Food Review: Nutrient-Packed Vegan Cup Noodles Vegewel RICE NOODLES

20.September.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

Frembassy is a Japanese company whose aim is to create a barrier-free food culture in Japan where everybody can laugh and enjoy their meals together. On Thursday, the company introduced its new Vegewel RICE NOODLES on Vegewel Marché, a food website run by the company, which will be sold for a limited time. The cup noodles are vegetarian and vegan-friendly and packed with healthy ingredients.

Vegewel RICE NOODLES are made with no animal products, dairy, egg, wheat or crustaceans, and contain no chemical or synthetic seasonings. They can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

The bowl contains the noodles, seasoning, and soup powder. Simply put all the ingredients into the bowl, pour over hot water, and leave for 3 minutes before tucking in.

The chewy noodles are an original creation made from rice flour and made specifically for Vegewel RICE NOODLES. The flour is made from Akitakomachi, a type of rice, and provides a great flavour balance with the other ingredients.


The soup and seasoning contains absolutely no additives, chemical seasonings, or yeast extract.  To ensure no quality is lost in the flavour of the cup noodles, only citric acid is added to the rice flour noodles. The bowl is packed full of crispy cut up vegetables which is rare when it comes to cup noodles in Japan. The secret to their crispiness comes from allowing the vegetables to dry in a vacuum drier in cold vapour. Normally, glucose is added to the dried vegetables, but that has been taken out of the process for these noodles too.


One bowl contains 125g of vegetables, letting you get 1/3 of your daily intake of veggies. Their delicious taste coupled with sweet mirin makes for a treat for your taste buds. The seasoning is simple, but once you’ve put everything together, the flavour takes on a whole new level.

I recommend adding lots of fresh vegetables like okra and tomato, maybe even a sprinkle of paprika and a small dash of extra virgin olive oil.

A bowl contains 266Kcal which is is much lower compared to your ordinary cup noodles. It’s also low in fats and zero in cholesterol. It makes for a simple, healthy and light lunch or even dinner. Japan is still catching up when it comes to vegan cuisine, so this is a great option if you’re staying there and in need of something!


  • The Fanciest Egg and Rice Dish You’ve Ever Seen Will Be Sold at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

    09.September.2019 | FOOD

    Towering over the bustling city of Tokyo is the capital’s luxury hotel Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Starting from October 1, the hotel’s restaurant Shunbou, which serves Japanse-style cuisine, is introducing an all-new exquisite serving of TKG, or tamago kake gohan (“egg on rice”).

    The dish will be made with shinmai, or “new rice,” which refers to the new rice harvested for the current year. It’s topped with rich egg―a simple combination but incredibly delicious and loved by people in Japan. Normally TKG stops there, but Grand Hyatt Tokyo is taking it to the next level with a topping of caviar to create the most exquisite egg on rice you have ever seen.


    Rice: The best of the best

    The rice served at the hotel is harvested in the city of Nanyō in Yamagata Prefecture. It’s a special kind of rice known as Tsuyahime, and the hotel makes strict selections of the harvested rice, ensuring they serve the best possible rice to guests. This rice is served only at Grand Hyatt Tokyo making it even more special.


    Nanyō is blessed with rich soil. The farms have been using organic fertiliser for well over 10 years, meaning their beautiful harvests are reduced in agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilisers unlike many other farms. The rice’s taste quality value has also been listed as over 80, much higher than your average rice.


    Sturgeon Caviar

    The caviar used in this dish is from the Sturgeon fish from Kagawa prefecture. Everything from the food to the temperature of the water for the fish is considered from when they are a young age, allowing for the best possible caviar. They are seasoned with the perfect salt quantity and are additive free, allowing for a creamy and velvety taste and texture that just melts in your mouth the moment it hits your tongue.


    Rich Egg Yolk

    The eggs served on the rice are from what is known as one of the country’s best egg specialist shops in Kyoto. To ensure the perfect egg, the shop takes great care in the fodder and water given to the chickens from the time they are chicks. This takes away the unpleasant raw smell characteristic of eggs, and is also a healthier lifestyle for the chickens themselves. The eggs are also packed with nutrients that are said to be lacking in the people of today including vitamins, DHA, niacin, and so on.


    To top it all off, the hotel has created their own original blend of dashi soy sauce just for this dish.

  • Dragon Quest Slime Bread Releasing at Lawson Store 100 in Japan

    19.September.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Convenience store Lawson Store 100 is teaming up with Nintendo in promotion of the upcoming video game Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, an enhanced port of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age for the Nintendo Switch™ that’s set for release on September 27, 2019, by releasing three new breads inspired by the Slime monster from the game at branches around Japan on September 25.

    Slime Bread Slime Flavour (Sweet Lime) – ¥108 (Tax Included)

    Coming in the classic light blue colour is this “slime flavoured” Slime (which is actually sweet lime flavoured!) It’s filled with refreshing sweet lime jelly.

    Behemoth Slime Mango Flavour – ¥108 (Tax Included)

    The Behemoth Slime is orange coloured and has a tropical mango aroma. It’s filled with a rich sweet and sour mango cream with fresh pieces of mango in it.

    Metal Slime Black Sesame Flavour – ¥108 (Tax Included)

    Made to look like metal, this Slime is black sesame flavoured, and is packed with rich black sesame bean paste.


    The developer of these products, who is also a huge fan of Dragon Quest, commented the following: “I created these Slime breads because I wanted to people to feel like they were going on an adventure in the world of Dragon Quest. The Slimes are something that can only be found in that world. I took great care to make it as realistic as possible so it would feel like you had your very own Slime. I referenced the game during the planning of this product so that it both looked fun and tasted delicious.”


    Elaborating on this final point, they continue: “For example, the [sweet lime] Slime Bread contains lemon [sic] flavoured jelly which is based on the Slime jelly from the game, and when you defeat (or in this case ‘eat’) the slime you are awarded with a treasure! You obtain Slime jelly, and that’s the fun aspect of this product.”


    When you go to buy one of these Slime breads and the cashier scans it, the till will play the “Level Up” sound from the game. The stores will also have other references to the game in the form of posters and other hidden features, so make it your quest to find them all.


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  • Sensuously Scrumptious Mont Blanc Parfait Arrives at GINZA SIX Tsujiri

    20.September.2019 | FOOD

    The Ginza branch of long-standing Uji tea shop Tsujiri has unveiled a seasonal treat that will be available this autumn only. It was released on September 18 and will be served until October 31.


    Tsujiri Ginza is the only branch of Tsujiri in the Kanto region of Japan, aiming to offer a “new kind of matcha experience” to the people of Tokyo. This autumnal mont blanc parfait dessert is made from an aromatic chestnut cream made in France, matcha soft serve ice cream made by the Uji matcha experts at Tsujiri, and fluffy fresh cream, creating a seasonal mix of flavours.


    Once you’re done shopping around the extravagant town of Ginza, why not treat yourself to a tasty matcha-packed delight?


  • One Piece’s Vivi Appears in Anime’s Third Commercial Collaboration With Nissin Cup Noodles

    06.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Instant noodle brand Nissin Foods just dropped the third animated commercial in collaboration with the One Piece anime series on December 6. The commercial is part of the company’s “HUNGRY DAYS” series of ads.

    The commercial comes as the sequel to their first collaboration with the anime series which featured the character Zoro back in May. The video gained huge attention across social media with a combined view count of over 22 million views across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, making it Nissin’s most watched online video. Together with the trailer announcing the start of the series and the second collaboration, the series as a whole has amassed over 35 million views.

    The new commercial sees Vivi taking the spotlight. Like the previous commercials, it re-imagines the characters as ordinary high school students. This edition sees Vivi announcing to the rest of the characters that she is transferring schools, and we see just how much she cherishes them as friends.

    The video features over 50 characters in various scenes.

    The video even features actual voice actors from the anime series reprising their roles for the commercial, including Misa Watanabe who voices Vivi, Mayumi Tanaka (Luffy), Akemi Okamura (Nami), Masako Nozawa (Doctor Kureha), and others. The character designs were designed by Eisaku Kubonouchi and the music is by BUMP OF CHICKEN.


    We look forward to seeing who will play the main role of the next commercial. Stay tuned for the next edition.

  • One Piece’s Nami Appears in Anime’s Second Commercial Collaboration With Nissin Cup Noodles

    15.September.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Instant noodle brand Nissin Foods just dropped the second animated commercial in collaboration with the One Piece on September 13The commercial is part of the company’s “HUNGRY DAYS” series of ads.


    The commercial comes as the sequel to their first collaboration with the anime series which featured the character Zoro back in May. The video gained huge attention across social media with a combined view count of over 21 million views across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, making it Nissin’s most watched online video. Together with the video announcing the start of the series the series has over 25 million views. According to the CMDB, Japan’s commercial research institute, the Zoro video is the number one most liked commercial from any company in Japan, making it 20 years since Nissin has achieved that status.

    The new commercial sees Nami taking the spotlight. Like the Zoro edition, it re-imagines the characters as ordinary high school students. In this parallel world, we see Nami living her ordinary, day-to-day life as a student, with appearances from familiar faces.

    Eisaku Kubonouchi


    The video features voice acting from Mayumi Tanaka and Akemi Okamura who voices Luffy and Nami in the anime series respectively. Eisaku Kubonouchi (creator of Tsurumoku Dokushinryo) is in charge of the character designs while BUMP OF CHICKEN performs the music.


    The video will be available to watch until May 16, 2020. Be sure to check it out alongside the previous work.

  • One Piece Collaborates With Nissin in Cup Noodle Commercial Featuring Character Zoro

    23.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Instant noodle brand Nissin Foods just released a new animated commercial in collaboration with the anime series One Piece. The commercial is part of the company’s “HUNGRY DAYS” series and this time centres around the One Piece character Zoro.


    Nissin has made four other videos in the series so far, all in collaboration with various anime franchises including Kiki’s Delivery Service, Heidi, Girl of the Alps, Sazae-san, as well as an animated original entitled Saishukai (“The Last Time”). Nissin commercials have become the nation’s favourite in the food industry. The series has become a big hit having been viewed over 18 million times.

    A year after the TV anime series One Piece ended, Nissin initiated a collaboration with the series. which lead to the creation of this animated commercial.

    The commercial re-imagines the characters as ordinary high school students. It follows the story of main character Luffy’s friend Zoro and his youthful strive for improvement!


    Hungry Days One Piece Zoro Version

    Esteemed manga artist Eisaku Kubonouchi, who is known for creating the manga series Tsurumoku Dokushinryo, worked on the character design for the commercial, while and the music was created by BUMP OF CHICKEN. The voice actors/actresses for the characters including Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka) and Zoro (Kazuya Nakai) are the same people who voice acted for the anime too! The narration was directed by famous voice actress Megumi Hayashibara.

  • Tuck Into Halloween Themed Vegan Food at BOTANIST Tokyo

    13.October.2018 | FOOD

    BOTANIST Tokyo is the flagship store of Japanese botanical lifestyle brand BOTANIST, and it’s there at their cafe on the second floor that they are selling Halloween themed vegan food from October 12 to October 31.

    BOTANIST Tokyo is an entry brand into a botanical lifestyle. This special food event can be enjoyed by both vegans and those who haven’t tried vegan food before. The menu contains a range of delicious, naturally-tasting food using absolutely no meat products, dairy products and so on.

    VAMPIRE BURGER: ¥1,400 (Tax Included) *Comes with drink


    As well as the cafe’s usual vegan menu, you can look forward to three additional spooky selections: the Vampire Burger, Black Cat’s Tiramisu, and Ghost Raspberry Tiramisu.

    Black Cat’s Tiramisu: ¥650 (Tax Included) / Raspberry Tiramisu: ¥650 (Tax Included)


    These cute vegan Halloween delicacies will have you snapping photos without realising.


    Customers who dine at the cafe on October 27 can receive a free Halloween hair service by SALONIA Hair Salon. There are wonderful presents available for people who take a picture of themselves at the cafe and post it on social media on the day too. Both the inside and outside of the cafe will be decorated with botanical Halloween decorations too and you’re free to take pictures.


    Enjoy a vegan-style Halloween this year!

  • The vegan restaurant located inside the forest of Karuizawa “RK GARDEN” was opened

    06.May.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    The vegan restaurant, RK GARDEN surrounded by flowers and trees of Karuizawacho, Nagano Prefecture which serves organic vegetables produced in the Shinshu Area started this year’s operation from the 20th of April 2018.



    RK GARDEN serves healthy vegan foods that do not use any egg, dairy products and animal-related ingredients. Since they use freshly cropped organic vegetables they purchase their vegetables from contracted farmers every morning, you can enjoy the deliciousness of fresh seasonal vegetables. Why not try eating healthy foods and become healthy?




    The menu items they sell include “Rosemary-flavored potato gallate and grilled vegetables” using organic whole-grain, gallate made of potato and grilled vegetables produced in Karuizawawa and “Seasonal highland vegetables and home-made vegan quiche using mini tomatoes” which taste and look good.




    The interior of the restaurant does not have any windows because they wanted their customers to feel the nature of Karuizawa and is filled with the scent of greens, sunlight, surrounded by flowers and trees. You can enjoy the warmth of Karuizawa’s nature with the antique interiors.




    The restaurant can be used as a space for after wedding parties and usual parties, so why not make an unforgettable memory in this restaurant surrounded by the flowers and trees of Karuizawa?





    Address: 1138-1, Oiwake, Karuizawacho, Nagano Prefecture

    Business hours: Morning Time 9:00~11:00

         Lunch Time  11:00~16:00(LO)

    Fixed holiday: Tuesday



  • New menu item for vegans and vegetarians will be sold at the restaurant, “Kamakura Yasai Curry Kantakun.”

    08.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Curry is a very dish among Japanese people and it is regarded as a standard menu item of Japanese food. The restaurant “Kamakura Yasai (vegetable) Curry Kantakun” located on Komachi Street, Kamakura is run by a farm family and offers curries that use vegetables produced in Kamakura. The restaurant will start offering a new menu item for vegetarians and vegans who have egg/dairy allergies. The name of the menu is “Noka no (farm family’s) Yasai Curry” and it uses 10 different kinds of vegetables produced in Kamakura. The menu will be sold from the 4th of April.




    Kamakura’s soil includes lots of minerals, so the colors of the vegetables produced in this area are very vivid. The restaurant uses fresh vegetables produced by Kamakura Leaf (Sekiya, Kamakura) which are delivered on a daily basis.



    “Kamakura Yasai Curry Kantakun” was opened in 2014 under the concept of “introducing the great flavor of Kamakura vegetables.” “Kanta Curry” made with chicken broth used to be their standard menu but they developed this new vegetable curry named “Noka no Yasai Curry” to meet their customers’ (vegetarian and parents who have children with allergies) requests.


     農家のやさいカレー 1400円(1日限定10食).jpg

    Noka no Yasai Curry – 1400 yen (10 plates will be served per day)


    This healthy and colorful menu item uses 10 different kinds of deep fried and boiled Kamakura vegetables. The red colored soup of the curry is made with lots of tomatoes.


    Vegetables that will be used during spring/summer season.

    White bitter gourd/kohlrabi/collinky(Japanese pumpkin)/island okra/trumpet zucchini/banana pepper/fairy tale/green egg plant

    ※The vegetables used for each curry will differ depending on the supply situation


     鎌倉野菜 素揚げ

    Their menus which are Kanta Curry (1200 yen), Keema Curry (1200 yen) and Yokubari Set (1500 yen) use fresh Kamakura vegetables (about 10 different kinds – deep fried or boiled)!


    Let’s try their healthy menus items using lots of vegetables.



    Kamakura Yasai Curry Kantakun

    Address: 1F/14 seats, 1-4-2, Yukinoshita, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture

    Business hours: 11:00 to 15:00 / Saturday and Sunday – until 17:00

    Fixed holiday: None




  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly Organic Café Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ to Open in Kitayama, Kyoto

    30.March.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ is a new vegan and vegetarian café located in Kyoto’s fashion area of Kitayama that is currently holding a pre-opening.


    The café is a sister establishment of Italian gelato shop Premarché Gelateria in Nakagyō-ku, Kyoto. There, they serve over 20 varieties of vegan, non-milk gelato. Recipes are made with traditional milk, eggs and other ingredients and use no emulsifiers. They placed 2nd in the International Gelato Contest and are ranked 1st in the ‘Sweets’ category on TripAdvisor for Kyoto. It maintains a famous reputation both in and out of Japan.

    ヴィーガン・ベジタリアン対応のオーガニックカフェ「プレマルシェ・ピッツェリア&オルタナティブ・ジャンク(TM)」京都・北山にプレオープン ピザ

    Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ also sells the gelato, as well as fast food such as burgers and pizzas, all of which can be enjoyed by vegans.

    ヴィーガン・ベジタリアン対応のオーガニックカフェ「プレマルシェ・ピッツェリア&オルタナティブ・ジャンク(TM)」京都・北山にプレオープン ジェラート

    The shop is currently developing a dinner menu. For the meantime, they just have a lunch menu and serve organic drinks and Italian gelato. Once the dinner menu is complete, the shop will open officially.


    Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ is Kyoto’s new organic restaurant. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or want to eat healthy, you should definitely pop in.



    Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™
    Address: North Wave Kitayama 1F, 77 Kamigamo Sakuraicho, Kita-ku, Kyoto


  • Vegetable Café & Night Bar “SOAKS” in Nakameguro

    26.March.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Nakameguro—Meguro, Tokyo. This stylish district is lined with fashionable select shops, second-hand clothing stores and antique sellers where fashion dolls and dandies from inside and outside Japan bustle.

    At just a 3-minute train ride from Shibuya via the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Nakameguro is an easily accessible location.


    Today, we will take a look at SOAKS, a popular café you can stop by during your shopping spree. At this vegetable powder café, customers can look forward to tucking into tasty, high-quality vegetables made by Kumiko Takeshima.



    The owner of SOAKS is an experienced reporter on gourmet cuisine. She decided to open the café from her own experience to serve food that is both delicious and good for the body.



    This year marks the 7th anniversary of SOAKS, where the main menu item is doughnuts made using healthy lotus roots. The name of the café originates from wanting to offer vegetables “soaked” in nutrition.



    SOAKS is an open-kitchen style café where you can enjoy the food making process, from the sounds to the smells. There are both table seats as well as individual counter seats if you’re just popping in by yourself.



    The most popular item sold at SOAKS is their vegetable powder (43g / \650 tax incl. *ginger powder only 27g) that’s made using 100% pure vegetables grown in Japan. Its characteristic comes from the boiled vegetables and same quality of nutrition that’s left in the powder. For example, in the case of the spinach powder, it’s packed full of nutritional value with just one teaspoon!


    There are 13 varieties of powder to choose from, including lotus root, broccoli and yuzu. The café also offers simple recipes that can be made using the vegetable powder.



    This is the doughnut that’s made with lotus root vegetable powder (Right: \300 tax incl. / Left: \16- tax incl.) There are 6 doughnut varieties in total: on weekdays there are 3 and, on the weekend, the full line-up of 6 is on offer.



    The doughnuts are cooked with organic palm oil. The baking powder used contains no alums, only ingredients that are good for the body, allowing you to enjoy eating the doughnuts without worry. You can order doughnuts to take out from 10:30am, so it’d be perfect to take one while walking along Meguro River!



    Other popular menu items include the plate servings. This is the hearty doughnut plate (\900 tax incl.) which also comes with salad, bacon, sausages and more. The doughnuts aren’t overly sweet, so they go well with bacon and sausages. The salad is dressed with flavourful ginger powder.



    During the evening, the café turns into a bar where you can order alcoholic drinks. One popular drink is a cocktail specially made with spinach powder (\800 tax incl.) With just a sip from your drink, you can get your fill of vegetables. It’s especially recommended for people that don’t have time to keep up their looks every day.

    SOAKS is a place where you can easily get your fill of delicious vegetables. Whether you’re a veggie lover or not, be sure to stop by to give the café a try.



    Photo:Haruka Yamamoto

    Edit:Namiko Azuma

    Text:Ryoichi Komaba






    Address: 1-5-10 Kamimeguro, Meguro, Tokyo

    Opening Hours: 11:30-23:00

    No Fixed Holidays.

    TEL: 03-5794-3451



  • Hi everyone, Shiota here. I’m the Director of the MOSHI MOSHI BOX, the official Harajuku Tourist Information Center.

    Recently, the number of people looking to eat healthily has increased immensely. A common question we’ve been getting a lot more at the MOSHI MOSHI BOX is where to find vegetarian restaurants. So I have compiled a list of 5 recommended vegetarian restaurants around the Harajuku and Omotesando area for you to try.



    Yasai ga Oshii Cafe LONGINGHOUSE
    As the name suggests, this place serves up some seriously scrumptious veggies, all collected by the chef themselves, who is a vegetable connoisseur. They also have a vegan menu. The chef is an expert in vegan cuisine and provides meals for veggie lovers, as well as options for those who aren’t veggie fans. Charge your energy at these delicious vegetable cafe.


    Yasai ga Oishii Cafe LONGINGHOUSE (Harajuku, Jingumae Branch)
    Address: 4-22-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00 (last orders 18:30)
    Closed: Mondays
    6-minutes’ by foot from Exit 4 of Meiji-Jingumae Station
    8-minutes’ by foot from Exit A2 of Omotesando Station
    8-minutes’ by foot from Omotesando Exit of Harajuku Station
    Contact: 050-5571-7846


    “You are what you eat.” That’s the motto of this natural food restaurant, opened by chef Eiichiro Yamada in 1976. All the meals on the menu use organic ingredients and electronically ionized water to serve customers food that is clean and healthy on the inside. The vegetables are all organically farmed, none of which contain pesticides or fertilizers.


    Address: Ooami Bldg. 1F, 2-18-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Opening Hours:
    Lunch – 11:00-15:00 (last orders 14:30
    Dinner – 17:00-23:00 (last orders 22:00)
    Closing Time – 23:00 (+ closed between 15:00-17:00)
    No fixed holidays.定休日:なし
    Access: 10-minutes’ by foot from Harajuku Station via the JR Yamanote Line / 7-minutes’ by foot from Meiji-Jingumae Station via the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
    Contact: 03-3405-9144




    This vegetarian-friendly organic restaurant directly stocks pesticide-free fruit and veg, all with distinct shapes and flavours. Everything on the menu is organic – evening the seasoning. They serve plates with plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables as well as juice including cold-pressed juice and smoothies.


    Address: 3F & 4F, 3-23-6 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Opening Hours: Weekends & National Holidays – 11:00-18:00 (last orders 17:00)
    Closed: Monday to Friday
    Access: 5-minutes’ by foot from Harajuku Station via JR / 4-minutes’ by foot from Meiji-Jingumae Station via Tokyo Metro / 8-minutes’ by foot from Omotesando Station via Tokyo Metro
    Contact: 03-3404-0831


    Tria Makさん(@tria_mak)がシェアした投稿

    This restaurants offers whole foods, such as vegetables with the peel and seeds in tact, so you can enjoy their original delicious flavour and nutrition in its entirety. The restaurant takes the utmost care to select seasonal and organic ingredients that have thrived growing in nature so customers can feel their healthy taste in their body and mind. The vessels that the seasoning comes in, such as and miso and tare, are also all hand-made.


    Address: 1F, 5-1-8  Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Opening Hours: 11:30-18:00 (food last orders 17:00 / drinks last orders 17:30)
    No fixed holidays.
    Access: 1-minute by foot from Exit A1 of Omotesando Station / 6-minutes’ by foot from Exit 6 of Meiji-Jingumae Station
    Contact: 03-5778-5416


    Kyoko Aoyama (aokyo)さん(@aokyo)がシェアした投稿

    Organic Restaurant HIROBA
    The concept of HIROBA is to create a place for people who want to eat lots of organic seasonal vegetables. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant was certified by the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (JONA), using more than 95% organic ingredients.


    Organic Restaurant HIROBA (Tokyo Branch)
    Address: Crayonhouse Tokyo B1F, 3-8-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo
    Opening Hours:
    Weekdays – Lunch Time 11:00-14:00 / Tea Time 15:00-17:00 / Dinner Time 17:00-23:00
    Weekends – Lunch Time 10:30-14:00 / Tea Time 15:00-17:00 / Dinner Time 17:00-23:00
    No fixed holidays.
    Access: 4-minutes’ by foot from Omotesando Station / 7-minutes’ by foot from Exit 6 of Meiji-Jingumae Station
    Contact: 03-3406-6409


    Was this list helpful? These restaurants are perfect not just for vegetarians, but for people who are looking for something healthy to eat at lunch.


    If you’re lost or need help finding any of these places, then be sure to pop into the MOSHI MOSHI BOX in Harajuku and ask. We’d be happy to help!

    MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Tourist Information Center

    o_01 copy

    MOSHI MOSHI BOX is a tourist information center located at the cross road of Takeshita Street, Meiji Street, and Harajuku Street. The staff there are experts on the Harajuku area. You can get the most up-to-date news of Harajuku from the site.



    Service list

    ・free wi-fi

    ・free water

    ・free PC & charge

    ・baggage room

    ・gift shop

    ・currency exchange

    Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00

    Closed: The year-end and New Year holidays

    Contact: 03-2225-6447

    Twitter・Instagram @mmb_harajuku


    Writer: Nao Shiota (MOSHI MOSHI BOX)


  • 5 Vegetarian and Vegan cafés and restaurants in Shinjuku

    14.February.2018 | Uncategorized

    Japan receives many vegetarian and vegan visitors. In fact, more and more people are becoming more conscious about healthy eating. More and more people are incorporating natural ingredients in their cooking – even in Japan. With healthy living on our minds, it’s sometimes hard to decide where to eat out.


    That’s why today we’ll be looking at vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafés that are located in Shinjuku!


    AIN SOPH.Journey

    Baya's Foodさん(@bayasfood)がシェアした投稿

    AIN SOPH.Journey is very close to Shinjuku Sanchome station.  AIN SOPH.Journey uses spices and herbs plentifully in their seasonal dishes, which presented using tableware that has been directly shipped from Morocco. Their healthy vegan pancakes are very popular among girls.



    AIN SOPH.Journey

    Address:Floor 1, 2 & B1, Shinjuku Q Building, 3-8-9, Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Opening hours: Lunch: 11:30 — 17:00

         Dinner: 18:00 — 23:00

    Closed on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month




    AIN SOPH.ripple

    AIN SOPH.ripple sells vegan burgers and specializes in American-style flavours – even 90 percent of their customers are foreigners. This restaurant combines simple fast food with the healthiness of vegan cooking. Besides hamburgers, they also sell macaroni cheese that uses vegan cheese, burrito bowls and more. All items on the menu are very filling!




    AIN SOPH.ripple

    Address:1st floor Nissho Building, 2-46-8, Kabukichō, Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Opening hours: 【Monday — Saturday】11:00 — 21:30【Sundays & national holidays】11:00 — 20:30

    Closing days: none




    Chayamakurobi Isetan Shinjuku

    Chayamakurobi café and restaurant is located in three districts – Shinjuku, Hibiya and Shiodome. The Isetan Shinjuku chain has a joint terrace where you can enjoy food during sunny weather. The food is colourful, good quality and good for your health.



    Chayamakurobi Isetan Shinjuku

    Address:Restaurant Machi 7th floor, Isetan Shinjuku department store, 3-14-1, Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Opening hours:11:00 ー 22:00

    Closed: When Isetan Shinjuku is closed





    LIMA CAFÉ is a joint establishment located in Shinjuku that serves as a macrobiotic café and natural makeup shop. As well as organic goods, the café also sells the “café tokusei plate” which is a special ¥900 dish that is both kind on your wallet and bound to put a smile on your face. After browsing the shop at your own pace, you can enjoy a nice meal at the café.




    Address: 2-23-1, Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Opening hours:11:00〜19:00

    No closing days






    KiboKo is located at the crossing that is very close to Shinjuku Sanchome station and is also not far from Shinjuku station. KiboKo’s concept is “natural food to accompany wine”. Their menu includes foods that reflect their main concept such as Spanish omelette, coriander gyoza and much more. All the dishes go perfectly with alcohol and are, of course, suitable for vegans.





    Address: 4th floor Shimura Building, 2-5-8, Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Opening hours:【Thursday — Saturday】13: 00  ー  22:00(last orders)23:00【Sundays & national holidays】13:00 ー 20:30(last orders)21: 00

    Closed: Mondays — Wednesdays




    So, how about it? If you’re ever wondering where to eat out, check out one of these places!

  • “Nisshin Shokuhin Cup Noodle” with illustrations of the animation “kiki’s delivery service.” An exhibition of the TV commercial’s original illustrations will be held in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Taiwan!

    08.October.2017 | SPOT

    Illustrations used in the Nisshin Shokuhin Cup Noodle TV commercial illustrated by the illustrator, Eisaku Kubonouchi will be exhibited in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Taiwan.


    【Nisshin Cup Noodle CM “HUNGRY DAYS Heidi version】


    【Nisshin Cup Noodle CM “HUNGRY DAYS kiki’s delivery service version】


    At the exhibition venue in Japan, related illustrations and panels which show the “making” process based on the original illustrations will be exhibited. The exhibition will consist of two periods, the first period and second period. The content of the exhibitions will be changed.

    They will sell goods using the motifs of Eisaku Kubonouchi’s illustrations. Plus, they will hand out an illustrated poster or clear file (both items are not for sale) to visitors who spend more than 3,000 yen.

    ・Poster design



    ・Clear file design

    d21120-6-672036-1 2


    Don’t miss this chance to see these original illustrations.



    First period: “HUNGRY DAYS kiki’s delivery service version” 2017,10,14 (Sat.) to 2017,10,20 (Fri.)

    Second period: “Hungry DAYS Alps no Shojo Heidi version” 2017, 10,21 (Sat.) to 2017,10,27 (Fri.)


    〒812-0004 9-1, Chuogai, Hakata Station, Hakataku, Fukuokashi, Fukuoka (Hakata Marui 6F)

    ※The exhibition will commence as soon as the store opens.


    First period: “HUNGRY DAYS kiki’s delivery service version” 2017,10,25 (Wed.) to 2017,10,31 (Tue.)

    Second period: “HUNGRY DAYS Alps no Shojo Heidi version” 2017,11,1 (Wed.) to 2017,11,7 (Tue.)


    〒150-0041 21-3,1st avenue, Jinnan, Shibuyaku, Tokyo (Shibuya Mody 6F)

    ※The exhibition will commence as soon as the store opens.

    ・Entering fee: free

    ・Taking photos is allowed

    ※Distribution of the amenities will end when stock runs out (venues at Hakata and Tokyo)


    【Taiwan】※The date and time might be changed

    Date: 2017,11,12 (Sun.) to 2017,12,10 (Sun.) to 2017, 12,10 (Sun.)

    Business hours: 13:00 to 22:00

    Venue, d/art, 2F, 14, Nidan, Bushogai, Bankaku, Taipei, 10844

    Entrance fee: 100 gen


    Autograph session and live painting: 2017,11,18 (Sat.), 19 (Sun.)

    Works that will be exhibited: “HUNGRY DAYS Majo no Takkyu Bin version” related illustrations (including the illustrations that were not used) and other old works.


    ※The exhibition of “HUNGRY DAYS Alps no Shojo Heidi version” will not be held.

    (※The date and content of the exhibition in Taiwan might be changed. Please refer to d/art’s official website RE detailed information)

    Special website:

  • A vegan restaurant originating in Karuizawa opened in Tokyo! Nihonbashi Suitengu “MK Farmers&Grill”

    07.October.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

    “MK Farmers&Grill,” where organic is brought in directly from contracted farms in Karuizawa, Shinshu, was opened in Nihonbashi Suitengu.


    czMjYXJ0aWNsZSM1NDA0MSMxOTA4MTUjNTQwNDFfbWJvdlhRd3p3ZC5qcGc copy

    The concept of the restaurant is “Farm to Kitchen.” Since they want to offer safe and fresh ingredients to their customers, they are bringing in produce from contracted farms in Karuizawa.

    <Below is a part of the menu>



    “Asadore Yasai Tappuri Lasgna Plate” 1,390 yen (tax not included)

    Lunch menus such as home-made hashed beef plate (1,390 yen / tax not included) and healthy open sandwich plate (1,390 yen) are available.

    Fresh vegetable juice, grains salad, homemade bread, grilled organic vegetables, two kinds of daily deli, detox minestrone and the main dish of the day are included in the set.



    “Kenko Noho de Sodateta Shinshu Premium Minemura Gyu (Shinshu’s premium Minemura Beef reared using healthy methods)” 1,980 yen (tax not included)


    czMjYXJ0aWNsZSM1NDA0MSMxOTA4MTUjNTQwNDFfa2pReHZ1Y1FLci5qcGc copy

    “Zeitaku Foie Gras no Fuwatoro Omelet / Nama Ham to Cream Cheese (soft omelet with Foie Gras / raw ham and cream cheese)” 980 yen (tax not included)


    “Keiyaku Noka Kara Todoita Yuki Yasai & Burrata Cheese (grilled organic vegetables from contracted farms and Burrata cheese)” 1,000 yen (tax not included)



    “Frozen Highball” 500 yen (tax not included)


    For dinner, they offer various of menu items that go well with alcohol such as menus using vegetables produced in Karuizawa, 300 yen side dishes, meat dishes, pastas and risottos.

    czMjYXJ0aWNsZSM1NDA0MSMxOTA4MTUjNTQwNDFfZHlvVEp0Y0tkci5qcGc copy

    They also serve many kinds of drinks such as a local Shinshu beer, highball, cocktails and wines.

    Let’s enjoy special dishes at “MK Farmers&Grill.”




    MK Farmers&Grill

    Address: 2-14-4, Kakigaracho, Nihonbashi, Tyuoku, Tokyo

    Business hours: LUNCH TIME 11:30~14:30
         DINNER TIME 17:30~23:00

    Holidays: Sundays

    Access: 3 minutes on foot from the Exit 5 of “Suitengumae” Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line

    8 minutes on foot from “Ningyocho Station” Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusasen

    10 minutes on foot from “Hamacho Station” Toei Chikatetsu Shinjuku Line