Droptokyo Breaks 700,000 International Followers After First Year Since Overseas Expansion

01.March.2020 | FASHION / SPOT

Since February 2019, media brand Droptokyo has rolled out across 11 countries, regions and cities, including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Bangkok, Vietnam, Tokyo, and Kansai. The street fashion culture community brand has now amassed over 700k followers across their global Instagram pages.

Kazuma Iwano, Chief Editor at Droptokyo, said: “In our ten years to date, we have built 300,000 followers. Expanding overseas has more than doubled that, and we’ve shot to 700,000 in just one year. It made me realise that our street snap content is not just recognised by people in Japan, but around the world too. Please check out Droptokyo, which aims to become the world’s biggest platform for street fashion.” *Translated from Japanese

Droptokyo is an indespensible hub for street fashion. Follow them on Instagram at the links below.


  • Yohji Yamamoto Reveals 2022 Spring/Summer Collection, Key Visual

    25.January.2022 | FASHION

    The newest Yohji Yamamoto Ground Y collection was released on January 21, 2022. The spring/summer items made their first appearance in a key visual featuring actors Mai Fukagawa and Mahiro Takasugi.


    The concept for the new collection is ‘Beyond Boundaries.’ By reconstructing existing borders to create a hectic visual cacophony, Yamamoto has also been deeply inspired by the stories of Japan’s literary giants such as Natsume Souseki and Dazai Osamu. 


    The models seen in the key visual are Mai Fukagawa and Mahiro Takasugi, both of whom are active in popular dramas and films. Commentary from both actors can be seen on the official Ground Y YouTube channel, so be sure to give it a watch!


    The visuals for this collection were shot under the direction of photographer Masatoshi Yamashiro and stylist Takashi Mizuguchi at the Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ School, which was designed by American master Frank Lloyd Wright in 1921 and has been designated as an important cultural property.

  • Harajuku Girls Magazine Zipper to Return to Quarterly Release Schedule After 5 Years

    23.December.2021 | FASHION

    Popular Harajuku-based fashion magazine Zipper, which ceased publication in 2017, will return in March 2022! The rebirth of the magazine is being spearheaded as a joint venture between DONUTS Inc. and ASOBISYSTEM.


    Zipper was first published in 1993 as a way to say “NO!” to traditional style. It continued to inspire creative minds for 24 years until it ceased publication in 2017, and many Harajuku-based celebrities and influencers cite the magazine as a major source of inspiration over the years. Now, this beacon of individuality and fashion is making a triumphant comeback right when the world needs it most.

    In addition to the magazine, Zipper will also be available on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, opening up the brand to fans of Japanese fashion around the world. More details will be announced in the future.

  • JEANASIS Announces Second Edition of Popular Pikachu Collection

    27.October.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Fashion brand JEANASIS is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and the company has begun a number of exciting new projects under the theme of ‘togetherness.’ The SYNERGY PROJECT was recently launched as a way to collaborate with popular companies, services, and cultural ventures around Japan. The popular Pikachu collection has made a comeback after becoming hugely popular the first time around and is currently available at the official web store and participating shops around Japan. 



    The new collection was based around the concept of wearing what you like and shedding everything ‘normal.’ Each piece is made from material perfect for fall and winter, with Pikachu making both bold and secretive appearances on the garment’s lining. The poncho features Pikachu’s signature lightning bolts, while the bead bag will let the world know that you’re a master trainer. A total of 14 items appear in the new collection. 


    Pokemon fans will find something to love here, so don’t miss out!

  • GU x UNDERCOVER Collab for Second Time, First Kidswear Launched

    17.October.2021 | FASHION

    Affordable clothing retailer GU is teaming up with top Japanese fashion brand UNDERCOVER for the pair’s second collaboration. The collection will be available at GU stores nationwide and online starting October 29, 2021. 


    First Kidswear Product Lineup



    Started by Jun Takahashi in 1990, UNDERCOVER blends various aspects of art, music, and subculture into its constantly evolving collections. 


    Following the popular Spring/Summer 2021 collection, this new collaboration mixes UNDERCOVER’s unique and original worldview with GU’s concept of ‘freedom.’ Together, they have come up with the keyword ‘FREEDOM/NOISE’ to describe the new pieces. 


    This new Fall/Winter collection features original patterns, graphics, and characters created by Takahashi exclusively for GU. Each item was designed with the style of UNDERCOVER in mind, giving more of a streetwear feel. The full lineup includes men’s and women’s seasonal wear, scarves and gloves for fall and winter, and even pajamas and loungewear. This also marks the first time kidswear has been released in a collaboration between the two. 

  • Takumi Kitamura Becomes Tommy Hilfiger’s First-Ever Japanese Ambassador

    14.September.2021 | FASHION

    Singer, actor, and model Takumi Kitamura has been crowned Japan’s first-ever ambassador for the Tommy Hilfiger brand. The popular talent is now being featured in promotional content for the FALL 2021 menswear collection.

    The Tommy Hilfiger brand has roots in the world of music, and this collaboration is meant to celebrate Takumi Kitamura’s leadership of the popular band DISH//, and his genuine efforts to make a meaningful contribution to his community. Recently, the musician offered his music free to students who had been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tommy Hilfiger brand began a new campaign for positive social change in spring, called the ‘Moving Forward Together’ campaign, and Kitamura embodies the spirit of the new initiative.


    Tommy Hilfiger himself commented on the new ambassador. “I’m incredibly thrilled to feature Mr. Kitamura in the FALL 2021 collection. We love Japan, and we love Japanese fans. This collaboration will allow us to pay tribute to Japan’s unique culture, while also expressing Mr. Kitamura’s thoughts on community in a modern way.”


    The FALL 2021 menswear collection blends classic American heritage with the great outdoors. The color palette combines amber yellows and bold orange shades with simple neutrals like olive, camel, and heather gray.


    Takumi Kitamura is now featured in campaign visuals and commercials in shops around Japan and abroad, as well as on the online store. A special website has also been launched to commemorate this momentous collaboration. New visuals will continue to be released until the end of the season, so be sure to check regularly!


    A Twitter campaign will also be held on the official Tommy Hilfiger Japan account, using the hashtag #TOMMYXTAKUMI. By following the account (@TommyHilfigerJP) and retweeting the relevant tweet, five lucky people will win one of the looks modeled by Mr. Kitamura.


    Comment from Takumi Kitamura

    “I’m Takumi Kitamura, and I’m honored to announce that I have been chosen as a brand ambassador for the historic Tommy Hilfiger brand. While shooting the visuals for the FALL 2021 collection, there were a number of combinations that surprised me! Hopefully, I can convey plenty of Tommy Hilfiger’s character through this collaboration. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”



    Be sure to check out Takumi Kitamura rocking these new autumn looks!

  • GU Web Commercial Features New Cast in 2021 Fall/Winter Collection

    10.September.2021 | FASHION

    Japanese fast-fashion retailer GU is promoting the 2021 Fall/Winter Collection with a new cast and new image. In a fun and goofy web commercial recently uploaded to YouTube, the five faces of the collection are seen rocking some of the new pieces available now.



    In addition to Ayami Nakajo and Sota Fukushi, three new cast members–Noritake Kinashi, Chara, and Yutaro–are joining the 2021 Fall/Winter campaign. The commercial highlights GU’s stylish and warm knit cardigans, which are currently a huge trend for autumn.


    Using these unique individuals, GU hopes to show that these new pieces can fit anyone of any age, gender, or size. Chara and Noritake Kinashi show that adults can still have fun with their fashion, while Yutaro claims that fashion isn’t just following trends, but accentuating your individuality.


    In an upcoming commercial set to air on television in October, Ayumi Nakajo, Chara, and Yutaro will be shown in more trending knitwear, while a November commercial will feature all five cast members in easy-to-wear and stylish winter pants.


    Which of these new pieces would you like to add to your wardrobe?

  • Pokemon Shirts to Release 35 New Designs, Total of 386 Patterns Now Available

    09.September.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Pokemon Shirts have become massively popular since their release in 2019. A collaboration between American custom shirt brand Original Stitch and the Pokemon franchise, these customized tops now ship worldwide, and have people showing off their favorite characters in and out of the office. Now, 35 new Pokemon patterns are available, meaning that 135 total Pokemon from the Ruby & Sapphire titles are available. This brings the total amount of patterns available to 386.


    New Design Preview


    The creatures from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire are being released over four installments, each with a specific theme. The theme of this fourth release is ‘Sky,’ and flying Pokemon are being added to the lineup, including Rayquaza, Latias, Latios, and Deoxys.


    The key visual for the new promotion was created by Shiseido’s top hair and makeup artist Tadashi Harada, and was inspired by the dragon Pokemon Rayquaza.


    Which Pokemon are looking forward to seeing on a fresh new shirt?

  • Fashion Brand FURFUR Announces First Original Characters, Plushies on Sale

    07.September.2021 | FASHION

    Japanese ladies brand FURFUR has invented its own original characters! The two will be released as plushies on September 8, with preorder sales now open at the FURFUR online store and USAGI ONLINE.


    Sousskiss♡: ¥5,940 (Tax Included)

    Night☆Tia: ¥5,940 (Tax Included)


    Sousskiss♡ is a cute but mysterious girl with an appearance much like a white cat, while Night☆Tia is a mischievous boy who’s able to charm people with his funny smile. The official FURFUR online store and USAGI ONLINE will also feature an original set of illustrations highlighting the two’s story, including why they’re always together. Look forward to it!


  • Hankyu Men’s Chooses Comedian Eiko Kano as Face of New Collection

    31.August.2021 | FASHION

    Comedian and singer Eiko Kano has been chosen as the new icon for Hankyu Men’s 2021 collection. The new concept, “WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ~RESPECT FOR THE NORTH~,” is heavily inspired by life in the north, and the collection will feature a variety of useful products and services from fashion to lifestyle.





    With a humor that transcends age, Eiko Kano has been appointed as the new icon for Hankyu Men’s 2021 collection, in the hopes that he can raise people’s spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the visuals, an original music video has also been released to convey the northern theme.


    Kano originally debuted as the lyricist and composer for band 50TA as a prank segment on popular TV Asahi variety show London Hearts. His first album hit #9 on the Oricon charts, with the most popular track being PERFECT LOVE. His new arrangement of the song, PERFECT LOVE HANKYU MEN’S 2021AW Version, was made for this new collaboration.


  • Shohei Otani is Brand Ambassador for BOSS 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection

    31.August.2021 | FASHION

    In a new promotion, BOSS is previewing their upcoming 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection with a surprising new brand ambassador: Los Angeles Angels pitcher/batter Shohei Ohtani.


    Clad in BOSS’s uniquely elegant pieces, Ohtani shows off casual styles and new looks possible only through creative combinations. From a cool leather jacket to a sophisticated wool coat, each detail has been carefully considered for quality, to ensure that a man wearing BOSS is ready for anything.



    Wearing the newest BOSS collection, Shohei Ohtani shows off two distinctive looks.


    In the first look, Ohtani is rocking a new leather bomber jacket from the Autumn/Winter collection. Made from 100% sheepskin, the piece is smooth to the touch and features luxurious trim, ribbed knitting on the color and sleeves, and plenty of other small details throughout. The structured collar and dark green color make it a perfect choice for the sophisticated man.


    For the second look, the baseball star is clad in a relaxed wool coat. This mature and elegant style is achievable with this coat alone, worn here with simple white pants. A versatile piece, wear it over a suit when heading to the office, or with a casual outfit on the go.


    How do you feel about the new BOSS 2021 Autumn/Winter collection? Would these pieces fit your personal style?


  • Takama Usa: “MY FASHION & MY LIFE”

    05.April.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Takama Usa is a well talked-about Japanese actor who appeared in the popular TV series Ookami-kun ni wa Damasarenai and has feature in several TV commercials.


    In this special feature, Usa attempts to find his own style through fashion. He will showcase two completely different styles: grown-up/sophisticated and street. There is also an interview with him at the end where he talks about the latest fashion, his work and his private life. Usa is maturing as a person day by day, so join him as he seeks to draw out new great things from himself.


    mode style through beige gradations

    By making your entire look beige you can eliminate that all-too-often firmness or hardness that jackets like this can have, instead giving them a softer appearance. The outfit is made more beautiful by adding tight accessories like glasses and loafers, giving an overall adult-look.

    KINSELLA: Used Jacket ¥6,900, Used Turtle Neck Cut & Sewn ¥5,200 / Harajuku Chicago Omotesando: Used Pants: ¥1,900 / Gravis: Loafers ¥9,000 / Socks and glasses belong to the stylist


    adding a touch of fun with trendy neon colours

    Usa has constructed an edgy street style by having black as the base colour and adorning on it all a neon coloured jacket and bag. Sporty is the trend this season so he has stayed conscious of that while incorporating chicness with the turtle neck and skinny pants.

    CaliforniaDept. Harajuku: Vans Coach Jacket ¥10,800, Vans Pants ¥13,000 / Gravis: Sneakers ¥10,000 / KINSELLA: Used Bag ¥2,400 / Socks belong to the stylist




    “Both of these styles were a challenge, but I really liked the beige one. Although it’s not a colour scheme I wear much the items were easy to co-ordinate and the overall balance was close to what I usually go for. The glasses added freshness too. It made me want to start trying out this look. As for the neon style, it’s close to what I look like a year ago. Although it felt a little embarrassing [laughs], I’m glad I was accustomed to the combination of black. My recent everyday looks have been all monotone recently. That’s precisely the reason why it was my primary colour scheme until a year ago. I liked cute outfits too but I was influenced by friends around me when I went to Tokyo, plus I’m shifting more towards looking mature. I like second-hand clothing so I wander around Harajuku and Shimokita. Shibuya has some of my favourite shops too so I go there a lot. My friend also works there so I’m a frequent customer [laughs].”

    −Hobbies, Private Life–

    “My hobbies are drawing, songwriting and playing instruments. I write down lyrics on my smartphone when things flash to my mind after seeing something and build from there. When it comes to the song I play the relevant instrument and find phrases that I think are good. I also like anime and I also started a manga collection recently. I really recommend Act-Age. Oh… you’ve probably realised, but I’m a bit of a shut-in [laughs]. I’ve also been crazy about skateboarding with my friend recently. That’s my sole reason for going outdoors. I have a pet cat too so I play with it a lot.”



    “What made me want to become an actor was performing at the Shiki Theatre Company in addition to various after school activities during elementary school. I learned many things there. I think those are the main things that led me to this job. When I thought about what I would be doing in the future I couldn’t see anything else but this. My acting has changed recently, I feel it’s become second nature to me. Becoming someone else through performing is a kind of stress reliever. I normally don’t showcase my emotions, so it feels fresh to let it out in a big voice. I do get tired and there are tough times but I want to pile up plenty of experiences.”


    –Future Goals–

    “On the bigger scale of things, world peace… This is said in a lot of places though [laughs] I spoke with another actor one time. He told me about a person who made jeans and donated all of the proceeds to someone else. I hope I can contribute to something in such a way―a way only I can.”


    Participating Stores

    CaliforniaDept. (03-5413-6947)

    KINSELLA (03-6447-4544)

    Gravis (03-3476-5638)

    Harajuku Chicago Omotesando (03-3409-5017)


    Writer: Manami Ishi

    Photographer: Kayo Sekiguchi

    Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga

  • 5 Japanese fashion items made with the essence of Japanese tradition

    16.November.2017 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Recently, traditional Japanese fashion has become the inspiration for many modern fashion brands in Japan. These brands are committed to creating high quality goods that are made with cultural essence.

    Today we’ll be introducing 5 Japanese fashion items that are made using Japanese technology with very close attention to detail .



    The weft thread is used for washi paper because it is extremely light, super sweat absorbent and is quick to dry. The fibres are thin, long and tough, making it a long-lasting cultural asset to japan. This material is used for repairing, and is valued for its ability to retain its soft and flexible texture. You can buy a pair of personalised washi jeans with a woven name or special rivets – something you shouldn’t miss out on.

    More information: http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/51576

    ■ Product Summary

    Price :¥8900 (tax not included) ※  damage treatment only ¥9900 (price without tax)
    Slim:Medium-dark/Dark/ One wash (28-36 inch)
    Regular: Light /dark/ One wash (27-34 inch)
    damage treatment 28・30・32・34 inch


    Product name: WASHI DENIM
    Price: ¥8900 (price without tax) ※ damage treatment only ¥9900 (price without tax)
    Tapered:Medium-dark/Dark / damage treatment 25-29 inch ※ damage treatment WASHI DENIM will be released for sale from the end of July (subject to change) 
    Straight:Dark/ One wash  25-29 inch


     T-shirts made using traditional methods from the Edo period.


    “BIWACOTTON” is a T-shirt brand that makes shirts using traditional methods from the Edo period.

    “Suteteko” is a type of traditional underwear from the Edo period that is still being made in the city of Takashima today.  BIWACOTTON has combined the manufacturing techniques that were used to make “Suteteko“ with modern T-shirt-making to create a new kind of modern T-shirt. Although the T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, they have good ventilation and maintain the same fresh feel of Suteteko. This is the most suitable T-shirt to wear during harsh and humid Japanese summers.

    More information:http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/48499

    ■ Product purchase information
    BIWACOTTON (ビワコットン)
    Online shop:biwacotton.jp

    Amamishi Kagoshima’s traditional “Oshima Tsumugi” patterns now on colourful socks!


    “Oshima Tsumugi” traditional patterns have been made into a colourful design called “Tsumugi POP”. The most widely known patterns are “Tatsugo” or “Akina Rose”, but there are many more traditional patterns available that will liven up your socks with colourful pop designs! The high-quality cotton called “Masyuko”, which is similar to Oshima Tsumigi, is used as the fabric. The text is soft like silk, creating a very soft and comfy pair of socks.


    More information:http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/75833

    ■ Product information
    Tsumugi POP
    Price: 2,500 yen (tax not included)
    EC site: https://abcom.theshop.jp/categories/325087
    ※These socks are also available at souvenir stores in Amami Oshima



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