko-Bu™

Official Website: Sells Yukata That Look Like Japanese Sweets sells Yukata that are perfect for walking the streets of Asakusa, Kyoto and other traditional-style streets that are full of dark and mature colours.

RiLi Yukata: ¥11,990 each (before tax)

The sash is a waist band with wrinkles so that it does not hurt when you put it on. You will notice that it is incredibly easy to wear these. All Yukata in this series use similar colours, so it is easy to coordinate your outfit with other friends and family members. ♡

Official Website:



Furifu and Touken Ranbu-ONLINE- Collaborative Yukata

Furifu is dedicated to creating new styles of traditional Japanese fashion. They have released a retro-modern style kimono brand through a collaborative effort with the game Touken Ranbu-ONLINE- . This includes three Yukata themed around the characters Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Tsurumaru Kuninaga and Kasen Kanesada.

 Kasen Kanesada ¥62,640 (after tax )

Tsurumaru Kuninaga: ¥62,640 (after tax)

Kashuu Kiyomitsu: ¥62,640 (after tax )

▼Furifu Touken Ranbu Collaborative Yukata

Official Website:


All these Yukata are available online. This would be the perfect way to stay cool and beautiful during the summer. Wearing one to a summer event would be a wonderful experience. ♡