【Tokyo Cafe】 Where all the matcha lovers gather…まっちゃんの旅 Part II

27.February.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

Hello again to all the Matchans!

Today I will be showing you a restaurant that’s famous for their matcha fondue.

Japan is so amazing and unique. Who would’ve thought of starting a matcha fondue restaurant?

The restaurant is called Saryo, and it’s about a 7 minute walk from Kagurazaka station.



You can enjoy eating inside or at the open roof terrace seats.

There was already a long line on the day I went, even though it was a weekday.

While waiting, the waitress handed us a menu and a blanket to keep us warm.



I thought they would only have matcha, but there were also regular meals on the menu too.

Of course my friend and I ordered the matcha fondue~!

We were able to order the set menu with drinks, but it was so hard for us to decide which drink to order.  I’m pretty sure the menu offered more than 30 different types of drinks to choose from.

My friend went with the sweet fruit tea, and I ordered the premium matcha latte.



The matcha latte tasted more bitter than I imagined, but it was very delicious.

Then came the matcha fondue!! The fondue sauce is made with matcha and white chocolate and it came with strawberries, shiratama rice balls, jello, ice cream and crackers.



The crunchy crackers and chewy shiratama balls were the best match with the deep bittersweet matcha. I couldn’t stop dipping them in the fondue.




It also came with vanilla ice cream, but it melted really fast so I would recommend you to eat that first.

I wanted to try the matcha fondue itself so I started eating it with a spoon. I couldn’t stop eating it as you can see…



Kagurazaka was pretty far from my home, but this long train ride still paid off handsomely when I came here!

Matcha hunting to be continued….



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Name: Saryo

Address: 5-9 Tokyoto Shinjukuku Kagurazaka 162-0825

Telephone: 03-3266-0880

Open: 11:30am~22:00pm



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