H&M x NiziU Launch Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign

26.February.2021 | FASHION / MUSIC

H&M has announced the release of its second collection with Japanese girl group NiziU, who have been appointed as the brand’s ambassadors for Asia for their Spring/Summer 2021 campaign. The collection will be released at all H&M Japan stores and onlne shop on March 18, 2021. H&M Japan released a promotional video and behind-the-scenes footage on their official YouTube channel on Tuesday (February 23) to promote the campaign.

H&M♡NiziU 2021 Spring/Summer Campaign

Campaign Video


H&M♡NiziU Collection Excerpt

Heart T-Shirt | ¥999 (Tax Included)

Pleat Skirt | ¥2,499 (Tax Included)

Oversized Jacket | ¥4,999 (Tax Included)

Pleat Skirt | ¥2,499 (Tax Included)

Cotton Poplin One Piece | ¥2,999 (Tax Included)

Short Sweater Hoodie | ¥2,999 (Tax Included)

Short One Piece | ¥2,999 (Tax Included)

Suit Vest | ¥2,499 (Tax Included)

Short Cardigan | ¥3,999 (Tax Included)

Jacket One Piece | ¥5,999 (Tax Included)


H&M♡NiziU Limited-Edition Original Collab Items

H&M♡NiziU Collab Necklace | ¥1,299 (Tax Included)

H&M♡NiziU Collab Earrings (Clip-On/Piercing Types Available) | ¥1,299 (Tax Included)

H&M♡NiziU Collab Bucket Hats | ¥1,299 (Tax Included)

The H&M♡NiziU collection aims to bring some springtime smiles and happiness to people this coming season during these difficult times by advocating for people to dress themselves up and enjoy fashion everyday.


The line-up features a variety of stylish selections from mini skirts and mini dresses, which are a trend in Japan in 2021, as well as crop tops, jewellery, bucket hats, and more.


  • NiziU to Promote 2nd Single With Release Campaign at HMV

    05.April.2021 | MUSIC

    NiziU is celebrating the upcoming release of their second single Take a picture / Poppin’ Shakin’ with a promotional campaign in collaboration with HMV. The promotion will begin on April 6 when the single releases and run until May 12.


    During the campaign, customers who purchase more than one of any NiziU-related items including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays will receive a special NiziU issue of HMV’s the music & movie master booklet. There are nine versions in total featuring nine different front covers of the members. This offer is not available at HMV&BOOKS Online.


    Additionally, 20 lucky fans can also receive a signed poster if they purchase the new single at HMV or HMV&BOOKS Online by May 5, 2021.


    Take a picture/Poppin’ Shakin

    The new single will be available in 3 editions

    NiziU’s new record is a triple-A side single which includes the song Take a picture which was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial that NiziU appeared in. The song was written and arranged by music producer J.Y. Park.


    Poppin’ Shakin’ was used in a SoftBank commercial and has fun, uplifting lyrics as well as cute and catchy choreography.

  • NiziU Feature in Promotional Commercial for KOSÉ’s Make Keep Mist EX

    30.March.2021 | FASHION

    KOSÉ are set to roll out a new commercial in Japan on April 15 for their makeup fix mist product Make Keep Mist EX. The commercial will feature NiziU along with their new song I AM.


    The commercial tie-up comes after the huge positive reception NiziU got after their appearance in another KOSÉ commercial that aired in January. The video featured their song Joyful as well as the popular ‘eyelash dance.’


    Stay tuned for the release of the commercial.

  • NiziU Collaborates With Fanta On Limited-Edition Bottle Designs

    09.March.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Japanese girl group NiziU, who are garnering international attention, have announced a collaboration with Fanta Orange and Fanta Grape where each member will be featured on individual bottles. The bottles will be released across Japan for a limited time from April 19.

    There are nine designs in total which arrive as Fanta revamps its brand logo to feature even juicier, more refreshing-looking fruit. Each bottle also has a QR code in the bottom right which when scanned with a smartphone lets buyers enter a campaign for a chance to win some collaborative NiziU x Fanta merchandise.

  • NiziU Announces Collaboration With Lotte Fit’s Gum

    03.February.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Lotte is set to collaborate with the Japanese girl group NiziU on their popular Lotte Fit’s gum with a special line-up of NiziU designs that will hit shelves in Japan on March 2, 2021.

    Fit’sNiziU Cube Bottle Gum (4 Designs)

    Fit’s NiziU Collab Gum Packaging Designs (9 Designs)

    This photo shoot was taken in October 2020 and so MIIHI does not feature in the designs.

    The gum bottles and boxes feature original designs of the group members. The members chose seven flavours themselves to be included in the collaboration. Seven colours also refers to their band name, NiziU, as the Japanese word for rainbow is niji which can also be romanised as nizi.

  • Interview: NiziU Discuss Their Favourite Moments in Life For Coca-Cola Japan’s New Commercial

    06.January.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Coca-Cola Japan launched a new campaign and commercial on Monday (January 4) titled “Kono Shunkan ga, Watashi,” which roughly translates to “This Moment is Me.”

    2020 saw tremendous changes in the lives of people around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and those changes continue to this day. Coca-Cola Japan’s new campaign aims to spread positivity with a mindset that says enjoy yourself to the fullest is the right way to go precisely because things have changed. It’s a campaign for loving those moments spent with friends and family in whatever way possible.


    The new commercial posted alongside the campaign’s launch features the members of the Japanese girl group NiziU singing and dancing to the tune of their new song Take a picture. The commercial shoot took place over the course of two days, and it’s reported that the set had a bright and positive atmosphere as NiziU greeted staff with smiles, vim, and vigour. On the first day they shot the dance and rooftop scenes, while the second day took them to the house studio. There’s also a scene of the group giving MAYUKA’s a surprise birthday celebration her birthday had fallen on the day before.

    Coca-Cola Japan has released limited-edition NiziU bottles as part of the collaboration which feature a QR code on them. When scanned, you can access the campaign website to sign up to win access to a special Coca-Cola x NiziU online event, a NiziU-original QUO card worth ¥1,000, and points for the LINE app. A total of 200,000 lucky winners will be chosen. There are 10 bottle designs to look out for.

    Additionally, a special 35-meter long ad poster is being displayed for a limited time at Shinjuku Station connecting to the East and West exits.


    NiziU Interview

    ―Your names are written on the limited-edition NiziU Coca-Cola bottles. How do you feel about them lining the shelves in stores?


    I am super happy that our names get to go on the Coca-Cola labels! I hope lots of people see them and are filled with positive vibes.


    It doesn’t feel real to me yet either that our names are featuring on Coca-Cola products. When they hit the stores I kind of want to go searching for my own name <laughs>.


    There’s a QR code on the bottles when might land you something if you scan it with your phone, so be on the lookout and try finding my bottle.


    ―When do you find yourselves wanting to drink Coca-Cola?

    I’m personally a huge foodie, so I like to drink it together with people when everyone’s eating their favourite food.


    I definitely find myself wanting some when I need a kick of positivity or need some energy.


    ―Please give your thoughts on the commercial shoot.

    When went on the rooftop with everyone, and when we were practicing the dances, we were drinking Coca-Cola. I feel the shoot had a completely different air to it than our usual practice. Everyone said “Cheers!” [with their drinks] on the roof. It was a lot of fun.


    It was hard to convey the appeal of Coca-Cola [during the shoot], so we thought to convey its delicious taste how we would convey the appeal of [NiziU]. We showed ourselves really enjoying its delicious taste.


    The shoot for this commercial was so much fun, there’s so many great bits in it! It looks so tasty watching everyone gulp down their drinks. It was a great time, I like everyone’s facial expressions in it. Be sure to check it out.


    ―Give us each of your thoughts on the “This Moment is Me” campaign and how it relates to yourselves.

    I feel the most me thing is when I’m writing in my diary. I write in it at the end of every day, it’s my favourite moment.


    When I’m eating something. I feel only happiness when eating; I forget all the bad things and can concentrate just by eating something tasty. It’s a moment I can be myself.


    I really love steady and straightforward work, like puzzles, so when I’m concentrating on one thing I really get in the zone, to the point where I can’t hear people even if they call my name. I think that kind of moment is most me.


    For me, it’s when I’m dancing. It’s something I’ve done since I was little, so I think working hard and practicing to improve in that is my most me moment.


    The moment which is most me is when I’m cooking. I find it so much fun and love seeing people enjoy the food I cook for them.


    It would be when I’m playing with my cat. I have two cats at home and can be my true self when playing with them.


    When I’m video calling my mom. We talk about the silliest things and laugh, and that’s when I feel most like myself. I love those moments the most.


    The moments I love the most are when I’m drawing. I don’t have to think about anything when I’m drawing and can relax, so they’re definitely my favourite.

  • Tokyo Skytree® Promotes NiziU’s Debut Single ‘Step and a step’ With Special Light Show

    02.December.2020 | MUSIC / SPOT

    To promote the debut single Step and a step by global girls group NiziU, which was released on Wednesday (December 2), Tokyo Skytree is set to put on a special rainbow-coloured light show. It will also display the outfits that Niziu wore in the music video of their pre-debut single Make you happy atop its 450-meter-high Tembo Deck.


    NiziU is a nine-member global all-female music group which formed via Nizi Project, an audition programme co-produced by Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Labels, and JYP Entertainment.


    Tokyo Skytree lights up in all the colours of the rainbow

    Tokyo Skytree is running the light show for three consecutive days in promotion of NiziU’s debut single Step and a step.


    Light Show Schedule
    December 2, 2020 @ 17:30-24:00
    December 3, 2020 @ 17:30-24:00
    December 4, 2020 @ 17:30-24:00


    NiziU outfit exhibition

    NiziU fans should head up to Tokyo Skytree’s Tembo Deck where they can see the outfits that NiziU wore in their Make you happy music video which became a hit for its jump-rope dance sequence.


    Outfit Exhibition Schedule

    Running: December 2, 2020 – December 13, 2020

    Location: Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck (Floor 450F)


    NiziU’s popularity has continued to surge this year. Stay tuned for the latest information on the up-and-coming girl’s group.


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  • NiziU Becomes New Muse For Curl Keep Magic Multitask Mascara

    01.December.2020 | FASHION

    Japanese global girl group NiziU are featuring in the latest promotional material for Curl Keep Magic, a multitask mascara that triples as a primer, top coat, and mascara.


    The theme for the promotion is centred on “helping girls’ lashes to stay curled for a long period of time during today’s day and age where everyone is keeping fit, and to support them as they move to achieve their dreams.” In the promotional material, NiziU is serving positive vibes and showcasing the fun of makeup.


    The photoshoot

    The NiziU members expressed enjoyment for the photoshoot. The set was lively, and the girls were chatting with smiles even when the camera wasn’t rolling. There was a real sense of teamwork between the director and cameraman as the girls replicated their requests to perfection. The eight of them hummed along to the music playing in the background and teased each other; there was a real fun vibe to the shoot.


    Curl Keep Magic

    Curl Keep Magic is a mascara for multitasking that keeps lashes full all day long. It can be used as a primer, top coat, and mascara, and can even be used to add natural curls to lashes without colour. The mascara is a water-type cosmetic that contains a combination of Japanese camellia and squalene which protects the lashes. It uses a clear black colour which has a transparency to it.


    When used as a regular mascara, the Curl Keep Magic can elevate the natural look of the eyes for an effortless finish. And by using it as a primer, you can add a different mascara on top that keeps for a long time.

    The Curl Keep Magic billboard ad featuring NiziU will roll out at drugstores in Japan from January 16, 2021.

  • Japanese Girl Group NiziU Wear Pyjamas in ViVi Magazine’s January 2021 Issue

    18.November.2020 | FASHION / MUSIC

    The January 2021 issue of Japanese fashion magazine ViVi was released on November 18 and features two different front covers of girl group NiziU.

    ViVi January 2021 Regular Edition

    ViVi January 2021 Special Edition

    NiziU is a nine-member global all-female music group which formed via Nizi Project, an audition programme co-produced by Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Labels, and JYP Entertainment.


    For the first time in ViVi’s history, it has created two different magazine front covers for the same issue in collaboration with NiziU. NiziU hail as the group with the youngest average age to be featured in the magazine, and received a heated offer from the editorial team at ViVi due to their stardom and individual personalities.


    The photoshoot began with the pastel-coloured special edition of the front cover. Each member also did their own solo shoots where they did heart poses using heart-shaped lights. It’s a known fact that Maya in the group is the real talent when it comes to heart poses. She tried a pose with both her hands, with her fingers, with her sleeves. But which ended up being used in the magazine? You can only find out by picking up a copy.


    NiziU also did two shoots wearing tennis gear and pyjamas, the former of which was another first of ViVi. Ayaka is holding her racket courageously like she’s a pro.


    In the pyjama shoot, the members change into cosy relaxation mode and huddle around a giant bunny.

    ViVi January 2021 Regular Edition Pin-Up

    ViVi January 2021 Special Edition Pin-Up

    Each edition of this issue comes with its own respective signed pin-ups. The regular edition has the pyjama version and the special edition the tennis version. There’s also a 16-page NiziU cover story and the magazine comes with an original profile book.

  • Hulu Japan Announces Weekly Long Interviews With NiziU Members

    28.July.2020 | MUSIC

    NiziU is a nine-member global all-female group which formed via Nizi Project, an audition programme co-produced by Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Labels, and JYP Entertainment (JYP). NiziU’s first music video, Make you happy, has over 63 million views on YouTube (as of July 2020). Released at the end of June, the iconic jump rope dance in the video has already become something of a social phenomenon.

    In the run up to NiziU’s first anniversary, Hulu Japan will begin streaming long interviews with each of the nine members in a show called NiziU 9 Nizi Stories, beginning on July 30, 2020, where they will talk about their experience in the Nizi Project, as well as life in Tokyo and South Korea. They will discuss in detail why they wanted to be part of a girl group, what troubles they have gone through, what the other members think of them, their impression of J.Y. Park, what kind of artists they want to become, and so on.


    ©Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc./JYP Entertainment.