Limited Edition “Lipovitan-D×Dragon Ball” Collaborative Bottle Designs on Sale!

31.July.2017 | FOOD

Lipovitan is a type of energy drink manufactured by Taisho Pharmaceutical. As a special collaboration, the company has teamed up with the popular anime series “Dragon Ball” to release the first ever limited edition Lipovitan-D drink. Lipovitan-D will be available in bottles featuring 5 different Dragon Ball designs. Sales will begin on August 1st and the bottles will be limited in stock. You’ll find them at Lawson, FamilyMart, Circle K Sunkus, NewDays, Seico Mart, and via the Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct Online Shop.


Characters drawn for the campaign include none other than Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Android 18 and Frieza, names that any fan will be familiar with. The bottles also feature popular lines from the series, including Goku saying “I’m getting excited” and Frieza’s description of his power level being 530,000.


But the details in the bottle design don’t stop there. If you flip the bottle around you will see Goku performing a Kamehameha into the bar code. The energy beam is also hitting a QR code, which if you scan will take you to the Lipovitan Point Charge Station. 55,000 lucky people also have the chance to win a prize in the “Lipovitan GO!GO! Campaign, so enter the number behind the seal and rack up your points.


There is also a separate sales promotion fair for Lipovitan-D being held at select drug stores and supermarkets where fans can get their hands on must-have original merchandise including one of 12 different limited edition coasters with quotes on them. And if you line up two coasters of the same colour, they will join to reveal Zarama, the dragon god who created the Super Dragon Balls.

You can also get your hands on a set of original ice cube trays in the design of Frieza and the dragon balls. Perfect to cool down this summer! There’s plenty of limited edition goodies to look forward to!


When you want to give something your all and want to be in tip top shape when you do it, then get pick yourself up some Dragon Ball Lipovitan-D!



“Lipovitan-D×Dragon Ball Limited Edition Design Bottle” (5 types)

Price: ¥146 (one 100ml bottle) / ¥1,500 (ten 100ml bottles) – pre-tax price

On Sale August 1, 2017

Available: Lawson, FamilyMart, Circle K Sunkus, NewDays, Seico Mart, Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct Online Shop


Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct Online Shop:


Campaign Website:


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