Cö shu Nie Release Psycho-Pass 3 Ending Theme ‘bullet’ Music Video

25.October.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

The first episode of the anime series Psycho Pass 3 aired on October 24. The anime’s ending theme bullet by Cö shu Nie was released digitally alongside a short version of the music video as part of the new season’s premiere.


Cö shu Nie – bullet (Official Video) / Psycho Pass 3 ED

The music video sees the band members enter last boss-style in an alternative world between reality and fantasy. The full video will be coupled on a DVD as part of the physical CD release on November 20.

It has also been revealed that Cö shu Nie will release their first album PURE on December 11. The 12-track record will include the band’s hit tracks like the Tokyo Ghoul:re opening theme asphyxia; the The Promised Neverland ending themes Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp; the main theme inertia for the upcoming Japanese horror film Shiraisan which will be released in 2020; and more.


First Press Limited Edition copies of the album will include a DVD featuring the band’s performance at Liquid Room which served as the finale to their “Psychedelic Experiment” tour. iTunes pre-orders for the album are now open.


  • Who-ya Extended Release Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector Opening Theme ‘Synthetic Sympathy’ Music Video

    28.February.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Who-ya Extended is a creative unit centred around 20-year-old vocalist Who-ya who, despite having little information made public, made their name known with the release of their debut track Q-vism which serves as the opening theme for the TV anime series Psycho-Pass 3.


    Who-ya Extended’s new song Synthetic Sympathy, which will feature as the opening theme for the upcoming film Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector, will be released digitally on March 9, 2020. For fans who can’t wait that long, they can check out the new music video that was just released for it on Thursday.


    The music video expresses the chaotic lyrics of Synthetic Sympathy, the theme of which is also conveyed in Psycho-Pass.


    ©Psycho-Pass Production Committee

  • Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector Opening Theme ‘Synthetic Sympathy’ by Who-ya Extended to Release Digitally

    21.February.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    Who-ya Extended is a creative unit centred around 20-year-old vocalist Who-ya who, despite having little information made public, made their name known with the release of their debut track Q-vism which serves as the opening theme for the TV anime series Psycho-Pass 3.


    Q-vism was so popular it charted at No. 1 on iTunes Japan and Amazon Japan for digital downloads. The music video also hit 1 million views on YouTube soon after its release.

    It has been announced that Who-ya Extended’s new song Synthetic Sympathy, which will feature as the opening theme for the upcoming film Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector, will be released digitally on March 9, 2020.


    Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector will be released in Japan on March 27, 2020. Hear the song in the newest promotional video for the film below.


    ©Psycho-Pass Production Committee

  • PSYCHO-PASS 3 Story to Conclude With FIRST INSPECTOR Film in Spring 2020

    13.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    It was announced at the end of the eighth and final episode of PSYCHO-PASS 3 that a new film entitled PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR will include the third season’s story when it releases in the spring of 2020.


    PSYCHO-PASS was first released in 2012, with a second season following it up in 2014 and a film subsequently in 2015. A new film trilogy entitled Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System was released this year, followed by the third season of the anime series, PSYCHO-PASS 3.


    The new PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR movie will feature Who-ya Extended performing the opening theme. They also performed the season three opening theme Q-vism.

    Who-ya Extended is a creator’s unit centred around 20-year-old vocalist Who-ya. They made their debut with Q-vism, which enjoyed immense success for such a new artist, clocking in at No. 1 on the iTunes charts in Japan as well as ranking as the most popular digital download on Amazon Japan at No. 1. The group have only release key visuals and have no plans to perform live, making them the talk of the scene as they continue shrouded in mystery. Despite being so mysterious, as soon as they released the Q-vism music video on YouTube, it skyrocketed to one million views in no time.


    The opening theme for PSYCHO PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR is entitled Synthetic Sympathy and can be heard in the first promotional video for the upcoming film below.

    Who-ya Extended said: “We are honoured for our second release to be used as the main theme for the movie following the TV anime series. As someone who loves the plastic outlook of the world that PSYCHO-PASS has, set in a near future, we worked tirelessly to create a song that continues to live up to the franchise. I believe what we have created will pierce the core of people who listen to it like a flash of lightning […]”

  • Cö shu Nie Release New Song ‘iB’ & Live Performance Of ‘asphyxia’

    05.December.2019 | MUSIC

    Cö shu Nie’s new song bullet is currently being used as the ending theme for the ongoing anime series Psycho-Pass 3. The song is included on their upcoming first studio album PURE which is dropping next week on December 11.


    In the run up to the album’s release, the band have released the song iB, which is also featured on the album, on Spotify, Apple Music and the iTunes Store. The track has been a staple of Cö shu Nie’s live shows since their indie era.


    The band are also releasing a live performance of their song asphyxia which is taken from the DVD/Blu-ray included with First Press Limited Edition copies of the album. It will be released on December 11ーthe same day as PURE dropsーat 21:00 (JST). Be sure to tune in to watch it when it goes live below.


    Cö shu Nie – asphyxia (Live) / “Tokyo Ghoul:re” OP

    The band’s highly-anticipated 2020 tour, entitled “PURE” -who are you?-, is set to begin on January 24 next year. They recently added an extra date at Zepp Tokyo for March 6. This show has its own name, “PURE” – I am I –Cö shu Nie. Pre-sale tickets for this extra show go on sale on December 7.

  • Cö shu Nie Adds Zepp Tokyo Concert to 2020 Tour

    19.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Cö shu Nie’s newest song bullet is being used as the current ending theme for the season three of the ongoing hit TV anime series Psycho-Pass, and received a remix by American DJ and singer-songwriter Slushii last week.


    The band’s highly-anticipated 2020 tour, entitled “PURE” -who are you?-, is set to begin on January 24 next year, and they’ve just announced that they are adding an extra show at Zepp Tokyo for March 6.

    Cö shu Nie will release their new album PURE on December 11, 2019, but before that they will drop their bullet single on November 11. Fans can gain access to pre-sale tickets for the newly-announced Tokyo Zepp concert via the flyers coupled with the CD release of the single. The single itself will also feature piano arrangements of the band’s songs Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp which were used for the TV anime series The Promised Neverland.


    ©️Psycho-Pass Production Committee

  • Cö shu Nie’s Psycho-Pass 3 Ending Theme ‘bullet’ Remixed by Slushii

    15.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Cö shu Nie’s newest song bullet is being used as the current ending theme for the season three of the ongoing hit TV anime series Psycho-Pass.

    American DJ, singer-songwriter and record producer Slushiiーwho is known for working with a variety of notable artists including Marshmello, as well as receiving big time support from Skrillexーjust dropped a remix of bullet which was posted on Cö shu Nie’s YouTube channel below.


    The collaboration happened after Cö shu Nie vocalist Miku Nakamura featured on Slushii’s song Calling Out to You. Slushii himself is an anime fan, and Nakamura is the composer for many an anime theme song including the Tokyo Ghoul:re opening theme asphyxia, the The Promised Neverland ending themes Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp, and more.

    The bullet remix is also streaming on Spotify, so be sure to give it a listen to hear the song in an all-new light.

    Tickets for Cö shu Nie’s 2020 tour “PURE” -who are you?- are now on sale.

  • Psycho-Pass SS Case 3 Remixed Ending Theme by Masyuki Nakano Released Digitally

    12.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC / Uncategorized

    The third film in the Psycho Pass: Sinners of the System trilogy entitled Psycho-Pass SS Case 3: Onshuu no Kanata ni was released on March 8, 2019.

    The film’s ending theme Namae no Nai Kaibutsu is performed by EGOIST. A remixed version from Masayuki Nakano of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES has now been released. The song is included Nakano’s upcoming album PSYCHO-PASS Sinners of the System Theme songs+ Dedicated by MASAYUKI NAKANO on which he remixes of the themes from across the Psycho-Pass franchise. It will be released on April 3, 2019.


    With the remix album Nakano wishes to shine new light on each song once more by looking at them from a different angle. Talking about the album, ryo (supercell) of EGOIST commented: “All the song are unbelievable! I think people will understand if they listen to it―that I’m not saying that because it’s our songs. Nakano is the biggest genius in Japanese music. It’s a fact that there is no one else like him. His sound is nothing more than a wonder. I hope lots of people will listen to it.”

    First Press Limited Edition

    Regular Edition

    The CD cover of limited edition copies of the album feature the protagonist of the third film Shinya Kogami. The accompanying Blu-ray features a special music video using visuals from the film and more.

  • Cö shu Nie Perform The Promised Neverland’s New Ending Theme ‘Lamp’

    09.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The opening theme song for the 2018 anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul:re is asphyxia by Cö shu Nie, who was chosen from Apple Music New Artist. The song has been played over 10 million times on Spotify. As a popular band, Cö shu Nie’s Japanese songs reached 6th place in the charts in 2018.


    TV anime The Promised Neverland started its broadcast on Fuji Television’s Programming block noitaminA from January 2019. The current anime ending theme song Zettai Zetsumei is very popular and is available for digital download. The CD single will be released in March. As the anime will be reaching its 9th episode, Cö shu Nie created the new song Lamp to become the new ending theme song!

    Zettai Zetsumei set the perfect mood for the previous anime episodes. The new song Lamp is the perfect way to end the current campaign and represent the arrival of warm feelings! You can download and stream this song on iTunes, Spotify or Apple Music. The non-credit anime ending video is also going to be streamed by Aniplex on YouTube.


    The Promised Neverland creditless ending movie (Lamp version)


    The CD single that will be released on 13th March will be a double A-side single called Zettai Zetsumei/Lamp. An image of the jacket design for the single’s limited edition version, which features an anime illustration, has also been released. The illustration was created by Shoko Nakamura who is the creator of the anime ending movies for Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp.

    Village Vanguard has also created Cö shu Nie × The Promised Neverland collaboration T-shirts! There is only a limited supply of these but they are available now at Village Vanguard Shibuya main store (Tokyo), Nagoya Parco (Aichi) and Americamura (Osaka). You can also purchase these online.


    Cö shu Nie is also embarking on a one-man-tour called shu Nie Tour 2019 Daring Transition. The tour will take place in seven different parts of Japan, starting at MACANA in Sendai on 11th April and finishing at LIQUID ROOM, Tokyo on 25th April.


    A statement by Cö shu Nie:

    “Hello everyone it is nice to meet you. We are Cö shu Nie; the three-piece band who wrote the ending theme song for the anime The Promised Neverland.

    No matter how much we are defeated, we will continue to fight for what is important to us.

    These are the feelings we put into this song.

    Cö shu Nie has always been reading the manga, so we are so happy to be in charge of this ending theme song. Our hearts are pounding just thinking of sharing in Emma’s next adventures.

    Every week, the anime always leaves us hanging on the edges of our seats, so let’s watch the next episode together!”


    Join us in anticipation for Cö shu Nie’s next ending theme song for The Promised Neverland!

  • Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Remix Album by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES’ Masyuki Nakano Announced

    13.February.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    An album compiling opening and ending themes from across the Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System film trilogy remixed by Masyuki Nakano of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES will be released on April 3, 2019.

    The disc will include remixes of the first opening song of the Psycho-Pass anime series Abnormalize by Ling Tosite Sigure, the second opening song Out of Control by Nothing’s Carved In Stone, the first opening song of Psycho-Pass 2 titled Enigmatic Feeling and main theme for Psycho-Pass: The Movie both performed by Ling Tosite Sigure, and the endings theme FallenAll Alone With You and Namae no Nai Keibutsu by EGOIST for Case.1, Case.2 and Case.3 respectively.


    Masyuki Nakano said that he ensured to keep both the artists and fans in mind while remixing the tracks so as to still keep the link in sound design  between the anime and music.

    First Press Limited Edition copies come with a slip case featuring an illustration from the series as well as a 20-minute Blu-ray, a picture book featuring scenes from the movies, and more.

    The first film in the trilogy Psycho-Pass SS Case 1: Tsumi to Batsu was released on January 25, 2019. The anime edit of the main theme was released digitally and received well by fans who are calling for the full version. The next two films will be released on February 15 and March 8 respectively.


    Additionally, a promotional event will be held to support the release of the album. The event will take place in Akihabara hosted by DJ Wa who will be playing the songs from the record. Details on signing up can be found here (Japanese).

  • Psycho-Pass Takes Over Ikebukuro Station With Mobile Stamp Rally

    22.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Psycho-Pass is a popular cyberpunk anime series that has garnered fans both inside and outside the anime community. With two seasons in the basket, the series is set to receive a trilogy of films entitled Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System which focus on the characters Mika Shimotsuki, Nobuchika Ginoza, Teppei Sugo, Tomomi Masaoka and Shinya Kogami.


    The first film will drop on January 25, 2019. To celebrate, a stamp rally is set to take place inside Ikebukuro Station on January 28 which will have people using their mobile phones to locate the five main characters.

    Each of the five characters will be hidden somewhere in Ikebukuro Station. Once you find them you must scan the QR code on the poster board. Once you have completed the stamp rally you can get your hands on an original pin badge from the Kouankyoku Keijika Ikebukuro Station Main Office.

  • Psycho-Pass Themed Cafe ‘GINO THE CAFÉ’ Opening at Tower Records Omotesando

    11.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    To celebrate the release of the Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System film trilogy, the Tower Records Cafe in Omotesando is opening a Psycho-Pass themed cafe called GINO THE CAFÉ. It will be based on the series character Nobuchika Ginoza. It will open on January 24―the day before the first movie is released―and will run until March 3.

    As part of the cafe’s theme, Ginoza will act as the manager, and this will be shown through decorations dotted around the cafe. An exclusive menu is  lined-up which will be served by the excellent staff hired by Ginoza. There will also be merchandise available to buy with original designs.


    Black Meat Plate: ¥1,350 (Tax Included)

    This dark-coloured dish is inspired by the Public Safety Bureau in the series.


    GINO THE CAFE Tokusei French Toast: ¥1,250 (Tax Included)

    The chocolate French toast is a combination of Ginoza and Masaoka’s favourite foods.


    GINO THE CAFE Tokusei Nobuccino: ¥750 (Tax Included)

    Enjoy one of two different frothy cappuccinos poured carefully by Ginoza.


    Bonus Merchandise
    *Limited quantity available for each

    Souvenir Glass

    Receive a souvenir glass by choosing your favourite menu item plus another ¥1,300.


    One postcard from a random selection of designs will be given per item ordered from the themed menu. There will be different designs for each run of the cafe.


    A3 Size Lunch Mat
    Ordering a set of 3 items from the themed menu (your favourite meal + drink + dessert) will get you a lunch mat selected randomly from numerous designs. There will be different designs for each run of the cafe.


    Immerse yourself in the world of Psycho-Pass at GINO THE CAFÉ.

  • Psycho-Pass Event Taking Place at TOKYO JOYPOLIS in 2019

    24.December.2018 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Haregake, a creator of riddle-solving games that have brought in over 100,000 participants, has developed an all-new puzzle game called “Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System in JOYPOLIS” that is set to run at the indoor theme park TOKYO JOYPOLIS in Daiba, Tokyo from January 11 to March 17 next year.

    The game will make use of the entire JOYPOLIS building and have participants solving riddles. You will take the role of an executive officer and use your smartphone to talk with Shinya Kogami, Nobuchika Ginoza and Shuusei Kagari to gather clues and solve the puzzles.



    An incident took place with unknown origins that led to a murder… Will you be able to identify and stop the killer?