LiSA Holds Release Event in Kawasaki for New Song “Datte Atashi no Hero”

08.August.2017 | MUSIC

LiSA released her 12th single “Datte Atashi no Hero” on August 2nd, a song that is used as the ending theme for the NTV television anime series “My Hero Academia.” To promote the release, LiSA held a mini concert on August 6th on the 2F grand stage at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, a shopping mall adjoining Kawasaki Station.


The new song topped the Oricon Daily Charts: on the day of release it ranked 9th, on August 3rd it ranked 7th, on August 4th it ranked 6th, and on August 5th it ranked 8th.


On the day of the release event, there was fear of a typhoon turning up to the scene, but luckily the weather turned out to be pleasant. Fans waited in anticipation for the popular J-pop artist to make her entrance. At 13:45, LiSA appeared on stage just before the concert for rehearsal. Upon seeing this, the audience went into a frenzy, and LiSA turned the excitement to max as she declared, “Look forward to the real thing!”


And when the clock struck 14:00, the real show began.


During her concerts at big arenas and halls LiSA usually has a backing band beside her, but for this release event she performed an acoustic set along with a single guitarist. So that the crowd could really get into the set, LiSA began the mini concert with “Ashiato Compass,” a song where both she and the fans can gesture along to.


The weather was way above 30°, but the show was about to get even hotter. LiSA performed an acoustic version of “sweet friendship,” the coupling song of the new single, for the very first time. As the crowd immersed themselves in the wistful melody and lyrics of the song, the support guitarist stepped down off the stage, and as if to say “can you all still keep going?,” began singing this week’s newly released single “Datte Atashi no Hero,” stirring up the fans.


The show reached its climax as LiSA performed this summer’s biggest rock fight song to Lazona Kawasaki, with the crowd chanting along to part of the song with her.


Just when the fans thought the mini concert was over after LiSA performed the main song, she surprised everybody by going on to perform “Catch the Moment,” which was released earlier this year in February and can be said to be the stand-out song synonymous with LiSA this year. With the set wrapped up after 4 songs, LiSA left with a beaming smile on her face, exclaiming her trademark phrase “Another great day today!” (translated from “今日もいい日だっ!”)


The release event was a huge success, with all 1,000 prepared copies of LiSA’s new single “Datte Atashi no Hero” selling out. Despite only just finishing up an arena tour, with 4 performances across 3 locations to 50,000 people, LiSA’s s summer schedule is packed with performances at rock festivals inside and outside Japan. Her summer festive parade will begin wrapping up in September when she will embark on a hall tour to 13 locations around Japan.


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Photos by Hiroaki Aizawa



・LiSA 12th Single – “Datte Atashi no Hero”

【First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD)】Price: 1,600 + tax [VVCL-1067~1068]

【Regular Edition (CD)】Price: ¥1,200 + tax [VVCL-1069]

【Limited Pressing Edition (CD)】Price: ¥ 1,300 [VVCL-1070]


LiVE is Smile Always ~LiTTLE DEViL PARADE~ “Soshite Parade wa Tsuzuku”

・September 24th @ Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi (Miyagi Prefecture)

・September 30th @ Hokuto Community Hall, Dai Hall

・October 1st @ Honda no Mori Hall (Ishikawa Prefecture)

・October 7th @ Nagaragawa Convention Center (Gifu Prefecture)

・October 9th @ Shizuoka City Shimizu Cultural Center (Shizuoka Prefecture)

・October 15th @ Kawasaki Sports & Bunka Sougou Center (Kanagawa Prefecture)

・October 21st @ Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Dai Hall

・October 28th @ Tochigi Prefectural Cultural Center

・November 3rd @ Sunport Hall Takamatsu (Kagawa Prefecture)

・November 9th @ Nakano Sun Plaza Hall (Tokyo)

・November 18th @ Hiroshima City Cultural Exchange Hall (Hiroshima Prefecture)

・November 19th @ Fukuoka Sun Palace (Fukuoka Prefecture)

・November 24th @ Wakwak Holiday Hall (Hokkaido)


LiSA Official Website:


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  • LiSA to Digitally Release Anime Version of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening Theme ‘Gurenge’

    10.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    LiSA’s new song Gurenge is used as the opening theme for the TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The full song was released digitally on April 22 with a CD version announced for July 3. It has now been revealed that the anime edit version of the track, which will be included with Limited Pressing Edition copies of the single, will also receive a digital release.

    The decision to release the TV edit version of the track came after demand from anime fans who wanted both the full and short versions. The anime’s ending theme from the edge by FictionJuncation feat. LiSA will also be released digitally on June 30 at midnight (JST).

    Pre-orders for the digital version of the single will begin on June 22. It will feature 5 songs including Gurenge as well as the TV edit and an instrumental version.

    LiSA is set to embark on a tour in Japan tour beginning on the same day as the single’s release The title of the tour is “LiVE is Smile Always ~Gurenge~”.


    ©Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha・Aniplex・ufotable

  • Lisa Releases Music Video Clip of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening Theme ‘Gurenge’

    01.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    LiSA’s new song Gurenge is the opening theme for the ongoing TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The song was released digitally on April 22 and topped Japan’s digital charts.


    It was announced in early May that the song will be released on CD as a single on July 3. A snippet of the music video which is coupled with Limited Edition copies of the single was posted on LiSA’s YouTube channel.


    Gurenge -MUSiC CLiP YouTube EDiT ver.-

    The music video is simple yet beautiful and features LiSA dancing alongside two demons.

    First Press Limited Edition CD Cover

    The full version of the music video is included on the DVD that comes with Limited Edition copies of the single.

    Regular Edition CD Cover

    Limited Pressing Edition CD Cover

    The single will be released in three versions, each with different CD covers. Limited Pressing Edition copies feature an illustration of the anime’s protagonist Tanjirou Kamado.

    LiSA is set to embark on a long Japan tour beginning in July. Full details can be found on her official website.

  • Concert Review: LiSA, GARNiDELiA, ReoNa & More Perform at SACRA MUSIC’s Music Festival

    22.May.2019 | MUSIC

    SACRA MUSIC―a music label under Sony Music Labels―held a music event entitled SACRA MUSIC FES.2019 -NEW GENERATION- at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on Saturday May 18 and Sunday May 19. This non-stop live show housed a 360° stage in the centre of the venue on which artists signed to the label dazzled a total of 12,000 fans across the weekend.

    This was the first live event of its kind by SACRA MUSIC. The show’s subtitle “New Generation” refers to artists both signed to the label and the new generation of artists leading the music scene into the future. The line-up feature a diverse array of talent and genres spanning voice actors to rock bands, idols, virtual YouTubers and more.

    The line-up for both days included ASCA, Ayano Mashiro, =LOVE, Luna Kaguya, GARNiDELiA, ClariS, Soma Saito, SawanoHiroyuki[nZk], Sangatsu no Phantasia, Spira Spica, TrySail, halca, PENGUIN RESEARCH, and ReoNa. A live band of skilled musicians dubbed the “SACRA BAND” also took to the stage to aid in performing various hits songs and anime songs. Virtual YouTuber Luna Kaguya performed as an opener, and EGOIST also made a surprise performance on screen, fusing the 2D world with the 3D world.

    Several special collaborations also took place throughout the festival where artists banded together to perform covers as well as perform each others’ songs. This included ClariS x TrySail, Mikiha (Spira Spica) x halca, Soma Saito x Yoji Ikuta & Shota Horie (PENGUIN RESEARCH), GARNiDELiA x Ayano Mashiro, and ASCA x ReoNa.

    At the end of the first night, Eir Aoi appeared as a secret guest to perform three songs including her first single Ryuusei. At the end of the second night, LiSA was the secret guest, who performed several songs including her latest number Gurenge. The two also came together to sing each of their respective hits IGNITE and Rising Hope.

    A teaser video was also shown for two new SACRA MUSIC projects titled BATON=RELAY and Tenka Soul. The concerts are only set to continue growing bigger and better.

  • LiSA Sings Her Heart Out in New Kirin Lemon Commercial

    10.May.2019 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Kirin Lemon is a long-selling carbonated drink brand that celebrated its 90th anniversary last year. Kirin Brewery, the company that created the drink, changed the can design and flavour on April 9 this year. Last year they also carried out the “KIRIN LEMON Tribute” to hugely positive reception, and this year, the brewery is bringing it back.


    The first entry to the tribute was a commercial which featured appearances from model and actress Yui Sakuma and 22-year-old musician Miyakawa-kun. The video enjoyed over 1.5 million views in the first month of being posted and also earned huge views in Twitter’s 2019 Promoted Trends posts.

    The next commercial has finally been released and includes appearancs from young actor Ryota Bando.

    Popular Japanese pop-rock singer LiSA lends her powerful voice to the commercial and makes her own appearance. This second commercial links in with the story in the first.


    Interview: LiSA on KIRIN LEMON Tribute

    ——-How did the video shoot go?
    LiSA: The location I was filmed for this commercial was a school classroom. Seeing all the desks lined up, the blackboard and the curtain swaying in the wind filled me with a huge sense of nostalgia.


    ——-Tell us about your outfit.
    LiSA: The clothes had a different image from what I normally wear, but they felt like something a grown-up would wear and had this invigorating quality to them just like Kirin Lemon!


    ——-Tell us something that happened to you while shooting.
    LiSA: The shoot took place earlier than the actual recording, so I had to memorise the lyrics while we filmed so I wouldn’t forget them. It’s the first time I’d experienced that.


    ——-What are your thoughts on this collaboration?
    LiSA: I’ve heard the Kirin Lemon melody many times since being a child, so it was an honour to get to be the one to sing it!

  • LiSA Announces CD Release Of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening Theme ‘Gurenge’

    02.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The anime adaptation of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba began airing last month. The opening theme song Gurenge is performed by LiSA who is also featured in the ending theme from the edge by FictionJunction.


    LiSA digitally released her new song Gurenge on April 22 across major digital music platforms. The song made it into 38 separate Daily Single charts.


    The pop-rock singer just performed in front of 26,000 fans across two days at Yokohama Arena on April 29 and 30. She performed Gurenge for the first time ever on the first night which enjoyed sold-out tickets.


    The moment the performance of the successful track began playing there was an uproar of excitement throughout Yokohama Arena. The song has a Japanese-like melody to it with lyrics that combine both the world of the anime series with a message from LiSA as an artist. The audience never doused their fire once for the duration of the song.


    Gurenge will be released on CD as a single on July 3. It will come in three editions: an anime edition, first press limited edition, and regular edition. The anime edition cover features Demon Slayer artwork while the other two have photos of LiSA.


    ©Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha・Aniplex・ufotable

  • LiSA Digitally Release Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening Theme ‘Gurenge’

    23.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The full version of LiSA’s new song Gurenge which is the opening theme for the ongoing TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been released digitally.

    The lyrics to the upbeat rock number were written by LiSA herself. She read the manga when coming up with the lyrics which led her to combine her artistic world with the world of the series. The song was composed by Kayoko Kusano and arranged by Ryo Eguchi.


    It has also been announced that live footage from and a documentary covering LiSA’s Asia tour last summer will be released on DVD and Blu-ray May 15. Titled LiVE is Smile Always ~ASiA TOUR 2018~[eN + core] LiVE & DOCUMENT, fans who pre-order this release at one of LiSA’s concerts will receive a replica of a staff pass. Those who purchase it at select stores will receive a sheet of original stickers.

  • SACRA MUSIC to Release Live Footage of LiSA, Eir Aoi & TrySail

    17.April.2019 | MUSIC

    SACRA MUSIC is a music label under Sony Music Group that is known for managing a multitude of hit artists who have had tie-ins with many different anime series.

    Eir Aoi

    LiSA, Eir Aoi and TrySail are three artists under SACRA MUSIC. The label has announced that from April 17 it will make available live footage of the three artists digitally across a period of 4 weeks.


    Footage includes solo shows at huge venues such as Nippon Budokan and Pacifico Yokohama. All three of the artists have been praised highly for their live performances.



    New footage will be released at midnight (JST) every week on the following dates: April 17, April 24, May 1 and May 8.


    Look forward to hearing over 80 live songs over the next 4 weeks!

  • LiSA to Perform TV Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening & Ending Theme

    15.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    LiSA’s new song Gurenge (“Red Lotus”) is currently being used as the opening theme for the ongoing TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba which began airing on April 6.


    To fans’ surprise, LiSA is also performing the show’s ending theme song from the edge written by Yuki Kajiura under her pseudonym FictionJunction. The song debuted during episode 2.

    Speaking about the collaboration, LiSA comments: “Not only have I been given the chance to perform the opening theme Gurenge for the TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as LiSA, I also get to perform the ending theme from the edge under FictionJunction feat. LiSA. Working on music together with Yuki Kajiura has been nerve-racking, but I made sure to sing my heart out. I would be overjoyed if people totally enjoy the world that the series has to offer every week, from start to finish.


    ©Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha・Aniplex・ufotable

  • LiSA Releases ‘Believe in ourselves’ Music Video

    13.April.2019 | MUSIC / Uncategorized

    LiSA is set to release her DVD and Blu-ray LiVE is Smile Always ~ASiA TOUR 2018~[eN + core] LiVE & DOCUMENT on May 15, 2019 which features live and documentary footage taken from two of LiSA’s tours which were held in support of her greatest hits albums LiSA BEST -Day- and LiSA BEST -Way-.


    The DVD and Blu-ray also features a music video for Believe in ourselves. LiSA has released a short version of the video on YouTube as well as the full version on iTunes.

    The music video contains footage taken from her Asia tour and promotes LiSA’s positive world of “Live,” “Life” and “Laugh.”


  • LiSA’s 2018 Asia Tour to be Released on Blu-ray & DVD

    12.April.2019 | MUSIC

    The full information and front cover jacket have been released for the LiSA’s upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release LiVE is Smile Always ~ASiA TOUR 2018~[eN + core] LiVE & DOCUMENT.

    The DVD and Blu-ray features live and documentary footage taken from two of LiSA’s tours which were held in support of her greatest hits albums LiSA BEST -Day- and LiSA BEST -Way-. This includes LiVE is Smile Always~ASiA TOUR 2018~[eN] which took her to perform for 60,000 fans across Asia from June to August last year and LiVE is Smile Always~ASiA TOUR 2018~[core] during which she played for 27,000 fans in Japan from October last year to January this year.


    It also includes the music video for Believe in ourselves which compiles footage from across the tour.

    Limited pressing editions come in a special box containing a 100-page photo book and hand towel.

    It also includes a 14-track CD featuring live recordings from the tour. Fans won’t want to miss getting their hands on a limited pressing edition which weighs 800g, comes with 200 minutes of footage and 100 pages of photos.

  • Brand new anime Kimetsu no Yaiba to be released in April and LiSA will sing the opening theme song!

    20.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Starting from Japan’s famous arena Budokan and Osaka-jō Hall last year in summer, Japanese singer/songwriter LiSA embarked on an arena tour that hit five Asian cities, a Japan hall tour and a live house tour. On the last two days of the Heisei period; Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April, she will perform a one-man-live at Yokohama Arena to celebrate spring!

    LiSa has been put in charge of the new opening theme song for the brand new anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. This popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga has sold more than 3.5 million copies and is now going to be turned into an anime to be broadcasted from April!


    The world premiere of “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Keimai no Kizuna (The Siblings’ Bond)was shown at Shinjuku Wald 9, Tokyo on Tuesday 19th March 2019. After the showing, the cast took to the podium to give speeches and address the viewers. This is the quickest a manga has ever been turned into an anime and has ever celebrated a world premiere. Before being broadcasted on TV, there will be a special showing of a film consisting of episodes one to five. When on stage, the cast members announced lots of new information about the key visuals of the anime. One key piece of information that was announced was the LiSA would be in charge of the opening theme song!


    LiSA will perform the opening theme song for the first ever time live at Anime Japan 2019. This will be held on 24th March at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, which is the largest convention and exhibition centre in Japan. She will be performing from 13:30 to 14:05 at OASIS GREEN stage, which will be a special stage dedicated to Keimai no Kizuna. You can also catch the new promotion video which uses LiSA’s song at Anime Japan too!


    A statement by LiSA

    I am LiSa; the singer who was put in charge of the anime opening for Kimetsu no Yaiba. No matter what hardships fall upon him, the main character Tanjirou Kamado never gives up on his future dreams. I used the strength from this character to sing. This anime has inspired yet a new life. I am just as excited about the release of the anime as everyone else. Please look forward to the release of the anime and the opening theme song too. If you do, I will be very happy!


  • LiSA’s Talk Event For New Song: “I wanted to sing a difficult song with style”

    18.December.2018 | MUSIC

    LiSA released her long-awaited double A-side single Akai Wana (who loves it?) / ADAMAS on December 12. To promote the record the singer held two talk events: one in Tokyo on December 15 and one in Osaka on December 16.

    Two special guests were invited to the Tokyo talk event: Tomoya Tabuchi (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN) who wrote and composed Akai Wana (who loves it?) and Shouta Horie (PENGUIN RESEARCH) who arranged it. The three of them discussed what it was like recording the track.

    LiSA commented, “I wanted to sing a difficult song with style.” Tabuchi replied, “I knew I wanted her to sing a song that only she could sing, one that nobody else could copy. I think we exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

    At the Osaka event, Kayoko appeared as a special guest, who composed ADAMAS, and Shouta Horie once more who again arranged the track.

    Kayoko commented, “LiSA is an artist who has gotten stronger with each release. I knew I wanted to write a song that expresses her powerful femininity.” To this, LiSA replied, “This song isn’t just about me. It’s about bringing all of you to the next [chapter] with me. All three of us by chance had a common understanding of Joan of Arc, the woman led the way and risked her life to fight.” Horie followed up with, “We were writing the song all the way up to the deadline.”

    ADAMAS is currently the No. 1 song on Oricon’s Daily Digital Single Rankings as well as 23 other platforms including iTunes, a record for LiSA. Be sure to check out the official music clip for the song.