Osomatsusan × Kuso Suizokukan! “Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours” will be held this summer.

26.June.2017 | SPOT

おそ松さんと空想水族館がコラボ! 「おそ松さん×空想水族館 ほんもの水族館ツアーズ」が今夏開催
The popular TV animation “Osomatsusan” and the imaginary aquarium called “Kuso Suizokukan”(an aquarium full of imaginary sea creatures and animals) will collaborate and hold an exhibition tour titled,“Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours.”In this tour they will visit real aquariums throughout Japan. The events will be held in aquariums throughout Japan from July to September of this year.

The characters of “Kuso Suizokukan” take the six brothers on a short trip and teach them about the animals and take pictures together. In addition to Tokyo and Kyoto, events will be held in Miyagi, Kanagawa and Fukuoka!

Limited collaborative goods which was designed especially for the “Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours” will be sold at the venues. Cute items such as soft toys and can badges will be sold!

Why not come to one of the tour aquariums and meet the six brothers?

Osomatsusan×Kuso Suizokukan Honmono Suizokukan Tours

Venue and date:



Date: July 1st (Sat.) to July 14th (Fri.)

Venue: Sendai Umino Mori Suizokukan



July 8th (Sat.) to July 31st (Mon.)

Venue: Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise



Date: September 8th (Fri.) to 24th (Sun.)

Venue: Sunshine Suizokukan


Date: Not yet decided

Venue: Kyoto Suizokukan


 Date: Not yet decided

Venue: Marine World Umino Nakamichi

 ※ Date, venue and contents of the event will be announced subsequently

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