Bungu Joshi Haku 2019: Japan’s Biggest Stationery Festival Set for December

24.November.2019 | SPOT

If you love stationery, and you’re in Japan from December 12-15, then you don’t want to miss out on the country’s biggest annual stationery event: Bungu Joshi Haku.

People’s obsession with stationery has only grown in recent years. The first Bungu Joshi Haku was held in 2017 for regular stationery users. Last year’s event saw 35,000 people attend over the three-day period, which is 10,000 more than the first year. Due to the event’s surge in popularity last year, this year’s event will be held across 4 days. Advance tickets went on sale on November 20 and all sold out immediately. But don’t worry, because you can still attend the event if you pay at the venue.

A total of 133 stationery companies and makers will join for 2019ーincluding 30 first-time participantsーwhich is more than previous events. Get ready to sift through almost 50,000 individual pieces of stationery! From retro-modern styled stationery themed on Romanticism to familiar pens, pencils and pads, as well as collaborative items and more, you might want to make sure you withdraw a bit of extra cash when you see what’s on offer.

Miniature Notebook Collection Lottery / Price: ¥350 per turn (Limited Sale)

Six classic Japanese notebook brands known to any Japanese person have turned miniature. Enter the lottery and see which one you come out with! Their designs are exactly the same as the originals, just tinier and cuter. What would you write in them?

Stationery Alley (First Appearance)

The event’s first ever “Stationery Alley” will feature a variety of games, including a ring toss using cellotape, a lottery, and more. 

Masking Tape Lottery & Tape Buffet / Price: ¥200 per turn

The popular “Masking Tape Lottery” returns again this year, with even more designs available to get your hands on. Everyone that participates gets a free limited-edition Bungu Joshi Haku masking tape. And those who win have a chance to enter the “Masking Tape Buffet” where you can take home a masking tape of your choice from a select bunch.

Bungu Joshi Haku Original Merchandise

The event also has plenty of original merchandise again this year, including Romantic-themed stationery, a line-up of five original inks as pictured above which were popular at Ink-numa Expo in August, and more.

Bungu Joshi Haku Original Mirror

And if you spend over ¥15,000 (¥16,500 with tax included), you can receive a compact mirror featuring the design of the event’s main visual. These are limited to 1,000 per day and exclude workshops, experience-based booths, and select cooperating booths.


*All listed prices include tax


  • Fancy Cherry Blossom Notebook and Fountain Pen to be Released by PLUS and SAILOR

    07.March.2020 | FASHION

    PLUS Corporation and The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. have teamed up to created a limited edition cherry blossom themed notebook, fountain pen and bottled ink set which will be released on March 16, 2020.

    The set includes SAILOR’s “Professional Gear Slim” fountain pen, PLUS’s “Ca.crea Premium Cross” notebook which is perfect for writing on with the pen, and a bottle of ink.

    The notebook features a gorgeous gold leaf design and a cherry blossom pink cover. The three-fold notebook is A4 size, and the durable front cover uses cross paper. The inside pages are a subtle cream colour, and the ink from the fountain pen does not leak through the pages. The pages are also smooth and level and so is nice to write on.

    The pens come in two colours: pink which reminds one of cherry blossoms, and clear gold. Both pens are also glossed with golden glitter and feature a beauty cherry blossom design.

    The extravagant 14k golden pen tip and lid also have cherry blossom flowers on them, as does the label of the bottled ink.


    This set comes in a fitting pink gift box, making it a perfect present to stationery lovers whether to yourself, a friend, or someone starting at a new school.

  • Visiting Ginza’s Japanese Washi Paper Event ‘Ginza Bungu no Hakurankai’

    15.March.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES / SPOT

    Hey, everyone. It’s Ellie, editor at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON.


    I took a trip to Ginza Bungu no Hakurankai: Enjoy! Paper Collection, an ongoing event taking placeat Matsuya Ginza until March 20, 2019 for paper lovers. Over 50 creators, specialist stores and brands are participating in the event to sell over a whopping 5,000 products.

    The first thing to catch my eye was this huge display of masking tape! All of it is made by mt, a brand developed by KAMOI KAKOSHI, and shows off their recognizable designs.


    I’m sure there are many people out there who have given in to the temptations of masking tape. You never intended to buy any when you went out, but before you knew it you’re already picking them up one by one and getting some! It has countless uses, whether for sticking on your notebook, wrapping a present, and so on.

    mt isn’t just stuck on its endless amount of designs either – they are fastidious when it comes to the adhesion of their tape too, making them a great option to go with.

    Walking around the event another place grabbed my attention. It was an all-you-can-fit-in-the-box experience. You pay ¥1,600 for a container and pick out whatever paper you like to put in. They have both Japanese paper and ordinary paper, and you can get as much as you like. It’s exciting choosing your favourites and thinking about how you will use them.

    This place lets you create your own custom notebook. You choose the number of pages and paper type you want, decide on the front and back covers, and by the end you will hold the only notebook of its kind in the world in your hands. They have numerous options for the covers, from leather to art paper, so you can customize it for your own personal use.

    When you see the love all the creators put into their items you end up stopping by every single stall.

    The event is also holding a stamp really. Head to stationery stops around Ginza (Ginza Itoya, Ginza LOFT, Tokyu Hands and Tokyo Kyukyodo) and receive each of their original stamps to complete your stamp book.

    We live in the digital age, so that’s all the more reason to appreciate the wonderfulness of paper. Be sure to visit the event yourself.

  • Japan’s 100 yen shops to sell 16 varieties of fun message cards, sticky labels and other paper-based stationery!

    02.March.2019 | FASHION

    On 27th February 2019, major 100 yen shops across Japan launched the sale of 16 new types of sticky labels and message cards with fun and interesting designs!


    These new designs were developed to add excitement and cuteness to your desk space. They have interesting shapes and artistic finishes, and their designs are bound to make you giggle. The high-quality designs make them a top-notch purchase.  

    Men and Women series

    If you’re looking for western-style, loosely surreal illustrations, this is the best you can get! These office-like designs are aimed at a wide range of people from a wide range of generations!

    Flowers and Animals series

    The flowers and animals series has a spring-like bright theme. The illustrations include hedgehogs, and the popular Netherland Dwarf rabbit. With this series, the fun just doesn’t stop!

    Cute animals, hand signs, positive phrases, flowers

    The hand sign designs and interesting “flake stickers” (individual stickers sold separately) are perfect for small tasks!

    Design Paper (36 sheets) Mini die cut “chocolate” 

    When you’re working or studying for a long time and want to add cuteness and excitement to your workspace, this stationery is bound to make you happy!

  • Japanese Washi Paper & Tape Event Arriving at Matsuya Ginza

    20.February.2019 | FASHION

    Matsuya Ginza has announced a stationery event centred around Japanese paper that will run from March 13 to 20 this year.


    The event will bring together over 50 creators, brands and specialist stores to sell close to 5,000 items including exclusive stationery and new items.

    Hugely popular masking tape brand mt is set to attend the event where they will sell new tape with exclusive designs, wrapping paper and more.

    Stationery lovers can also look forward to getting involved in the all-you-can-buy paper sale held by the popular Yamamoto Paper..

    Japanese writer and “King of Stationery” Masayuki Takabatake will host a talk show on March 16 and 17. There will also be workshops held and more so you can look forward to getting involved in all things stationery-related.

    A special stamp rally is also being held at four stationery shops in Ginza to promote the event: Ginza Itoya, Ginza LOFT, Tokyu Hands and Kyukyodo.


    Lovers of Japanese washi paper can’t afford to miss out on this exciting event.

  • Sailor Moon Design Masking Tape & Stands Released by Bandai

    16.February.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Premium Bandai is now taking orders for its new Sailor Moon inspired masking tape and stands via the Sun-Store Stationery Store.

    The eye-catching stands come in feminine pink and cool black, each with their own unique masking tape rolls.



    Each set comes with 10 different tapes, 5 each of the easy-to-use standard 15mm and the smaller 6mm perfect for decorating notebooks and highlighting notes.

    The masking tape stands are made of steel and are a glossy texture.

    Upon closer inspection you can see how intricate the designs of the stands are, decorated with the silhouettes of Usagi, her guardian cat Luna and the guardian symbol.

    Both are even fitted with a cutter for pulling out your tape and can be used for storing accessories, your smartphone and more on your desk once the tape runs out. This is an absolute must-have for fans.

  • Bungu Joshi Haku 2018: Japan’s Biggest Stationery Festival Set for December

    25.November.2018 | SPOT

    Stationery lovers rejoice: Bungu Joshi Haku is set to return this year for a three-day festival from December 14 to 16.


    Last year’s event―which was its first run―saw 25,000 people in attendance across the three-day period. This year promises to be bigger and better for all enthusiasts of pens, paper and pencils. It will take place at Tokyo Ryutsu Center which is a venue two times bigger than last year’s – and this means double the stationery too!


    Stationery PINS Collection: ¥400 each

    123 stationery companies will join this year’s festival, which is 1.5 times more than last year, to showcase a line-up of 50,000 items.

    Bungu Joshi Haku Handsome Man Sticky Notes: ¥464

    A selection of limited edition items will also be sold, including sticky notes of ikemen or ‘handsome guys’ which are available only at the festival, as well as fluorescent twin pens by Kuretake with which you can combine your favourite colours.

    Drink, a lemonade juice bar located on the first floor of Itoya in Ginza, will also set up a shop in collaboration with the event. The menu includes Drink’s most popular fresh lemonade beverage as well as two special and exclusive beverages available at this festival only. The drinks are black and pink coloured and themed on certain stationery equipment.

    The stationery award will also return this year where attendees cast votes to win lots of prizes. Of course, this year’s selection is even bigger than last year’s. Announcements will be held on the final day. Those who vote will receive an original seal. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Voters will also be placed into a lottery system to win a set of prizes.


    If you love stationery equipment then you won’t want to miss out on Bungu Joshi Haku 2018!

  • Christmas Edition Flower Pencils to be Released by TRINUS

    19.November.2018 | FASHION

    TRINUS is a manufacturing company that collaborates with small to medium Japanese makers of high quality crafts and designers with revolutionary ideas. The company are set to release a Christmas edition of its Flower Pencils which are made with environmentally friendly materials including scrap paper.

    The set includes three Christmas-y pencils: Tree (green), Snow Crystal (gold) and Poinsettia (red). The wrapping around the lead of each pencil is covered in scrap paper which gives them a distinct soft colour and makes them easy to sharpen.

    The pencil shavings turn into beautiful wintry decorations that can be used on Christmas cards. Regular pencil sharpeners can be used but it’s best to use one for thick pencils. To link the shavings together and make a decoration you need to push the pencil in a bit at a time while sharpening.

    Ordinary pencils when they are made waste a lot of the wood during manufacturing, but the TRINUS Flower Pencils save on this by using recycled paper as the main material which in turn can be recycled again.

    The cute illustrations on the transparent packaging come in a calm but festive gold colour.

    They make for a nice simple but thoughtful gift or souvenir to friends and family, so get your hands on a set this holiday season!

  • Super Mario x Moleskine Notebook Collaboration

    26.July.2018 | ANIME&GAME

    Italian stationery manufacturer Moleskine has teamed up with Super Mario to release a line of limited-edition notebooks.

    Mario is one of the most recognisable video game characters of all time has remained at the top of the popularity list ever since his first appearance.The notebook collection is a homage to the original Super Mario Bros. game which was released for the NES in 1985.

    Both pocket-sized notebooks evoke gaming nostalgia with the designs recreating the Gameboy and NES cartridge. The Gameboy notebook takes on the design of the classic replay screen.

    The large-sized notebooks recreate screens from the original game. One has the iconic blue sky backdrop and the other a black backdrop together with imprints of the controller buttons. The red highlighted button is Mario’s jump button!


    These notebooks made for a perfect gift for any Mario fan.You can jot down your ideas in them, write down inspirations, or list games you want to buy this year!

    Super Mario Limited Edition Moleskine Notebooks
    On Sale: July 27, 2018
    Available: Shops stocking Moleskine products in Japan
    Enquiries: Moleskin Japan infojp@moleskine.com
  • 6 Kawaii Stationery Items in Japan: Masking Tape, Labels & More!

    06.May.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Japan’s range of stationery has proven popular even with tourists coming from overseas for its great functionality and array of kawaii designs.

    Let’s take a look at some of the cute and convenient stationery you’ll only find in Japan.



    Animal Speech Labels & Memo Pad
    Paperable is a Japanese stationery brand who have release two new products from Village Vanguard: ‘Animal Voice Labels’ and the ‘Cat Voice Memo Pad.’ They are designed to make it look like the animals are saying something to you. There are 6 versions of the memo pad each featuring a different cat and all with different expressions, like grinning and impudent. Make use of whichever one you need to, depending on how you feel on a certain day.



    Paperable Animal Voice Labels – ¥378 (Tax Included)
    Paperable Cat Voice Memo Pad – ¥486 (Tax Included)


    Village Vanguard Online






    Beautifully Translucent Labels
    These are also by the same stationery branch, Paperable. They’re made to look like real flower petals. They can be used to index things and add decoration to your memo pad or notebook, or to jot down a few words. There’s also a leaf version. The leaf veins really bring the labels to life. Both are see-through and look gorgeous.



    Paperable Flower Labels – ¥486 (Tax Included)
    Paperable Leaf Labels – ¥486 (Tax Included)


    Village Vanguard Online






    Masking Tape – Always Sold Out Online
    You can now pick up beautiful, delicate-looking hydrangea masking tape from Village Vanguard, Japan’s flower of the rainy season. You can even combine each flower along the tape to make up a bigger and colourful hydrangea flower. Try making your own.



    Masking Roll Stickers (Hydrangea) – ¥432 (Tax Included)


    Village Vanguard Online






    Beautiful Masking Tape Like Tiles Seen in Morocco, Turkey and Mexico!
    This unique masking tape is also available at Village Vanguard and created by Taiwanese designer Chang Hao Hsueh. They are based on tiles seen around the world like in Morocco and Turkey which are made using old traditional methods. It can be used on lots of things to pretty them up such as small notebooks, pads, and even glass bottles or make-up boxes! You’ll be sure to find one that you like.



    Tail Masking Tape – From ¥756 each





    Sailor Moon Sealing Wax – Pretty Up Your Letters & Invitations
    Over on the shopping website Premium Bandai they are selling Sailor Moon inspired wax which you melt and seal envelopes with. There are two different sets. Each comes with five metal stamps with different stamp designs, such as the Crystal Star and Planetary Symbols. These are limited in quantity so be sure to order yours quick!



    Sailor Moon Sealing Wax Set (2 Varieties)
    Price: ¥13,500 each (Tax Included) (Shipping & Handling Fee Not Included)
    Premium Bandai: http://p-bandai.jp/?rt=pr





    Rojiman’s 3 Cats Turned Stationery!
    Rojiman owns three Scottish Fold cats who have become something of a hit online, even being picked up by overseas media. The hats each of them wear are actually made from hairs collected during their brushing sessions. This new ‘100% Cat Hair’ series includes stationery inspired by the trio including cards, tags, masking tape and more. Make your study sessions or work fun with these items!



    active-online shop:https://active-corp.shop-pro.jp


    Did you enjoy this list? Be sure to get your hands on all the cute stationery you can when in Japan, whether for yourself or as a gift!