Eve Releases ‘Dramaturgy’ Live Film to Celebrate Original Music Video Breaking 100 Million Views

09.July.2021 | MUSIC

In celebration of Eve’s Dramaturgy breaking 100 million views, a live music video of the song was released on his official YouTube channel.


Dramaturgy – Eve MV(Live Film ver.)

Dramaturgy is featured on Eve’s 2017 album Bunka and his second to hit 100 million views following Kaikai Kitan, the opening theme for the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.


Eve has over 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.1 billion views. He also enjoys 3.5 million listeners on Spotify every month.


  • Baki Hanma Ending Theme Music Video Released, Performed by GENERATIONS

    29.September.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Baki the Grappler is one of the most recognized manga series in recent history, serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from 1991 until 1999. A new 12-episode Netflix anime series Hanma Baki is set to release on September 30, and the ending theme Unchained World, performed by GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe, is now available to stream! 


    The music video for the track has also been uploaded to the group’s official YouTube channel and features an intense and fast-paced performance sure to have you on your feet! The song’s title and major theme revolve around being unbound, and that comes through in this manly and powerful vocal performance and freestyle choreography. 


    Unchained World Music Video


    The album jacket is incredible, featuring characters from the series and members of GENERATIONS illustrated in Baki Hanma style! 


    Will you be catching this new Baki the Grappler series on Netflix?

  • Girl Group Atarashii Gakko! Releases Music Video for Pineapple Kryptonite

    28.September.2021 | MUSIC

    The four members of Atarashii Gakko constantly generate buzz on the web for their wacky dance moves, crazy personalities, and hilarious TikTok uploads. The group has over 3 million followers on the app, and with their new track Pineapple Kryptonite streaming now, more fans are sure to flock to the ASOBISYSTEM gang. Also affiliated with 88rising, a U.S.-based label helping to promote Asian music globally, the official 88rising YouTube channel has now uploaded the music video for this catchy track. 


    Pineapple Kryptonite was produced by Money Mark, known as the best sound producer and melody maker in the alternative music world, having worked with the Beastie Boys for nearly 20 years. The song was created in Los Angeles, and with its addictive pop sound, it’s perfect for a new TikTok dance challenge. 


    The blockbuster music video depicts the girls fighting against invading aliens in the vast deserts of California. As to be expected, their choreography is on point, and the members attempted their own stunts for the first time. 


    Pineapple Kryptonite Music Video 


    The group will continue to promote their activities to an international audience, so be sure to keep an eye out for where they’ll appear next!


  • INTERSECTION’s Kaz Hits #1 on China Charts, MV Featuring Hikari Mitsushima Released

    23.September.2021 | MUSIC

    Chuang 2021, the Chinese version of the vocal audition show Produce 101, put vocalist Kaz (Kazuma Mitchell) on the map. A member of the boy band INTERSECTION, he’s been garnering massive attention for his sweet voice, good looks, and Harvard-grade intelligence. 


    The singer’s first EP, CODE LOVE, was released on September 13, 2021, and the music video for the track Drown feat. Hikari Mitsushima has also been uploaded to YouTube!


    Kazuma himself produced the track, and as the title would suggest, the song will have listeners drowning in emotion. Hikari Mitsushima makes an appearance, and the video itself was directed by Takeshi Maruyama, who also directed MONDO GROSSO’s Labyrinth. The video itself expertly captures the moment when two people fall in love. 


    Kaz – Drown feat. Hikari Mitsushima MV



    On the day of the video’s release, it received over 500,000 views on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo. CODE LOVE also ranked at #1 on the daily album ranking of NetEase, China’s major music streaming service, on release day. Upon the release of White Stallion, another song on the EP, Kaz set a NetEase record for most downloads for a Japanese artist.




  • Fictional Band INNOSENT in FORMAL Releases New Single and Music Video

    08.September.2021 | MUSIC

    After performing the ending theme songs for popular anime series Ikebukuro West Gate Park, fictional cartoon band INNOSENT in FORMAL exploded in popularity. Now, the group has released a music video for their digital single ‘my peaches feat. PES.’



    A smooth drum beat combined with catchy rap verses make it a perfect summer jam. The music video features vocalist Paul Smith and PES in a bit of a rap battle while driving through a blossoming, trippy landscape filled with ever-shifting graphics.


    How do you like the new track?



  • Multimedia Project aoppella Releases Music Video for ‘Come on up, Baby’

    06.September.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC / SPOT

    aoppella, a new vocal multimedia project from KLab, tells the story of eleven high school students discovering the art of a cappella. These students are voiced by famous voice actors, and on August 30, a new music video for the original song Come on up, Baby, was released on the project’s official YouTube channel.


    A special anniversary event is also scheduled to begin on September 4, marking six months since the project’s launch. An illustrated countdown is currently displayed on the official Twitter page.

    Come on up, Baby

    The track was written by Kanata Nakamura, composed by Ryo Takahashi, and arranged by zakbee. It’s sung by FYA’M, the a cappella club from Kanadezaka Private School.


    Prior to the release of the song, composer Ryo Takahashi commented “I aimed to create a song that could express to the audience how voices alone can convey such complexity, warmth and closeness. There’s something sexy about this, but also smooth–perfect for FYA’M.”


    With an R&B style and simple rhythm, the song tells the story of an adult romance. Listen for Daiki Hamano’s bass playing as Yui Nekoyashiki and Shugo Nakamura’s voice percussion as Fukami Shinkai.


    aoppella 6-month Anniversary Countdown Underway

    The aoppella music project was announced by KLab, a popular phone game company, on March 4, 2021. The group’s cover of J-pop medley Hakuga/Pretender (the tracks originally by King Gnu and Official Hige Dandism) was played over one million times in the first week of release. Since then, the group has continued to release original music, including their first album, and has started a web radio show.


    Don’t miss the special illustrations counting down to the half-year anniversary on September 4!


    Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/aoppella


    Atre Akihabara Pop-up Store

    Starting September 1, aoppella will be taking over Atre Akihabara, with the students appearing on the walls, life-size cutouts, and special in-store broadcasts. The special pop-up store will also sell goods featuring the students in their casual wear, available for the first time.



    Summer Casual Wear Acrylic Stand: ¥1,045 (Tax Included)

    SNS Style Acrylic Keyring (11 designs): ¥715 (Tax Included)

    Summer Casual Wear Mini Signboard (13 designs): ¥495 (Tax Included)

    Summer Casual Wear B3-size Poster (13 designs): ¥605 (Tax Included)

    Summer Casual Wear Pin (11 designs): ¥440 (Tax Included)

    Summer Casual Wear Folder (11 designs): ¥385 (Tax Included)

    Summer Casual Wear Acrylic Art Panel: ¥1,980 (Tax Included)




  • Eve’s New Song “Yuuseimushi” Chosen as Theme Song for Indie Anime Festival

    27.August.2021 | MUSIC

    Eve’s new song “Yuuseimushi” has been selected as the theme song for Japan’s first and biggest indie animation festival, Project Young., starting on August 21. “If you don’t give up on your dreams then fiction will become reality” is the concept of the event, offering support to those working hard to achieve their dream while helping people who had previously given up make a comeback. Project Young. encourages creators “to never give up what they love.”


     The lyrics of Eve’s Yuuseimushi talk about how “the road to your dream may not always be fun, it may be full of hardships and pain, but there will always be a beautiful feature waiting at the end of your journey,” perfectly suited to Project Young.’s ideals and philosophy.

    The song is currently unreleased and can only be listened to through the Project Young. commercial, so make sure to head over to their official homepage and give it a listen! 

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Releases Music Video for 10th Anniversary Track GENTENKAIHI

    27.August.2021 | MUSIC

    Last week, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu released her new single, GENTENKAIHI, on streaming services. The track marks 10 years since the singer’s major debut, and now, a fittingly trippy music video has been released to keep the excitement going!




    (c)Issei Nomura I.N.Art Pro.NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD.

    Starting on August 17, Kyary’s official YouTube channel began streaming 24 hours a day for an entire week, showing the singer running nonstop. The stream served as a countdown for the release of the GENTENKAIHI music video, and matched with the concept of the video: to “keep running.”


    For the past decade, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s work has continued to evolve, but the performer has also kept to her Harajuku roots. Using the video to express her desire to shake off this consistent image, Kyary is seen running away from an oversized ribbon, similar to one she usually wears on her head. Created for the music video, the ribbon is truly massive, measuring 2 meters long and 2.5 meters wide.


    Kyary had her own thoughts on the music video. “The ribbon represents my origins in the industry, and I’m running from it while also wearing a similar ribbon on my head. It was an incredibly hot day when we filmed, so the scene where I ran through the forest was really tough. We got some great shots though, so please, check it out!”


    The video itself was directed by N2B+peladone, a creative team known for their work with Creepy Nuts and Nogizaka46.


    If you haven’t seen it, go check out Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new video, and help celebrate her 10th anniversary!



  • RADWIMPS Release Music Video for New Song, ‘SUMMER DAZE’

    24.August.2021 | MUSIC

    The music video for RADWIMPS’ surprise new track SUMMER DAZE is now available on the rock band’s official YouTube channel. The SoundCloud link is also available.





    The inspiration behind the new track stemmed from the global depression that has carried over from 2020. Lead singer Yojiro Noda’s friend and creative director Kunichi Nomura hoped to create a summer anthem that would make people feel a little better. With such pure intentions, a number of other creative minds gathered to contribute to the project, including art director YOSHIROTTEN, photographer Tomoyuki Kawakami, and up-and-coming model NANAMI KEYES.




    SUMMER DAZE is a gift from RADWIMPS to everyone to enjoy during the summer of 2021, in the hopes that everyone can find some joy during this warm season.



    Comment from lead singer Yojiro Noda

    In 2020, music festivals were cancelled across the board. I was looking forward to 2021 and had such high hopes, even if it seemed as though things wouldn’t get better. I talked about this to my friend Kun-chan (Kunichi Nomura) about it.

    “It’s going to be another depressing summer, isn’t it? Let’s at least make a summer anthem that will make people feel just a LITTLE better when they hear it. Something that will make you feel like you can run anywhere, and just dance through everything. Let’s just condense all the dazzling things about summer into one song.”

    That’s how SUMMER DAZE came to be.

    As summer got closer, we gradually decided on the arrangement, and when we played it for our friends, they just started dancing. We started getting excited to make a music video, and as time went on, more and more creators wanted to join us. Everyone had to work during the day, and at night we’d have meetings and location scouting sessions. It was the first time for us to do everything on our own, including making the music, T-shirts, producing the video, jacket shooting…everything.

    Consider this a gift from us to you, everyone living through summer of 2021. It will be uploaded to SoundCloud and YouTube for free. We hope that you’ll be listening to it while you create some wonderful summer memories.

    Thanks again to YOSHIROTTEN, who took time out of his busy schedule to help us; to Kawakami, the cameraman; to Kasai, who worked tireless on the video; to Nanami, who ran full-speed through the streets at midnight; and, of course, thanks to Kun-chan.

    I wish everyone a bright summer.

  • MAN WITH A MISSION Perform My Hero Academia Opening Theme, MV Premieres On YouTube

    19.August.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The music video for MAN WITH A MISSION’s new single Merry-Go-Round will be premiering on their official YouTube channel at 18:00 on August 21.


    Premieres August 21, 18:00~


    The song is being used as the opening theme for the second cour of anime My Hero Academia’s 5th season, which is currently airing on YTV and NTV.

    Merry-Go-Round First Edition

    My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes was a huge hit, showing in 321 cinemas nationwide and overtaking all previous My Hero Academia box office records by exceeding ¥940 million in just four days.

    Merry-Go-Round Regular Edition

    The anime is extremely popular overseas, while MAN WITH A MISSION have been focusing both within Japan and abroad, adding to the excitement for the new single.


    It has been announced that on the day of the premiere, the members will be chatting with the fans in real-time. You can set a reminder to watch the stream using the official URL. If you’re a fan then don’t miss this!



  • Winning Group of SKY-HI Audition BE:FIRST Releases Pre-Debut Track

    19.August.2021 | MUSIC

    BE:FIRST, the 7-member boy’s group created from winners of SKY-HI’s 6-month “THE FIRST” audition, has released their pre-debut song titled Shining One. Initially, the song was performed at the final screening of the audition process. 


    The group is made up of members SOTA, SHUNTO, MANATO, RYUHEI, JUNON, RYOKI and LEO. Hip-hop group m-flo’s ☆Taku Takahashi, who initially produced the track, added some finishing touches to this official release. 


    The BE:FIRST version of Shining One hit #1 on iTunes, LINE Music, Rakuten Music, AWA’s trending list, mora, and mu-mo. The group credits the success of the track to a blend of incredible quality, creativity, and artistry. 


    The BE:FIRST version of the track and an accompanying music video were released on August 16. Performed against a white backdrop, the members perform impeccably, and the video has been a hot topic on social media since its release. Following their final audition, the members were tasked with learning a new dance in only 30 minutes, after which they were immediately filmed performing on stage. If you pay attention, you can see bits and pieces of this incredible choreography!



    BE:FIRST Shining One Music Video


    What do you think of this new group? 




  • WARPs UP Chinese Members Share Chinese Self-Cover of Fruits Basket Opening Theme

    18.August.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Japanese-Chinese boys collective WARPs UP’s Chinese members LANGYI and MINGJUN have started covering songs in Chinese. The project has started with a self-cover of Pleasure, the opening song for the Fruits Basket The Final anime that was announced in April.


    “You, yourself, can change the future, regardless of your destiny or environment” is the theme of the original song, which has been transformed into an acoustic version, centring around on the piano. The arrangement has been adjusted to add a summery vibe, allowing the listener to imagine a warm and bright future.


    The music video has been shot in a similar style to LANGYI’s WARPs UP Vocal Club cover in May, focusing on the two members singing into their microphones.

    The video reflects the original meaning of the song, filmed carefully to capture a midsummer feeling.


    The music video premieres on the WARPs UP YouTube channel on August 12, at 22:15.


    「Pleasure (LANGYI & MINGJUN ver.)」Music Video


    Pleasure (LANGYI & MINGJUN ver.) will be available on streaming sites from August 12th. The trilogy of acoustic covers being released this summer is made up of songs specially selected by the two Chinese members, covered in Chinese. The second and third songs are confirmed to be covers of hit songs that everybody will recognise.


  • BAND-MAID’s Kobato Miku Releases New Music Video for Solo Project cluppo

    13.August.2021 | MUSIC

    Following the sudden release of PEACE&LOVE under her new solo project cluppo on April 1, BAND-MAID member Kobato Miku (Gt.&Vo.) will be dropping her second single, Flapping Wings, on August 10th, 2021.

    BAND-MAID is known around the world for their cute maid cuteness and hard rock music. 

    In addition, PEACE&LOVE and Flapping Wings will be released as a double A-side single.


    Through her new project, Kobato Miku, creator of BAND-MAID, has created the new HIPPIE-POPPO genre of music, a sound that reinterprets the music of the 70’s. The genre is full of sweet and peaceful tunes, contrasting the heavy rock music of BAND-MAID.



    cluppo「Flapping wings」Music Video


    In response to requests from all around the world, her first single PEACE&LOVE will finally be available in CD format. The PEACE&LOVE/Flapping Wings CD will be available in limited quantities on cluppo’s official site.

    As a special bonus, customers will receive one of three limited edition A4 clear files. There will also be a release campaign throughout August, with lottery tickets included within each CD,  so make sure to get in there early! 



    In addition, to commemorate the release of Flapping Wings, cluppo will be holding a streaming service playback campaign. 

    All you need to do is listen to cluppo’s Flapping Wings on one of the designated streaming sites and share your thoughts on the song via Twitter. 10 lucky listeners will receive a handwritten cluppo calligraphy piece!

    LINE MUSIC users can enter a special draw to win one of eight cluppo posters by playing the song 810 times through the service and leaving comments of support, with one winner also receiving the ‘pigeon warning’ signpost that appears in the Flapping Wings music video. Each of these rare pieces would fit in perfectly with any fans’ collection.


    You won’t want to take your eyes off of Kobato Miku as she takes off, through both BAND-MAID and cluppo.