MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 A wrap to a total of four successful events in Europe and the U.S.

20.August.2015 | FASHION

As part of the “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Project,” aiming to deliver Japanese pop culture to the world, “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” took place in a total of four cities in the months of July and August.



MOSHI FES first took part in “JAPAN EXPO 2015,” Europe’s largest expo exhibiting Japanese culture, in Paris, France from Jul. 2 (Thurs.) – 5 (Sun.). A “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON area” was set up at the said event. The booth provided an all round fulfilling experience for all J-pop culture fans with kawaii products lined up for purchase, an opportunity to try out a variety of cosplay outfits, and a polaroid photo shoot/meet-and-greet with popular model, Saki Sato and POCHI, who has also been attracting attention in the J-DJ scene. The “Get your name in KANJI” also displayed popularity, where foreigners could have their names written in Kanji with a fude (writing brush).



MOSHI FES made their next appearance at the London-held “HYPER JAPAN” from Jul. 10 (Fri.) – 12 (Sun.) “HYPER JAPAN” is the second largest expo exhibiting Japanese culture, following “JAPAN EXPO.” Here, we found a lot of our fans from both in and out of London having a great time at the photo shoot with Zipper model YuRi, and fans enjoying trying out a range of cosplay outfits – the booth also allowed fans to shoot polaroid pictures for free, and provided fans with MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON-selected items.



Come August, “MOSHI FES” took their stage to the U.S. of A! Heading out to Magic Box located in Los Angeles, MOSHI FES took place on the weekend of Aug. 1st. We witnessed an endless wave of fans come in and out of the “Pure” booth, which displayed a collection of cosplay outfits they could try on and get pictures taken of. A fashion show took place on the mini stage with AMIAYA, Ayumi Seto, YuRi, and Hiko Achiha strutting up and down the catwalk. Fans crowded around stage to sneak a look of their favorite models. There were a total of 5,000 J-pop culture fans that gathered at the LA rendition of MOSHI FES.



On Aug. 8th (Sat.) and 9th (Sun.), MOSHI FES participated in San Francisco-held “J-POP SUMMIT 2015.” The booth had a LIVE DAM stage open to anyone for a free mini karaoke session. Fans crowded the stage with eager singers anticipating their turn, creating an endless flow of people in and out of the booth. In line with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries’ PR event, the booth provided samples of “Onigirazu (a new and creative take on the original “onigiri” rice ball) where curious foodies came to get a taste. The stage was as eventful as ever with Musubism performing their first overseas performance followed by Anna Yano and AMIAYA’s performance and finally wrapping it up with a fashion show starring Ayumi Seto and many others. Sharing an exciting look into Japan’s pop culture with a total 32,000 fans who attended the event called it for a wrap to a successful string of MOSHI FES events.



“MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” will be held in Singapore this September, followed by events in Paris, France and London, U.K. in October, and finally in Tokyo, Japan in November.


■Details on upcoming ”MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” events


Dates:Sept. 5(Sat)-6(Sun)


Venue:*SCAPE The Ground Theatre / *SCAPE Playspace

Ticket information:



Sept. 6(Sun)Yanaginagi / kz(livetune) feat. Anna Yano / Hachioji P / TEMPURA KIDZ

Free event:AMIAYA / Anna Yano and more…



Date:Oct.3(Sat.)- 4(Sun.)

Location:Paris, France


Ticket information:






Date: Oct. 11(Sun.)

Location:London, U.K.




Dates:Nov. 6(Fri.)- 8(Sun.)

Venue:Tokyo Gymnasium(1-17-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo)

Ticket Information: Foreigners can enter for free upon showing their passports Japanese citizens can get their tickets from the website starting Aug. 31 (Sun):


  • Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Event Heads to Nagoya and Osaka after Successful Tokyo Run

    18.April.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    In 2021, the Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Hypnosis Flava event was held at Mixalive Tokyo, attracting tons of attention and making fans of the franchise extremely happy. Now, the event will travel to Nagoya and Osaka!


    Hypnosis Flava -The Missing Case-

    CAFÉ  Hypnosis Flava


    Hypnosis Flava 〜 Rap Roll Buster Bros!!! (Curry-flavored Chicken)/ MAD TRIGGER CREW(Meatball)/Fling Posse(Meat Tacos)/Matenrou(Grilled Salmon)/Dotsuitare Hompo(Yakisoba with Mayo)/Bad Ass Temple (Miso Katsu)



    Hypnosis Flava -Division Rap Battle-
    Hypnosis Flava 〜 Mille Crepe Buster Bros!!! / MAD TRIGGER CREW / Fling Posse /Matenrou / Dotsuitare Hompo /Bad Ass Temple〜




    Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-
    Hypnosis Flava ~ Jelly Soda Drink Buster Bros!!! / MAD TRIGGER CREW / Fling Posse/ Matenrou / Dotsuitare Hompo /Bad Ass Temple


    Menu Order Bonus

    Coaster (36 varieties)


    Cafe Merchandise Corner

    Sticker Set /Clear Photo Card/Square Pin Hypnosis Flava Ver.2(6 varieties) / Acrylic Block Keychain Hypnosis Flava Ver. (18 varieties) / Candy and Magnet, Hypnosis Flava Ver. (6 varieties) / Handkerchief Hypnosis Flava Ver. (1 variety)




    2nd D.R.B Winner: Commemorative Acrylic Smartphone Stand (Fling Posse) / Acrylic Panel (Division Leaders) /2nd D.R.B Postcard Collection


    T-Shirt /Hoodie Hypnosis Flava Ver.



    The event contains three events: Hypnosis Flava -The Missing Case-, an interactive riddle-solving attraction that challenges guests to solve a mission to find the missing Division team leader, Cafe Hypnosis Flava, offering food and drinks inspired by the world of Hypnosis Mic, and Store Hypnosis Flava, a shop selling exclusive merchandise featuring newly-drawn illustrations. A merchandise corner will be set up at the cafe, where six new items will be on sale to commemorate the Nagoya and Osaka events.


    ©︎ヒプノシスマイク-Division Rap Battle- HypnosisFlava@Mixalive TOKYO製作委員会

  • Color Contact Brand FAIRY Releases New Collection with ELENA and Mayuki Serving as Models

    30.March.2022 | FASHION

    On March 23, 2022, the color contact lens brand FAIRY will undergo a brand makeover! With a new logo and new packaging, two new color lenses will also be released. 

    Package Designs

    Venus Belt  18:12 #The City Lights Add Color to the Monochrome…

    Jelly Coral 09:27 #Flutttering Water and the Beginning of an Exciting Day…




    Diversity, self-love, and individual expression have become more important to young people in recent years. FAIRY’s rebranding emphasizes this, and the brand is aiming its products at Generation Z, who are caught between following society’s rules and being their authentic selves. The brand concept, logo, key visual, and packaging depict two Tokyo women with different personalities who are on the verge of adulthood and whose emotions waver between the present and the future.


    Each new package has a different design depending on the color. The models featured in the key visuals and concept movie are Mayuki, who first gained attention after appearing in the music video for Aimer’s song Zankyou Sanka, and ELENA, who is active in fashion shows.

  • BiSH Appears on First Front Cover of the Reborn Fashion Magazine Zipper

    19.March.2022 | FASHION

    DONUTS and ASOBISYSTEM will begin reprinting the legendary fashion magazine Zipper starting March 23, 2022! The commemorative first issue will feature girls group BiSH on the cover, and the girls will also take center stage in a six-page special feature.


    The first feature will feature plenty of what Zipper is known for–Harajuku street photography. The magazine is filled with unique talents who are looking towards the future of Tokyo’s style. The theme, simply put, is “I decide what’s fashionable!” 

    The grand prize winner of the Zipper model audition will also be announced in the first issue. Seven finalists were selected via a live streaming audition and a professional photo shoot. The winner will work as a Zipper model for a full year.

  • Sanrio Puroland Opens Easter Event with Oldies Flare

    16.March.2022 | FASHION / SPOT

    Tokyo’s Sanrio Puroland has begun its annual Easter celebration! The oldies-themed Puro Easter event will run until July 5, 2022.


    This year marks the third Puro Easter event, and the annual stage show has been revamped for 2022! ‘Egg ‘n’ Roll Easter! -BLAST’ will be performed in the Entertainment Hall on the first floor of the park. Fans of My Melody and Kuromi won’t want to miss out, as the popular characters will appear in brand new costumes.


    Egg ’n’ Roll Easter! -BLAST-

    Limited-Time Easter Photo Spot

    Easter Egg Hunt Mini-Game

    Puroland Special Easter Greeting

    Food & Dessert Menu

    Original Easter Goods



    An Easter-themed photo spot is located at the entrance to the 3rd floor with pop and retro style. Fans can participate in an Easter Egg Hunt mini-game, scavenging around Puro Village searching for eggs and collecting keywords to unlock an original video. Don’t miss out on new food and merchandise during the event period, with colorful curries and pasta perfect for filling hungry tummies. 


    The 1st-floor Event Corner will also allow guests to interact with characters dressed in Easter costumes. Staff will be dressed in Easter outfits!


    © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN  著作 株式会社サンリオ

  • Yurina Hirate Models H&M Studio’s New Sustainable Spring/Summer Collection

    15.March.2022 | FASHION

    The H&M Studio Spring/Summer collection is using more sustainable materials. These items are now available at the H&M Shinjuku stores and the official H&M online store. The model for the collection is Yurina Hirate, an artist, actress, and former center of idol group Keyakizaka46. 


    H&M Studio is a limited-edition collection made by the H&M design team. Announced twice a year, it showcases popular seasonal themes and trends. All items in this new collection are made from sustainable materials, such as leather made from grape skins, stems, and seeds, and other recycled materials.


    Yurina Hirate has become incredibly popular with young women and is known for her in-your-face style. She has become a beacon for women who want to become more confident and who love to experiment with fashion. The photos were taken at Hoshinoya Tokyo, which features hip eateries, hot springs, and five-star accommodations. 

  • Tokyo Flower Carpet 2022 to Decorate Gyoko-Dori Avenue with 50,000 Flowers

    12.March.2022 | FASHION / SPOT

    The Flower Painting Culture Association of Japan will hold the Tokyo Flower Carpet 2022 event on Gyoko-Dori Avenue in Marunouchi from March 19 until March 21, 2022. Over 50,000 carnations will cover the street like an otherworldly carpet, forming images of popular Kabuki actors from the Edo Period. Yasuhiko Fujikawa, a well-known flower artist who created this flower Kabuki concept, will supervise the event.



    With help from 200 local volunteers, five giant flower paintings measuring 6m x 8m will be created for the event. The theme is ‘Tokyo Restart,’ with organizers hoping to inspire residents to experience new things and find new hope as we move past the effects of the pandemic. 



    The flowers used in the event will be recycled and reborn as ‘flower sketchbooks’ made of recycled paper. These will be donated to special-needs schools in Tokyo to support art education for children with disabilities. Since 2018, 8,000 sketchbooks have been donated to 57 schools in the city. 



    Her Imperial Highness Princess Tomohito of Mikasa will be in attendance. 

  • NAKED FLOWERS 2022 Cherry Blossom Event Comes to Nijo Castle, Proceeds Support Kyoto’s Sister City Kiev

    10.March.2022 | FASHION / SPOT

    NAKED will open a new cherry blossom-inspired outdoor light-up event at Nijo Castle in Kyoto from March 18 until April 17, 2022!


    This will be the first time that NAKED FLOWERS will come to Nijo Castle. Along with projection mapping on the Karamon Gate, the largest-ever projection mapping of cherry blossoms will cover the entire 140-meter-long stone wall on the east side of the inner moat.


    The event will also invite guests to participate in the ‘Your Cherry Blossom’ test, which will tell you what variety of cherry blossom matches your personality. Holding the NAKED Distanced Lanterns, visitors can wander the grounds with illuminated cherry blossoms at their feet. In the garden area, when the lanterns are held over a certain spot, their colors will change!


    The DANDELION PROJECT will also be a part of the event. Inspired by the idea of world peace and hopes to help transcend barriers and connect people in an increasingly divided world. This networked initiative wants to bring this change about by planting (or installing) dandelion-inspired art around the world, while it invites people visiting these dandelion exhibits to send their prayers for peace as a digital flower in real-time. 


    A tree-planting fund will be raising money on-site, with some of the proceeds being donated to the Executive Community of the 50th Anniversary of the Kyoto-Kiev Sister City Association to help support the city of Kiev.

  • Azur Lane Celebrating 4th Anniversary with New Apparel Collection by ZOZOTOWN

    03.March.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    To commemorate the 4th anniversary of the popular smartphone game Azur Lane, the fashion shopping site ZOZOTOWN has launched a limited apparel collaboration exclusive on their website. The Azur Lane Black Collection will be available until March 18, 2022.


    Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up RPG set in an alternate timeline of World War II. Using cute female characters based on warships to battle, the game is popular with players of all ages. 


    Items at a Glance

    ZOZOTOWN × Azur Lane Hoodie

    ZOZOTOWN × Azur Lane T-shirt

    ZOZOTOWN × Azur Lane Acrylic Stand

    ZOZOTOWN × Azur Lane Character Blanket

    ZOZOTOWN × Azur Lane Tapestry

    Bonus – Original Pin

    Lottery Prize: Super Large 50cm Acrylic Stand (Not for Sale)

    The Azur Lane Black Collection features seven popular characters from the game–Friedrich der Große, Vittorio Veneto, Belfast, Bremerton, Atago, Ajax, and Unicorn. The illustrations were provided by Modare, Yatsuha, and Rag Miwano and were created exclusively for the collection. In addition to apparel, fans can also pick up acrylic stands, blankets, tapestries, and more.


    For every item purchased, customers will receive one original pin. A large acrylic stand will be given away to seven lucky winners, so good luck!

  • Perfume’s Fashion Project ‘Perfume Closet’ to Get Limited Time Pop-up Store for 6th Collection

    24.February.2022 | FASHION

    In January, Perfume held ‘Perfume LIVE 2022 Polygon Wave,’ an encore of the concert they held in August 2021. Massively popular with fans around the world, the three-member girls techno-pop unit continues to impress year after year. On March 9, 2022, they will release their new track Flow, the theme of the TBS Tuesday drama series ‘Fight Song.’ On February 21, the 6th Perfume Closet apparel collection was announced on the official Perfume website and the A! SMART Online Store.


    Merchandise at a Glance


    Laforet Harajuku x Perfume Closet Collaboration Menu

     Chipoon Soy Milk Noodles with Hiroshima Lemon

    MILKMILKMILK! Perfume Closet Gradient Soda/Perfume Closet Milk Ice Cream

    ovgo B.A.K.E.R Meiji St. Salty Chocolate

    Cafe Crepe – Banana, Chocolate, and Fresh Cream / Fermented Butter & Vanilla Sugar / Avocado Shrimp Salad

    The 6th apparel line features items inspired by Perfume’s on-stage costumes. The new pieces focus on three songs in particular–Polygon Wave, Rebirth, and If you wanna. Made popular during the reveal of the Perfume Closet project, the pop-up fashion truck will return for this new release! At the pop-up store, fans can see the actual costumes worn in the Polygon Wave video on display for the first time.


    At Laforet Harajuku, Perfume Closet will collaborate with participating restaurants to create a limited-time menu inspired by the pop group. Which dish looks the tastiest?

  • Fashion Brand SLY Collaborates with Shiomi Wada on New Collection

    17.February.2022 | FASHION

    The fashion brand SLY has collaborated with popular illustrator Shiomi Wada for a new collaboration! These unique items are on sale now at select SLY stores, The SHEL’TTER TOKYO Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, and the SHEL’TTER web store.


    Sheer Arm Tee

    Hooked T-shirt

    Cushion Cover


    The lineup includes apparel, a mat, and a cushion cover, all featuring adorable imagery with a unique touch that will make you chuckle. Participating stores will also be exhibiting a vase with words from Shiomi Wada’s favorite book ‘AFTER DARK,’ as well as the brushes and notepads she uses to draw.


    「You’re my home.」

    As long as I have this person, I’ll be at ease.

    It’s time to go home and laze about on the couch or stare out the window at the scenery. Even if you’re not in a specific place, being with them feels like home. It could be a family member, a partner, a dog, a cat, a bird. It’s the same feeling that I get when I listen to the announcements at the grocery store or a song I’ve always liked. It could be the world you find in a book or the smell of flowers.


  • Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Opens Surrealism in Fashion Exhibition

    28.January.2022 | FASHION / SPOT

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum will hold the ‘Mode Surreal’ exhibition, highlighting surrealism in fashion, from January 15 until April 10, 2022.


    Surrealism, known as the biggest artistic movement of the 20th century, goes beyond the normal boundaries of art and influences people’s consciousness in deeper ways. Certain fashion designers who attempt to create more innovative designs sometimes overlap with th e surreal, and this exhibition will look more closely at this phenomenon.

    Poster Dress – Harry Gordon, 1968. Kyoto Costume Institute. Photo: Takashi Hatakeyama

    Evening Cape –  Elsa Schiaparelli, 1938. Kyoto Costume Institute. Photo: Taishi Hirokawa

    LUNG-TSHUP-TA – Masaya Kushino, 2009. 


    Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli, a close friend of many in the surrealist movement, actively incorporated the unique trend into her fashion. Surrealists also used fashion items such as hats, shoes, and gloves as sources of inspiration in their paintings and photographs. Although the movement is over one hundred years old at this point, many surrealist influences still find their way into art to this day.


    This exhibition will also focus on works that share many of the same sensibilities, from historical fashion from the 16th century to bizarre contemporary art. How would you like to stroll through this collection of pure creativity?

  • Takashimaya Announces ‘Amour du Chocolat’ Valentine’s Day Event

    27.January.2022 | FOOD

    Takashimaya’s yearly ‘Amour du Chocolat’ Valentine’s Day event is known as the ‘Festival of Chocolates.’


    Bringing together chocolates from around the world, this event is a way to highlight brands being introduced to Japan for the first time along with established favorites. This year’s lineup will also feature sustainable chocolates and more luxurious sweets to make 2022 feel more uplifting.


    The First Chocolate Brand to Land in Japan


    Luna Creation Paris Marble Collection



    Yvan Chevalier Chocolate Assortment


    Chocolatine Yoann Debray Snowflake & Edelweiss Assortment


    Sustainable Chocolate


    Toshi Yoroizuka Truffle Banane 



    Sils Maria Banana & Chocolate



    Bvlgari Il Cioccolato Takashimaya Original Chocolate for Sustainability



    MAAHA Flower Chocolate


    Ma Priere Giandujas Selection


    Message de Rose TOKYO Cone Fleury 2022 


    International Chocolates


    Charbonnel et Walker Assortment Box for Takashimaya – England


    Recchiuti Peanut Butter Confections  / Sepia Box – United States


    Vincent Vallee Chocolat Amour / Valentine Selection – France


    Bubo Barcelona Chocolate Heart Sculpture – Barcelona


    Takashimaya Specials


    Takashimaya Limited Edition Jacques Genin Valentine’s Heart / Classic Selection

    Takashimaya Limited Edition Julien Dechenaud Praline Etoile / Praline Nouveau


    Luxury Chocolates


    divan Valentine Box

    The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe Bear Chocolate


    Maison Mont Nord Assortment Box


    Valentine’s Day at Home

    Cacao Sampaka / Cacao Esplette