Osomatsusan × Kuso Suizokukan! “Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours” will be held this summer.

26.June.2017 | SPOT

おそ松さんと空想水族館がコラボ! 「おそ松さん×空想水族館 ほんもの水族館ツアーズ」が今夏開催
The popular TV animation “Osomatsusan” and the imaginary aquarium called “Kuso Suizokukan”(an aquarium full of imaginary sea creatures and animals) will collaborate and hold an exhibition tour titled,“Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours.”In this tour they will visit real aquariums throughout Japan. The events will be held in aquariums throughout Japan from July to September of this year.

The characters of “Kuso Suizokukan” take the six brothers on a short trip and teach them about the animals and take pictures together. In addition to Tokyo and Kyoto, events will be held in Miyagi, Kanagawa and Fukuoka!

Limited collaborative goods which was designed especially for the “Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours” will be sold at the venues. Cute items such as soft toys and can badges will be sold!

Why not come to one of the tour aquariums and meet the six brothers?

Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours

Venue and date:



Date: July 1st (Sat.) to July 14th (Fri.)

Venue: Sendai Umino Mori Suizokukan



July 8th (Sat.) to July 31st (Mon.)

Venue: Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise



Date: September 8th (Fri.) to 24th (Sun.)

Venue: Sunshine Suizokukan


Date: Not yet decided

Venue: Kyoto Suizokukan


 Date: Not yet decided

Venue: Marine World Umino Nakamichi

 ※ Date, venue and contents of the event will be announced subsequently

Osomatsu san×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours special web site


©Fujio Akatsuka/Osomatsusan Production Board ©Hatena no Tamago


  • Aqua World Oarai, Ibaraki is collaborating with the world’s favourite childish penguin Pingu. This summer, Pingu will feature in the special event: Penguin-tachi no fushigina sekai Pingu summer festival (Pingu summer festival: Enter the curious world of penguins). The event will run from July 13 to September 1.


    Located just a 1.5 hour bus/train ride away, Aqua World Oarai, Ibaraki is in easy reach from Tokyo. It takes just 1 hour 15 minutes to reach by car. 


    Pingu Photo Spots

    Enter the aquarium and you will find numerous Pingu-themed photo spots. Take a photo next to statues of Pingu and friends, or with an original design photo panel. This is the perfect place to create lots of good summer memories with your family or friends and take lots of fun pictures.


    Chat with Pingu

    You can also enjoy a fun conversation with Pingu by watching fun videos. Come play with the characters and enjoy their cute animations and unique voices. This venue is full of unique and fun experiences.


    Uchiwa Fan Stamp Rally (Weekday-limited)

    Explore the aquarium to locate the three stamp spots. There is a Pingu, Pinga and Robby stamp spot where you can collect your stamps to complete the picture on your uchiwa fan. Completing the picture on your fan will be as fun as completing a colouring book!

    Running: Weekdays (Not running between August 13 ー 16)

    ※ This event will finish early if all Uchiwa fans are given away before the end of the event. 


    Pingu Greeting

    Pingu will visit the aquarium himself, so enjoy interacting with him!

    Running: July 14, 15, 20, 21, 27, 28, August 3, 4 (8 days total).

    Times: 11 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, (lasts approx. 30 mins).

    Besides the above, there is so much Pingu-tastic fun to be had. Come create some special summer memories with Pingu at Aqua World Oarai, Ibaraki 



    © 2019 The Pygos Group / (C)MATTEL, NHK, NEP, PPI

  • During the summer holiday period between July and September, Aquamarine Fukushima is holding a range of events and supporting children to learn about marine life independently. Come join in the festival fun with goldfish scooping games, quoits, and much more. There will also be a fair from August 11 to 15. 

    Aquamarine Fukushima Rare Creatures Picture Book <Complete the pictures!>

    Dates: July 13 ー September 1

    Aquamarine Fukushima is displaying rare creatures and ecological systems. The children can write the name of the new creatures they discover in their own picture book. Once they have completed the picture book, it will be an original record of discoveries. As the children record the features of the animals and other organisms they discover, adults will also find this information beneficial when looking around the exhibitions. 


    How to take part: Pick up an application form at the entranceway on floor 1 of the aquarium main building (Honkan). The answers will all be distributed in one place. (Subject to change).


    Summer Aquamarine Fukushima: Children’s Answer Room

    Open: July 20 ー September 1 

    Here, all the answers to the children’s puzzles about Aquamarine life are presented in panels and explained in easy terms. Along with the picture book where the children can record interesting life forms, this is the perfect way to support independent exploration. 


    Goldfish scooping and Fun Fair

    You can purchase goldfish that were bred at the aquarium, or catch them yourself at the goldfish scooping area. There is also a games corner where you and your children can enjoy a range of fun activities such as quoits. 

    The goldfish building, which just opened last year, will be bringing back its 60cm-large Goldfish Nebuta lantern. To raise spirits during Japan’s O-bon lantern festival, the aquarium will be open for much longer so that a lantern event can be held in the evening. 


    Iwaki Traditional Vegetable Marché

    Open: August 17 ー 18 (11:00 ー 14:00)

    Head to the Aquamarine Aguri located outside Aquamarine Fukushima to purchase everyday vegetables as well as Japanese vegetables that have been grown through the cooperation of Iwaki farmers and Iwaki city. The traditional Iwaki marché sells mainly traditional summer vegetables such as okuimo potatoes, yardlong beans, beefsteak plants, kojiroi cucumbers, and much more. From local vegetables to healthy goods, everything is produced at Aquamarine Fukushima. 


    Iwaki Fireworks Festival 

    Enjoy the sight of fireworks soaring through the sky before your very eyes from the Aquarium grounds. This large-scale fireworks event will run until 9 pm on August 3.


    Running: August 11 ー 15 (8pm) . 

    ※ Last entries: Up to 1hr before closing time. 


    Come visit Aquamarine Fukushima for a perfect fun-filled day with the family!

  • Enoshima Aquarium’s Summer Decor Designed by VELVETA DESIGN’s Kimi Hasegawa

    24.June.2019 | SPOT

    Kimi Hasegawa is a representative of VELVETA DESIGN, an interior design company. She has been put in charge of producing the decor and design of Enoshima Aquarium’s upcoming summer event which is set to begin on July 13.

    Hikaru no Enosui – Sagami Bay Great Fish Tanks – Day

    Hikaru no Enosui – Ocean Encounters – Night

    The theme of this event is “light” which will be presented in two forms: Day, which will run through the morning and afternoon, and Night which will begin at 4:00pm. Expect to see glowing jellyfish decorations, art pieces entitled Lace Fish which will be dotted around the aquarium and showcase sea creatures made from lace, and more. Visitors will be pulled into a delicately crafted illuminated underwater world of wonder.

    The Lace Fish artwork will be lit up with a colourful show of vivid lights.

    During the Night slot, the wireless LED light system FreFlow® will be use to illuminate the aquarium.

    Visitors can also observe Sagami Bay and Enoshima from the Ocean Deck which is being refurbished for the event. Enjoy one of the glowing cocktails with someone special while gazing at the captivating nightscape of Enoshima.


    Experience an aquarium like never before this summer at Enoshima Aquarium.



  • Come see the new baby seal at Sunshine Aquarium! Aquarium turns to the public for name-choosing!

    13.May.2019 | SPOT

    A mummy and baby Baikal seal can be seen at Sunshine Aquarium, Tokyo from Wednesday 15th May! From the same day, the aquarium will be accepting suggestions for a cute name for the baby seal!

    Three weeks after birth, the baby seal started to lose its white baby fur. Now, its fur is completely ash grey! The baby has been weaned off milk and has started to eat fish, however, it is still craving all the attention! When the staff approach, the baby immediately starts to whine and quickly shuffles towards them. The staff stroke the baby’s belly and after looking up at the staff happily, the baby often falls asleep!

    The baby seal can be visited by the public from Wednesday 15th May and from the same day, the aquarium will start to take name suggestions from the public. The nickname will be announced on Thursday 13th June!

    There is also a chance for you to get your hands on original goods and postcards to celebrate! Please take this opportunity to view these extremely precious Baikal seals and think of a lovely name while you’re at it!


    After a month since birth, the baby will grow black fur and become an adult!

  • Enjoy a dolphin show and projection mapping at Maxell Aqua Park, Shinagawa!

    23.April.2019 | SPOT

    Maxell Aqua Park, Shinagawa will be running a special event called FLOWER AQUARIUM Directed BY NAKED ーBrand New Sea- from Saturday 27th April ー Sunday 7th July 2019.

     The main attraction of the event is the dolphin performances, which will be even more incredible as a new water fountain is going to be installed at the park. There will be different collaborations running during the day and night, creating an even more spectacular dolphin programme which crosses the boundaries of art!


    During the day, there will be a collaboration with female vocal group Little Glee Monster, whose powerful and beautiful vocals and harmonies are worthy of note. The dolphin show will really come alive with the power of their music! The nighttime version features a collaboration with one of Japan’s most creative companies called NAKED Inc., who will also be managing the water tank exhibition areas. Enjoy a show of multicoloured flowers blooming and sunlight glimmering through the trees with the 360-degree projection mapping show. The projection mapping is a fantastic representation of spring, and is further enhanced with the dolphins!


    There will also be an exhibition zone dedicated to the water tanks, artwork and colourful projection mapping area. Allow yourself to be completely surrounded by butterflyfish, fluttering like butterflies through the water. Spot the colourful light reflecting off the jellyfish which look like beautiful flowers. Enjoy the relaxing view of a countless number of flowers as the picturesque view of the beginning of summer unfolds.

    You can also grab a bite to eat at the cafe bar, which is serving up an original menu with a FLOWER AQUARIUM theme. Come enjoy a moment to yourself regardless of the weather. The cafe is indoors and is the perfect environment for you to enjoy the refreshing taste of the start of summer!

    Other event contents include a penguin performance and a jellyfish exhibition which also uses projection mapping over a large area! As we’re approaching the holidays, this is your chance to enjoy a magnificent world through the latest technology, so come on down to Maxell Aqua Park, Shinagawa!

  • Spend 24-Hours With Dolphins at Iki Iruka Park

    06.March.2019 | SPOT

    Iki Iruka Park in Nagasaki Prefecture is undergoing renovation and is set to reopen on April 25 with new facilities and programs.

    Iki Iruka Park first opened in 1995. Located in the city of Iki on the island of Iki, the park enjoys up to 20,000 visitors a year. Its reopening will see a new cafe space open where the park will be open from morning time, something rarely seen on the island of Iki. The cafe menu will include items never before served in Iki such as pancakes from VERY FANCY®―a shop in Tokyo―as well as açaí bowls using local fruits and more. There will also be food served with local produce such as Iki brand beef, seasonal ingredients and so on. In the future the park hopes to be open at dinner time too as well as serve alcohol such as the Iki shochu from the shochu brewery that opened last year.

    The new Iki Iruka Park will make full use of the surrounding natural environment for visitors to come into contact with the dolphins more, swim with them, and experience what it’s like to be a trainer amongst other activities. There will also be a special 1-night stays for 1 person where they get to spend 24 hours with the dolphins.

  • Mr. Osomatsu: The Movie Theme Song to be Performed by Dream Ami

    31.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    Dream Ami released the music video for their new song Good Goodbye which was released digitally first on January 30.

    The song will be used as the main theme for the upcoming anime film adaptation of Mr. Osomatsu set for release on March 15. The lyrics to the song were written by Ami herself.


    Dream Ami – “Good Goodbye” Music Video

    Dream Ami gave the following statement about the song: “We are very honoured to have the opportunity to perform the theme song for Mr. Osomatsu: The Movie. Mr. Osomatsu has many fans of all ages and genders. We were fired up to create a song that stays true to all of those people! I hope that the film and the song I sing will remain in the hearts of everyone!”


    Good Goodbye will be the kick off number at E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~, the upcoming first nationwide tour by E.G.family that Dream Ami will perform at.

  • Exhibition of Bizarre Creatures to be Held at Sunshine Aquarium in 2019

    15.December.2018 | SPOT

    Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro, Tokyo is set to host its third Hen na Ikimono Ten (‘Exhibition of Strange Living Creatures’) from March 30 to early July next year in collaboration with Ikuo Hayakawa, author of the best-selling book Hen na Ikimono. The first and second exhibitions brought in close to 200,000 people.


    The exhibition will feature a line-up of odd-looking animals with detailed audio commentaries from Ikuo Hayakawa himself to create an experience that will feel like you are immersed in the book.

    Some of the creatures on display include the Peters’ elephantnose fish which has a chin like that of an elephant’s trunk, the Armadillo girdled lizard which puts its tail in its mouth and rolls up into a ball when it feels threatened, and the spindly, spider-like arrow crab. More creatures are scheduled to be announced in the near future.

    If you’re a fan of weird and wacky wildlife then don’t miss out on this special exhibition.

  • Mr. Osomatsu Anime Film Adaptation Cast Photo & Post-Recording Comment Released

    07.December.2018 | ANIME&GAME

    An official post-recording statement along with a photo of the cast for the upcoming anime film adaptation of Mr. Osomatsu has been released. Additionally, in line with the DVD/Blu-ray box set release of season one of the original series, a “Mr. Osomatsu Election” is being held to celebrate the upcoming film.


    The film is an adaptation of Fujio Akatsuka’s famous comedy manga of the same name. The story follows the sextuplets as they go to a high school reunion.

    The post-recording statement that follows details the cast on set recording their lines and features insight into their nerves on recording as well as hilarious moments that ensued. Takahiro Sakurai who voices Osomatsu Matsuno added to the growing excitement of the movie with his comment, “The story was overwhelming, so much so that it would be fine to say, ‘Hey, Japan. This is Osomatsu.'”

    The “Mr. Osomatsu Election” asks fans to vote for their favourite episodes, secondary characters and quotes from the series. Votes are being accepted until December 31 at the official website and pop-up shops at Animate branches in Japan.

    Fans who vote will be sent an original smartphone wallpaper. Select voters will also have the chance to win a signed posted from the cast of the six siblings as well as a special set normally only available to journalists and those in the media.


    A special site has also opened featuring photos and videos from season one of Mr. Osomatsu. It also includes recommended episodes chosen by the cast.

    Post-Recording Report
    After recording tests for each part we moved onto the real recording without any fuss. Takahiro Sakurai (who voices Osomatsu Matsuno) sat down on the bench where the mark was [on the floor]. He felt fully in character as the eldest brother! During a break for the scene with an animal, there was discussion about how Sakurai is hated by animals. That really lightened the air on set. Before the main recording he even went to call the other cast members who weren’t present. He took the initiative, brought them all together and said ‘Let’s do this.’ He was even speaking to the sound director. He demonstrated an older brother attitude even on set.


    Yuichi Nakamura (who voices Karamatsu) responding to the other characters’ jokes was really impressive. Like when he played a nihilistic role with Yōji Ueda (who voices Dekapan), or when Aya Endo (who voices Totoko) was explaining why she’s cute, he laughed came back with “What the hell’s with this character?” The other cast members had fun with his words too. It brought a great atmosphere to the set. Another thing he said which brought bitter smiles to faces was during a singing scene. He said, “You’re really not very good.” But during the recording he was swinging his shoulders and singing! I felt Nakamura’s deep affection for Mr. Osomatsu!


    And Hiroshi Kamiya (who voices Choromatsu) gave it his all in the singing scene too! Before the main recording, he warmed the air by breaking out into song inside the booth where the other cast came back one by one. He hit a home run with his performance of the high schooler Choromatsu. He made the studio control room bust into laughter. And whenever a cast member had doubts with their voice recording he’d say, “No, no. You did great!” He had overwhelming consideration for those around him.


    It was Jun Fukuyama (who voices Ichimatsu) who said “Leeet’s do this!” when the main recording started. He fired everyone up with a lively voice, something which Ichimatsu doesn’t have. He was a real mood-maker, even the audio director said, “Looks like you’re all ready now!” He spoke kindly to his junior voice actors. He gazed intently at Nobuo Tobita (who voices Dayon) who effortlessly delivered a line for several minutes and who felt respect as an actor for how Fukuyama treats other people.


    Daisuke Ono (who voices Jūshimatsu) is the complete opposite of his character Jūshimatsu! He didn’t break concentration once in the lead up to the recording! But once it started, he changed completely, it was amazing! Even though until then he was reading the script with a serious look on his face, he became Jūshimatsu in an instant as he stood before the mic and made the other cast members burst out laughing with his lines. He showed his soft side too when offering his mic to Momoko Saitō (who voices Hatabō) who was in a pickle because her mic wasn’t picking her up.


    Miyu Irino (who voices Todomatsu) was grinning at Jūshimatsu too as always. He gave everyone motivation, saying “That was excellent!” to the cast when they were saying lines for the comical parts of the story. Irino’s angered performance of Todomatsu who will all of a sudden reach boiling point was spectacular. People were looking at him enviously! Not only that, he backed up Kenichi Suzumura (who voices Iyami) too and set off fireworks with Sachi Kokuryu (who voices Chibita) when asking “Which of these mics should I speak into?” I felt his heartfelt consideration as an actor seeing him communicating with everyone for the dubbing.


    That’s how the recording went – politely and smoothly. It was a long recording session as one would expect from a movie, but nobody broke concentration, and we got it done. Please see the story unfold for yourself in the complete film which the cast gave their complete devotion to!


    The film will be released in Japanese theaters on March 15, 2019

  • Mr. Osomatsu Anime Film Adaptation Trailer and Visuals Released

    02.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME

    It has been announced that the Mr. Osomatsu movie will hit Japanese theatres on March 15, 2019. A new trailer has been released as have two new visuals that feature the 6 brothers in their school uniforms and grown up respectively.

    The film is an adaptation of Fujio Akatsuka’s famous comedy manga of the same name. The story follows the sextuplets as they go to a high school reunion.

    In the newly-released trailer we see the brothers at the class reunion with their old high school classmates who have matured into real adults. Seeing this, the brothers start to feel down and go home to drink until they fall asleep, but when they wake up they are met with a certain scene. The video features narration by Toshio Furukawa whose voice will be familiar to fans of Mr. Osomatsu.

    The two teaser visuals feature artwork by character designer Naoyuki Asano: one of the brothers today sat in the twilight of a classroom and another of them walking along the beach as high school students. Both illustrations have a melancholic tone to them with the evening light and tagline that reads, “When will we become adults?”

    Advance tickets will be available at Japanese theatres featuring illustrations of the siblings in their school uniforms. Those who buy an advance ticket will receive one of the above six pin badges.


    Stay tuned for any more news on the movie in the coming months as we learn more and more about the story.

  • Fantastical Aquarium Arriving to Kyocera Dome Osaka on July 28

    27.July.2018 | SPOT

    An aquarium themed event is making its way to Sky Hall of Kyocera Dome Osaka’s Sky Hall on July 28 and will run to August 26 during which people can enjoy watching a captivating show of fish inside lit-up tanks.

    Expect to see goldfish as well as a range of freshwater fish like the Japanese rice fish. Photography is also allowed so you can take plenty of great photos in the magical, vibrant worlds of the fish.

    The Sketch Aquarium which was popular last year is making a reappearance in the form of a huge 10 meter screen. There will also be an insect corner with rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles which are popular with Japanese kids.

    Experience a wondrous artistic world created by a variety of fish species.



    Aquarium in Kyocera Dome Osaka Sky Hall

    Running: July 28, 2018 – August 26 ,2018

    Time: 11:00am-7:00pm (Last Entries 6:30pm)

    Location Sky Hall, Kyocera Dome Osaka 9F (3-2-1 Chiyozaki, Nishi-ku, Osaka)

    TEL: 06-6586-0106 (9:00am-6:00pm)

    Tickets: Available same-day only

    Entry Price: Adults ¥600 / Children ¥400

    *Those aged 3 and under permitted free entry. One child per adult.

    *Paper for the Sketch Aquarium costs ¥100.


    Website: http://aqua-kyocera.com/

  • 360° Digital Fireworks to Light Up Summer at Maxell Aqua Park in Shinagawa

    29.June.2018 | SPOT

    Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is inviting summer in with HaNaBi aquarium by NAKED, an event that will run from July 1st to September 9th with lots of fun things to enjoy including fireworks in the aquarium, goldfish catching, festive paper lanterns, music and more.

    Dancing Fireworks

    Projection mapping will be used to decorate the aquarium entrance with countless stars. Touching the walls that enclose the water tanks offers an interactive experience where fireworks will appear wherever you touch.

    Goldfish Fireworks

    Fireworks will twinkle above the tanks where the goldfish swim, and colourful paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling will glow, giving a Japanese summer vibe.

    Umbrella Fireworks

    There will be a cafe and bar covered in beautiful and magical umbrella fireworks that shine in the dark. There will be special drinks available for the event. Upon ordering a drink at the bar, one of three random firework displays will show.

    Digital Fireworks & Nighttime Dolphin Performance

    The dolphin performance will combine the dynamic sounds of taiko drums and fireworks to evoke that feeling of festivity. Enjoy a collaboration between dolphins and digital fireworks.

    July 1 – August 10 @ 7:30pm / 8:30pm

    August 11 – August 15 @ 7:00pm / 8:00pm / 9:00pm

    August 16 – September 9 @ 7:30pm / 8:30pm


    The contents of this year’s event have one upped to elevate that Japanese summer festival atmosphere. Enjoy a seat in the 360° stadium to witness a summer experience available nowhere else but at Aqua Park.

    Head to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa to witness the latest in innovative technology and entertainment.



    HaNaBi aquarium BY NAKED

    Location: Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

    Address: Inside Shingawa Prince Hotel, 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato, Tokyo

    Running: July 1, 2018 – September 9, 2018

    *The opening hours are subject to sudden change without notice. There may also be days where general guests cannot enter due to reservations.

    Price: Adults (16+) ¥2,200 / Children (7-15) ¥1,200 / Toddlers (4 and below) ¥700

    Official Website: http://www.aqua-park.jp/aqua/index.html