Art works from throughout the world will be turned into animations. Goods related to the popular program “Biju Tune” will be sold at “Ginza Loft.”

24.June.2017 | SPOT

A “goods fare” of the program,“Biju Tune!” (NHK Educational TV) which introduces “art works” from throughout the world, will be held at Ginza Loft from the 23rd of June, 2017 (Fri.) to the 17th of July (Mon./holiday).

Canvas Art Panel Limited Patterns 04

Fujin Raijin Zubyobu Date no Happy Bag

Biju Tune! Art mini towel (¥600 tax excluded)

Many popular products including “Canvas Art Panel Limited Patterns” (2,000 yen, tax excluded) produced by Ryo Inoue who supervises the lyrics, song and the animation of the program and “Fujin Raijin Zubyobu Date no Happy Bag (2,000 yen, tax excluded) will be sold.


A decal will be handed out to persons who spend more than 1,000 yens worth of products (tax is not included) on a first-come-first-served basis. The types of decals differs depending on the time so let’s check it out.

  • “Amewa Aisuga Hito Nigeru” Distribution date: July 23rd (Fri.) to July 7th (Fri.)
  • “Benridawa Broad Way Boogie Woogie” Distribution date:July 8th (Sat.) to July 16th (Sun.)

※ Both items will be no longer available after they run out.


“Tyoju Giga Gym Fusyokufu Bag” will be handed out to persons who spend more than 2,000 yen (tax is not included). Please note that the quantity of this item is limited too.

Ryo Inoue’s signing and hand-shaking event will be held on July 8th (Sat.)! The venue will have a “Big Coloring-by-number Section” where anybody can enjoy coloring by numbers so it can be said that the event can be enjoyed by all your family members or friends.

Let’s enjoy the world of “Biju Tune!”


Date: June 23rd (Fri.) to July 17th (Mon./holiday)

Place: Ginza Loft 6F

【Signing and shaking hand event】

Date: July 8th (Sat.)

Time: 14:00/16:00

Numbered ticket distribution date: From June 23rd (Fri.)

※ 70 people can participate at each event

※ A numbered ticket will be handed out, one ticket per one transaction to persons who want to participate in the event and have spent more than 2,000 yens worth (tax is not included) on “Biju Tune” goods.

※ The signiture will be written on a post card which will be handed out at the venue or on your purchased Biju Tune goods (DVD, CD and books).


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