Mouth-Watering Shaved Ice Made From Natural Spring Water Available This Summer!

22.June.2017 | FOOD

AKOMEYA TOKYO, a lifestyle specialist shop and rice shop managed by The SAZABY LEAGUE, is now selling delicious, limited edition Natural Shaved Ice at their shop in Ginza. Made from the natural spring water of Nikkei, this refreshing treat is available in limited quantity until July 1st.


 The best thing about the quenching delight of AKOMEYA’s “Natural Shaved Ice” is how it gently and fluffily melts in your mouth. You can choose 2 of 5 of their original handmade syrups, all made with condensed milk, and pour on as much as you like.




Strawberry is the standard of shaved ice flavours and therefore a must-have in a shaved ice line-up. This authentic syrup has bits of strawberry and raspberry in it.


Azuki Bean, made in Hokkaido


This syrup is made with 100% azuki beans from the region of Hokkaido. Prepared by the most skilled of craftsmen, they cook the beans into a paste ready for this exquisite topping.


White Peach


The delicate sweetness is the icing on the cake of this flavour, which uses delectable white peaches grown in Japan. The white peach syrup truly boasts the mouth-watering temptation of natural shaved ice.


Sweet Sake Coconut Milk


The combination of the coconut milk and the non-sugar/non-alcoholic sweet sake, which is made of rice, captures that summer flavour.


Matcha, from Yamashina Tea Stall


This divine syrup is made of “Yamecha,” a type of green tea grown in Fukuoka. The Yamecha for the shaved ice comes from Yamashina Tea Stall who carefully select the most full-bodied and best tasting tea.


You may have tried Japan’s shaved ice before, but it can’t compare to the luxuriousness of “Natural Shaved Ice.” Stock is limited, so make sure you get a chance to try it this summer before it’s all gone!


Product Name: “Ten’nen Gori no Kaki Gori” (Natural Shaved Ice)

Price:           ¥1,300

              +Add a rice dumpling for¥100

           ※Listed price is the base price i.e. pre-tax.

Available:       Until July 1st, 2017

           ※Limited stock. Once all have been sold, the item will discontinue.

Shop:              AKOMEYA Chubo

          ※Available only at tea serving time @ 14:00-17:30 (last orders at 16:30)



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