Sumikko Gurashi’s Sequel Film Reveals Title and Key Visual

20.April.2021 | MOVIE

San-X has revealed the title and key visual for Sumikko Gurashi’s upcoming second feature film. The film is titled Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahou no Ko (Sumikko Gurashi The Movie: A Magical Child of the Blue Moonlit Night) and is set to released in Japan this November.

San-X created their corner-dwelling Sumikko Gurashi characters in 2012. Their first feature film, Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Tobidasu Ehon to Himitsu no Ko (Sumikko Gurashi The Movie: A Popping Picture Book and A Secret Child), was released in Japan back in 2019.


The sequel’s story is set during a blue moonlit night when a peculiar magic is cast on the town where the characters live. The film is being directed by Takahiro Omori (Natsume’s Book of Friends) with screenplay by Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!, Girls und Panzer). Fanworks are returning to animate the sequel.



©2021 日本すみっコぐらし協会映画部



  • ‘Rilakkuma & Sumikko Gurashi Festival’ Photo Event Starting in Sapporo

    08.September.2021 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    The ‘Rilakkuma & Sumikko Gurashi Festival Commemorative Photo Event’ will be held between September 17 and November 28 2021 on the third floor of the Sapporo Factory San Jō-kan Building.


    After enjoying yourself at the joint event, you can take some commemorative photos with Rilakkuma and the Sumikko’s, who will be wearing new costumes especially for this event! 

    October 9: 11:00/ 13:00/ 15:00/ 17:00 (Approx. 30 slots) (Each session lasts approx. 30 minutes)
    Featured Characters: Korilakkuma and Tokage

    October 31: 11:00/ 13:00/ 15:00/ 17:00 (Approx. 30 slots) (Each session lasts approx. 30 minutes)
    Featured Characters: Chairokoguma and Neko


    Weekday Limited Admission Freebies: ‘RilaSumi Festival’ Original Bookmark (Selected from 8 random designs: Rilakkuma & Kiirotori, Korilakkuma, Chairokoguma, Shirokuma, Penguin?, Tonkatsu & Ebifurai no Shippo, Neko, Tokage)


    Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity! 

  • Sumikko Gurashi Bubble Tea Released by XIE XIE PEARL

    29.July.2021 | FOOD

    Bubble tea shop XIE XIE PEARL is collaborating with San-X and their popular corner-dwelling characters Sumikko Gurashi with a line-up of drinks and merch until August 23.


    Fruit is the theme of the collaboration which arrives in a line-up of colourful beverages served in limited-time cups. Each character’s drink is loaded with toppings.

    Shirokuma’s Peach Milk | ¥756 (Tax Included)

    Neko’s Jewel Berry Lemonade | ¥756 (Tax Included)

    Tonkatsu’s Caramel Banana Milk | ¥756 (Tax Included)

    Penguin’s Jewel Mint Lemonade | ¥756 (Tax Included)


    Original collab goods

    Large Stickers | 4 Designs | ¥330 (Tax Included)


    Mini Tote Bag | ¥990(Tax Included)


    Mirrors | 5 Designs | ¥550 (Tax Included)


    Re-release of previous collab merch



    Free novelty stickers and pouch

    If you order one of the collab drinks you’ll receive a free sticker, and if you order all four drinks, you get an original Sumikko Gurashi pouch. All you need is your receipt to show at the register.

    ©︎2021 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


  • Rilakkuma & Sumikko Gurashi Festival Announced For Fall in Sapporo

    28.May.2021 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi are set to collaborate at a special festival centred entirely around the characters which will run at Sapporo Factory from September 17 to November 28.


    Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi, and you are invited to the festival which will be split into two areas: the Rilakkuma Pavilion and Sumikko Gurashi Pavilion where the characters will be present to greet guests. The event is taking on a magical theme which imagines the spirits of San-X, the company who created Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi, casting a mysterious magic on the festival to bring happiness to all.


    There’s plenty for fans of the characters to enjoy including fun photo spots, exclusive merchandise, and much more.


    If you’re in Sapporo this autumn, don’t miss the Rilakkuma & Sumikko Gurashi Festival.

  • Sumikko Gurashi Camping Themed Merchandise to be Released

    24.May.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    A new collection of camping-themed Sumikko Gurashi merchandise is set to roll out at Sumikko Gurashi Shop, FamilyMart, and elsewhere in Japan from May 22. Online orders will also open on June 21 at 11:00am (JST). The items are available as part of a lottery draw – depending on which you pull, you will get a different prize.


    Prize List


    A-Prize: Shirokuma Camp Plush Toy


    B-Prize: Tonkatsu Camp Plush Toy


    C-Prize: Neko Camp Plush Toy


    D-Prize: Tokage Camp Plush Toy


    E-Prize Large Leisure Rug

    F-Prize: Crockery, Spoon, & Fork Set (6 Designs)


    G-Prize: Cool Scarf Towel (4 Designs)


    H-Prize: Camp Clear Bottle (5 Designs)


    Last One Prize: Penguin Camp Plush Toy


    Double Chance Campaign: Penguin Camp Plush Toy (50 Available)

    *The prizes and packaging different from the Last One Prize



    The popular characters from Sumikko Gurashi feature in a variety of cute camping-themed items. Prizes A-D are plush toys of Shirokuma, Tonkatsu, Neko, and Tokage. Each of the plush toys in the line-up also has their own unique item: Shirokuma has a scarf, Tonkatsu has sunglasses, Neko has a hairband, and Tokage has a hat. The plush toys are 28cm in size and plump. The E-Prize is a large 150cm leisure rug featuring an original art design. The front side is made from microfiber while the reserve side is water-resistant so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also comes with a handy zip bag for taking around. Prizes F-H are cutlery and plate sets as well as a scarf towel and clear bottle. The Last One Prize is a special plush toy of Penguin.


    (C)2021 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • Sumikko Gurashi x Hokka Hokka Tei Palm Sized Plushie Campaign Launches

    01.May.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    The Hokka Hokka Tei x Sumikko Gurashi campaign is returning again this year as part of a celebration to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Hokka Hokka’s first store opening in Soka, Saitama.


    Every month, 100 lucky people who are members of the Hokka app have the chance to win a set of five palm-sized Sumikko Gurashi plushies for every Sumikko Gurashi bento they purchase at Hokka Hokka Tei stores in Japan. Each purchase comes with a QR code that can be scanned which will reveal whether they’ve won or not.

  • Sumikko Gurashi Cushion Collection Releases to Decorate Your Room

    31.March.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Kotobuki Kougei released a new collection of Sumikko Gurashi cushion from its iebito brand on Friday.

    The cushions are part of the “Play Cushion” collection and come in a range of fun colours and with cute designs for making your home and rooms Japanese-kawaii. iebito has been collaboration with Sumikko Gurashi since November 30 last year.

    Which pair set do you want the most?


    ©2021 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • Zoo Themed Sumikko Gurashi Pop-Up Shop to Open This Spring

    12.March.2021 | FASHION / SPOT

    San-X, the creators of many iconic Japanese characters, are set to open multiple pop-up shops around Japan on March 20, 2021. The theme of the shops is “animal park,” and fans of the cute corner-dwellers can look forward to getting their hands on lots of exclusive merchandise.


    Merchandise Line-Up


    Sumikko Gurashi Novelty Stickers

    The collection includes plenty of plush toys to keep your company. The full list of pop-up shop locations can be found below, but two of the big venues will include the Sumikko Gurashi Shop in Osaka and KIDDYLAND Harajuku.



  • Sumikko Gurashi transformed into Japanese sweets

    04.March.2021 | FOOD

    The Japanese character motif sweets series Tabemasu released a new sweets collection inspired by 4 of San-X’s popular Sumikko Gurashi characters on March 2 at FamilyMart convenience stores in Japan.

    Tabemasu Sumikko Gurashi Collection: Shirokuma (Strawberry Milk) & Tokage (Peach) / Tonkatsu (Chocolate) & Ebi Furaino Shippo (Banana) | 1 Box 2 Sets – ¥369 Each (Before Tax)


    The popular characters Shirokuma and Tokage’s bellies are filled with strawberry milk and peach flavoured sweet red bean paste. The besties Tonkatsu and Ebi Furai are making their first appearance on in the Tabemasu series with tales filled with chocolate and banana flavoured red bean paste. Their cute and plump charms are represented as edible Japanese traditional sweets which are too cute to eat!

    The newcomer Tonkatsu represents a leftover piece of tonkatsu and who dreams to be eaten someday… his longtime dream is about to be accomplished with your help! Check out these cute and delicious sweets of Sumikko Gurashi.


    (C)2021 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • Sumikko Gurashi Body Soap Keeps You as Clean and Cute as the Corner-Dwelling Characters

    04.February.2021 | FASHION

    Kracie Home Products has announced that its 100% plant-based body soap brand ‘naive’ will launch its second collaboration with Sumikko Gurashi on March 8, 2021.

    Left: Body Soap & Refill | Right: Body Soap (Reversible Design) & Refill

    Sumikko Gurashi is a series of characters created by San-X, the company behind the internationally-iconic Rilakkuma. The characters are known for enjoying living a quiet and solitary life in corners, which is what their name translates to. Sumikko Gurashi won the annual Japan Character Award in 2019. An animated film, Sumikko Gurashi the Movie, was also released in 2019, with a second film set for release this year.


    naive collaborated with Sumikko Gurashi last year, and due to the rave reviews from fans of the cute characters, they decided to hold a second collaboration. This time around, naive’s bubbly body soap bottles feature three different characters: the shy Neko, Penguin who is known for lacking self-confidence, and Tonkatsu who is a piece of leftover pork cutlet. The collection also includes refill bags with designs of all the corner-dwellers.

  • A Dream Collaboration Between Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi Announced For Hirakata Park

    20.December.2020 | SPOT

    Hirakata Park in Osaka has announced a special collaborative event with San-X’s popular characters Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi which will begin on March 6, 2021.

    Park entrance

    Rilakkuma and friends as well as the characters of Sumikko Gurashi will both have their own special pavilions raised at the park entrance. At the Rilakkuma tent, the cute bear and his comrades where will be showcasing their three fundamental elements that go into having a leisurely and relaxing time. Over at the Sumikko Gurashi tent, you’ll get a peek into the lives of these cute characters which are known for their lifestyle of dwelling in the corner.

    The event will welcome a range of original Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi themed food and merchandise too.


    ©2020 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • UNIQLO Announces Loungewear Collaboration With Pokémon and Sumikko Gurashi

    18.November.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japanese clothing retailer UNIQLO has announced a loungewear collection for the holiday season in collaboration with Pokémon and Sumikko Gurashi—the latter being a set of fictional characters created by San-X. Set to roll out in Japan from November 19, the fleece line-up is the perfect gift for the coming winter months.


    Pokémon Line-Up

    Everybody’s favourite Pokémon are coming together for this cosy collaboration. The fleece set’s theme is “Night Explorer” which imagines the wearer exploring the night together with their Pokémon. The designs feature moon and star motifs with neon colouring.

    When the collection launches, those who purchase one of the Pokémon fleece sets in Japan will receive a set of two clear-coloured Pokémon figurines. And if they order online via UNIQLO’s website, their order will be shipped in a special Pokémon box.

    Buyers will also receive a card with a code on it to participate in a special campaign.


    Sumikko Gurashi Line-Up

    The corner-dwelling Sumikko Gurashi character merchandise is themed on a sleepover with items made warm, fluffy, and cosy.

    The three Sumikko Gurashi sets will launch online only on December 18.

    Picking up either of the fleece sets or poncho blanket sets from December 18 will land you one of the above-pictured plush toys.

    UNIQLO will also be selling limited-edition Sumikko Gurashi gift cards too both online and in-store when the sets are released.

  • Cherry Blossom Themed Sumikko Gurashi Store to Open at Ginkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto

    05.March.2020 | FOOD / SPOT

    The all-new Sumikko Gurashi Dou store is set to open permanently at Ginkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto on March 19, 2020.

    Ginkaku-ji is a famous temple in Kyoto that was first built in 1490. It lives as a representation of the Higashiyama culture which flourished towards the end of the Muromachi Period. In 1994, it was designated as a World Heritage Site. The temple stands as a famous tourist spot of Kyoto.

    Glasses Case – ¥1,500 / Contact Lenses – ¥1,100 / Mini Towels – ¥600 / Hanging Plush Toys – ¥1,100 / Cookies – ¥1,000 (All prices are pre-tax)

    The new Sumikko Gurashi Dou store will be based entirely on the Sumikko Gurashi characters created by San-X. “Sumikko Gurashi” translates roughly to “life in the corner.” The shop will take on a cherry blossom theme, where you can get your hands on exclusive and licensed products.

    Sumikko Gurashi Yaki Takeout Cup (Contains 6) – ¥300 / Sumikko Gurashi Yaki Omiyage Bag (Contains 12) – ¥700 / Tapioca Drinks (3 Flavours) – ¥500 / Ice Cream (3 Flavours) – ¥500 (All prices are pre-tax)

    There’s also takeout food and drinks, like sweet and fluffy baby castella sponge cake, tapioca drinks, soft serve ice cream, and more.


    And of course, the entire store will be adorably decorated in all things Sumikko Gurashi to ease your soul. If you’re travelling to Kyoto and Ginkaku-ji Temple, then make sure you pop into Sumikko Gurashi Dou.