The main desert of summer! “HALOHALO Suika” that tastes like and looks like water melon was released!

20.June.2017 | FOOD

Halo Halo Suika which every body loves was released from MINISTOP. The dessert expresses the flesh, coat and seeds of water melon.


MINISTOP has released “HALOHALO Suika” a sweet food item based on the image of watermelons which is often considered to be one of the most popular “summer foods” starting from the 16th of June (Fri) at all MINISTOPs throughout Japan.


 “HALOHALO” which is a popular MINISTOP food item, is a long selling product (23 years) sales beging in 1995. “HALOHALO Suika” which has been newly released this time is a HALOHALO that tastes and looks like watermelon. The product expresses the flesh, skin and seeds of watermelon and the looks of this sweet food item makes everyone happy.


The red jelly which looks like the flesh of watermelon contains the real flesh of watermelon and has an icy texture. The green syrup based on the image of the skin of the watermelon consists of watermelon juice to which Okinawan salt is added. The taste is both fresh and sweet at the same time. The product expresses watermelons in detail and is topped with cocoa cookie jelly representing the seeds of watermelon.

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The HALOHALO series includes “lemon pop,” “fruit annin” (Chinese jelly). “kuromitsu kinako” (Japanese black syrup and roasted soybean flour), “mitarashi dango,” (traditional Japanese sweet) and “Dodekamin” (a name of a drink). Let’s enjoy these summer-limited flavors.




Price: 320 yen (tax included)

Release date: The product will be released from June 16th, 2017 (Fri.) subsequently. ※The product will be released throughout Japan from June 23rd (Fri.)

MINISTOP official site:


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