Kaori’s easy recipe – learn how to make a “Duffy & Shellie May’s grilled rice ball”

11.May.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

With just a small bit of ingenuity, turn everyday food into something cute using Kaori’s recipe series! With a few simple ideas, an ordinary recipe magically transforms into a cute dish. Let us introduce to you, “Duffy & Shellie May’s grilled rice ball”



・Rice 300g

・One sliced cheese

・One Sliced ham


・Japanese stock 1 teaspoon

・Sesame oil 1 teaspoon

・Soy sauce 1 tablespoon

・Dried bonito a little

・Shirodashi 1 tablespoon

・Mirin 1 teaspoon


・Seaweed punch

■How to make

1: Mix all seasoning and rice


2: Distribute rice 20g for each ear and 110g for face. Then shaping ears and face with using a wrap. Make a hollow for each ear.


3: Remove a wrap and put it on cooking sheet. Bake it in the toaster for 10-15 minutes. *Be careful with burning


4: After rice ball is baked, sprinkle small pieces of dried bonito


5: Let it cool down and put a sliced cheese on part of eyes and a mouth

*Melt it by preheating and attached it

6−1: How to make a face: cut seaweeds into face parts and punching a nose part

6−2: Make a mouth and put it on the face

6−3: Duffy is completed. Next, make eyelashes for Shellie May

6-4: Draw white parts in eyes with a toothpick and mayonnaise


7−1 How to make Shellie May’s ribbon: Cut a sliced ham in vertical way

7-2 Fold another sliced cheese into bellows

7_3 Deep fry spaghetti and use this to fix all parts


8.Your grilled rice ball is completed!


Kaori also invites you into her world of character-themed rice dishes in her recipe series! Please check out her Instagram where she has uploaded many pictures of her character dishes!



Kaori Kubota(@kaopan27)

Kaori lives in Hokkaido and enjoys making dinners, sweet treats and character food using bread ♡ Kaori also loves to experiment with small tricks to crate easy character-themed sweets ▶@kaopan27


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