Celebrate Easter this year on 16th April with these Disney Easter sweets ♪

31.March.2017 | FOOD


Ginza Cozy Corner is selling 10 varieties of Easter Disney Character sweets. Easter is a widely spread Christian celebration and is associated with the arrival of spring. In recent years, Easter has also been widely celebrated in Japan. Easter day falls on the first Sunday after the full moon that follows after the Spring Equinox, which is why the date on which Easter is celebrated changes every year. This year, Easter falls on 16th April.


Famous symbols of Easter include the egg, which represents new life and the bunny rabbit which represents fertility. This year, Ginza Cozy Corner’s Easter sweets range includes bunny rabbit Disney characters and Mickey and Friends, who have gathered together to add some colourful pop to your Easter!



The popular petit cake range consists of a chocolate cake “rabbit”, a condensed milk white roll cake “white rabbit”, the “Donald” cream cheese tart and more! There are a total of 9 different scrumptious  cakes! Ginza Cozy Corner will also be selling a Winnie the Pooh cake and Donald duck and Disney-themed  cakes….What will you go for? They are all too cute to decide!


Surrounded by colourful cakes, enjoy a warm beginning to spring with a hearty serving of cute! ♡




Petit Gateau Easter Collection (9 cakes) <Disney>

プチガトー イースター コレクション(9個入)<ディズニー>

Price: ¥2,100(Price with tax: ¥2,268)

Easter・ Winnie the Pooh


Price: <approx. 15cm diameter, 5~6 servings >¥2,000(Price with tax: ¥2,160)

Easter Cake Set <Donald & Disney>

イースター ケーキセット<ドナルド & デイジー>

Price: ¥1,380(Price with tax: ¥1,490)




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