Let’s find Nemo and his friends hiding in Tokyo Disney Sea® using a smartphone! “Finding Nemo & Friends” start!

01.June.2017 | SPOT

A new attraction called “Nemo & Friends Sea Rider” was opened in Tokyo Disney Sea’s Port Discovery from the 12th of May (Fri).

A digital program called “Finding Nemo & Friends” which can be played by using ones smartphone to search and find Nemo and his friends hiding in the park, started from the 31st of May (Wed).



How to play?


Hank, the octopus is the finder in the hide-and-seek game and the player of the game helps Hank find Nimo and his friends.

You just have to access http://tdrfun.jp/searider from your smartphone in order to participate in the game. There is no need to install a certain application.



The player has to find five “Swim Spots” in Tokyo Disney Sea noted on the map. There, the player can find the characters who appear in “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.”


What will happen if the player finds all the characters?



A wallpaper image for smartphones will be offered if one finds all the characters hiding in the park and an original sticker will be given at facilities inside the park on top of a special wallpaper image if one finds all the characters hiding in the five “Swim Spots.”


A time limited offer of characters is also available!

In addition to at the Swim Spots,” rare characters will appear for a limited time offer if you check-into this program inside the park. Check the site and find out which characters you can meet!

Let’s meet with characters you met in the ocean using your smartphone after experiencing the newly opened attraction, “Nemo & Friends Sea Rider.” Both adults and kids will surely be excited when your favorite character is found!



Finding Nemo & Friends

Start date: May 31st, 2017

Official site:http://tdrfun.jp/searider

Official site:http://tdrfun.jp/searider



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