Kenshi Yonezu to release his fourth album BOOTLEG on 1st November!

30.August.2017 | MUSIC

Yes, that’s right! Kenshi Yonezu will release his new album “BOOTLEG” on 1st November!!

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It has been two years since the release of his last album “Bremen”. His new album includes 13 songs, four of which are singles. The album includes covers of Suna no Wakusei and Uchiage Hanabi.


Along with these active rhythms comes the track “LOSER”, which features Yonezu’s first ever song where he dances. Other songs on the album include the official image song for “Louvre No.9  〜 Manga, the 9th Art” called  “Number Nine”, and  “orion”, which is the ending theme song for TV anime “March Comes in like a Lion”.


The CD also includes TV anime My Hero Academia’s opening theme song “Peace Sign”, and his cover of “Suna no Wakusei”. This song is the opening theme song for Hatsune Miku’s 10th anniversary “Magical Mirai 2017”. Yonezu initially released this song using his producer name “Hachi”. Yonezu also covers the main theme song “Uchiage Hanabi”, which he wrote and produced for current movie “Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?”


Further information has not been announced, so all we can do is try to hold back our excitement for further news! Yonezu’s album release comes in three different versions. Sales of the first-run limited edition albums will cease once stocks run out. For the energetic and exciting Yonezu, completely selling out isn’t at all a rare occurrence, so we recommend you to order in advance!


From the album release date, Yonezu will be kicking off his biggest and grandest one-man tour called “Kenshi Yonezu 2017 TOUR / Fogbound”. Make sure you check out the tour information!



■ Information



Release date:Wednesday 1st November 2017


※ 3 album versions

Boot CD(first-run limited edition):CD+12inch – analogue CD jacket + art illustration + poster + dummy record ¥4,500 + tax / SRCL-9567~9568

Video version(first-run limited edition): CD+DVD ¥3,700 + tax / SRCL-9569~9570

Standard edition: CD only ¥3,000 + tax / SRCL-9571


・Hachi「Suna no Wakusei feat. Hatsune Miku」<<Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2017” Theme Song >>


・DAOKO × Kenshi Yonezu – Uchiage Hanabi – Music Video


・Kenshi Yonezu “Peace Sign” Music Video


・Live information

<One-man tour>

Title:Kenshi Yonezu 2017 TOUR / Fogbound

1st November 2017 (Weds) Osaka, Festival Hall

2nd November 2017 (Thurs) Osaka, Festival Hall

4th November 2017 (Sat) Hyogo, Kobe International House, International Hall

5th November 2017 (Sun) Hyogo, Kobe International House, International Hall

8th November 2017 (Weds) Saitama, Omiya Sonic City

9th November 2017 (Thurs) Saitama, Omiya Sonic City

18th November 2017 (Sat) Tokushima, Naruto Municipal Cultural Hall

19th November 2017 (Sun) Ehime, Matsuyama Civic Hall

23rd November 2017 (Thurs, national holiday)  Fukuoka, Fukuoka Sun Palace

24th November 2017 (Fri) Fukuoka, Fukuoka Sun Palace

26th November 2017 (Sun) Kagoshima, Kagoshima Cultural Hall 1

29th November 2017 (Weds) Niigata, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center

1st December 2017 (Fri) Hokkaido, Nitori Cultural Hall

7th December 2017 (Thurs) Miyagi, Sendai Sun Plaza

9th December 2017 (Sat) Fukushima, Koriyama City Cultural Center

14th December 2017 (Thurs) Kanagawa, Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall of Yokohama

16th December 2017 (Sat) Aichi, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

17th December 2017 (Sun) Aichi, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

23rd December 2017 (Sat, national holiday)  Okayama, Okayama City Hall

24th December 2017 (Sun) Hiroshima Uenogakuen Hall


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