7ORDER Releases One-Cut Music Video for 2nd Single Coupling Track ‘Ups & Downs’

08.April.2022 | MUSIC

Seven-member boy band 7ORDER has released an impressive music video for Ups & Downs, the coupling track from their second single Les Paul, which was released on March 30, 2022.


As implied by the title, the music video was shot in a single take. 


The members themselves went shopping during their free time on tour, and these outfits are shown off during this unique video! You can really get a sense of the member’s personalities. The dance scenes will make you want to get up and take part, so be sure to check it out!


The new single, Les Paul, is being used as the theme song for the film ‘Two Out Full Base’ starring Aran Abe. It was written by Shinichi Osawa and Wakadanna, and marks a new frontier for the boy band.

Ups & Downs ONE CUT VIDEO (Short Ver.)


Les Paul Music Video

On May 21 and 22, 7ORDER will celebrate its third anniversary with an event at Makuhari Messe. 



  • 7ORDER Releases Music Video for ‘Moshimo,’ Announce Autograph Sessions

    21.January.2022 | MUSIC

    Up-and-coming artist 7ORDER has revealed the music video fo Moshimo, written by singer-songwriter Mao Abe. The track will be included on the group’s second album ‘Re:ally?’ which releases on February 2, 2022.


    Moshimo is a sad love balled, the first song of its kind for 7ORDER. The music video feels like a short film capturing the fickleness of adolescence that everyone experiences. It conjures up memories of young life and things like career struggles and love triangles.


    Moshimo Music Video (Drama Ver.)


    The group has also announced an additional event limited to purchasers of their second album.


    In addition to the online autograph sessions and rehearsal viewings, individual autograph sessions will be held face-to-face! This is an incredible opportunity to meet and talk with the 7ORDER members in person.

    As they prepare for the final performance of their nationwide tour on February 26 and 27 at the Yoyogi National Stadium, keep an eye out for 7ORDER’s future activities!


    Limited First Edition

    Standard Version

    Fan Club Limited Edition

    7ORDER Tour ~NICE “TWO” MEET YOU~ DVD/Blu-ray




    Comment from Mao Abe

    “I’m honored to be involved with 7ORDER by providing some of my music! I’m happy that the group played my personal favorite song Moshimo with such care and attention. Thank you so much. May this song, along with 7ORDER’s charms, find its way into the hearts of the fans!”


    Comment from 7ORDER

    “This is the first love balled for 7ORDER. We spent a lot of time talking with Mao Abe before we started working on the song, and she took a lot of our thoughts into consideration. Moshimo means ‘If…’ I’m sure everyone has thought that at least once. We all look back at the past sometimes and think ‘what if?’ It can be a wonderful thing or a painful thing, but it also teaches the importance of dreaming about the future. It’s a love song, but in this current world filled with so much sorrow, I would be happy if it could inspire people to dream about a brighter future.”

  • 7ORDER Announces Details of Largest-Ever National Tour, ‘Date with…….’

    15.October.2021 | MUSIC

    Up-and-coming seven-member J-pop group 7ORDER is scheduled to embark on a massive winter tour across Japan! The first performance will take place in Tokyo on November 27, 2021, and the final show will be held at Yoyogi National Stadium on February 26 and 27, 2022. The 7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021-2022 ‘Date with…….’ tour will be coming to thirteen locations nationwide. 


    The group clearly isn’t interested in taking a break any time soon, with their most recent tour wrapping in September. The 7ORDER Musha Shugyo TOUR ~NICE “TWO” MEET YOU~ eight-city tour was a massive success, with over 20,000 tickets sold. 


    Check the tour dates below to see if 7ORDER is coming to your city soon!

  • 7ORDER and Sanrio to Start New Collaboration Project

    26.August.2021 | FASHION / MUSIC

    Japanese seven-member boy group 7ORDER is teaming up with Sanrio for a new collaboration project this September. Fans will see designs inspired by popular characters Hello Kitty and My Melody, and more collabs with various other Sanrio characters are planned for the future. 


    Special pop-up shops will be open at SHIBUYA109 Shibuya and SHIBUYA109 Abeno (Osaka) starting September 3. Visitors will be able to buy specially-branded merchandise, including T-shirts and bags. 




    T-shirt (2 designs): ¥3,190 each

    Mobile Battery (2 designs): ¥3,850 each

    Mini Towel (4 designs): ¥880 each

    Lunch Bag (2 designs): ¥1,650 each

    Tote Bag (2 designs) ¥2,200 each


    *3 of each item per person maximum. The purchase limit may be changed or removed without prior notice.



    Special gift for those who spend over ¥1,100 (Tax Included) on 7ORDER x Sanrio Character goods



    7ORDER x Sanrio Characters Crane Game prize plushies (4 types)



    Oda-chan, an official character created by Reo Nagatsuma of 7ORDER, appears as the mascot of the collab. Fans have been waiting a long time for the character to get his own merch! Each piece will include both Sanrio designs and 7ORDER member colors, making these must-have items for the group’s fans. 


    What would you like to buy from this collection?

    ⓒ 7ORDER project
    ⓒ 2021 SANRIO CO.,LTD.  著作:㈱サンリオ

  • 7ORDER Add Extra Dates to PARCO Exhibition in Osaka

    30.June.2021 | MUSIC / SPOT

    Japanese seven-member boy group 7ORDER opened their ‘WE ARE 7ORDER IN PARCO’ exhibition at Shinsaibashi PARCO in Osaka on June 26 and have announced more dates, extending the duration to July 12.


    At the exhibition, fans can scan the QR codes posted up there and listen to voice recordings of the seven band members while they walk around the exhibition. A different member’s voice will be available each day. The band’s three outfits from their Nippon Budokan are also on display, as are the clothes they wear in their Sabãoflower music video. Fans can also watch the music video for their upcoming new single Ame ga Hajimari no Aizu which is releasing on July 7.

    The exhibition is a must-visit for fans of 7ORDER.

  • 7ORDER Promote First Major Single Release With Karaoke Kan Collaboration Campaign

    27.June.2021 | MUSIC

    Japanese seven-member boy group 7ORDER are promoting the release of their 1st major single Ame ga Hajimaru no Aizu/SUMMER Samazama, which is releasing on July 7, and their live DVD and Blu-ray WE ARE ONE, with a campaign in collaboration with Karaoke Kan.

    The campaign is titled ‘7ORDER x Karaoke Kan Let’s Sing This Summer!! Collaboration Campaign supported by LIVE DAM Ai’ and it’s running from June 24 to August 31. To enter the campaign, you need to sing 7ORDER’s songs using one of Karaoke Kan’s DAM rooms at any of their branches in Japan. That will enable fans to enter for a chance to win a free 7ORDER microphone, signed poster, and more. DAM rooms as well as monitors in at Karaoke Kan receptions will feature original 7ORDER videos, and select branches will even have panels plastered up.

    The song Ame ga Hajimaru no Aizu from the upcoming single was released early on digital music streaming and download platforms on June 17. The faced-paced uplifting rock song is based on the coincidence that every time a big day comes around for 7ORDER, it rains: it happened on the day they decided to form as a band, during their first concert, and when they signed to a major label. It’s a song to show how the rain isn’t always that bad.


    The second track on the single, SUMMER Samazama, was written by NAOTO and HIROKI of ORANGE RANGE. You can hear that when the full single releases on July 7.

  • 7ORDER x Wendy’s First Kitchen Collaboration Announced

    14.June.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Wendy’s First Kitchen and First Kitchen branches are set to collaborate with the Japanese seven-member boy group 7ORDER from June 14 to July 11.

    Free coaster for those who purchase something


    Exclusive merch line-up

    Acrylic Key Rings | 7 Designs | ¥1,100 Each

    Mug | ¥1,980

    Stickers | ¥1,320

    As well as merchandise, 7ORDER fans can enjoy dining on a selection of drinks and dishes inspired by the band including galbi flavoured fries, a burger, and more. The collaboration is taking places at two Wendy’s First Kitchen branches and one First Kitchen branch.