‘SSSS.GRIDMAN x SSSS.DYNAZENON Special Night’ Announced

15.August.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

On August 26, a special event will be held that SSSS fans won’t want to miss. ‘SSSS.GRIDMAN x SSSS.DYNAZENON Special Night’ has been announced as a part of Ultra Heroes EXPO 2022 Summer Festival in Ikebukuro Sunshine City! This will be the first joint event between the two series.


From SSSS.GRIDMAN, Hikaru Midorikawa (Gridman) and Yuya Hirose (Yuta Hibiki) will take the stage, while Junya Enoki (Yomogi Asanaka) from SSSS.DYNAZENON will also appear. Gridman and Dynazenon will also be on display.

Tickets will go on sale starting August 13 at 10:00, so don’t miss out if you’re a fan of either series!


©円谷プロ ©2018 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「GRIDMAN」製作委員会
©円谷プロ ©2021 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「DYNAZENON」製作委員会


  • Akane Shinjo from SSSS.GRIDMAN Inspires Pop-Up Store at Shibuya PARCO

    18.January.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    From January 15 until January 30, a pop-up store inspired by the antagonist Akane Shinjo from Studio TRIGGER’s SSSS.GRIDMAN series will open on the 6th floor of Shibuya PARCO at the Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO store.


    SSSS.GRIDMAN, released in 2018, has become a global hit. This limited-time shop will sell goods related to the character Akane Shinjo, with many featuring newly-drawn illustrations. The shop will double as an exhibition, with original drawings and other pieces from the show’s production available for guests to browse in the space. This was overseen by the team at Studio TRIGGER, the company behind the series. Certain surprises will also appear at the event, and a number of items will also be available for purchase online, so keep an eye out!


    Masaru Sakamoto, the character designer and chief animation director for SSSS.GRIDMAN provided the original illustrations for the event. 


    Ⓒ円谷プロ Ⓒ2018 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「GRIDMAN」製作委員会   


  • GRIDMAN x DYNAZENON Film Announced, Akira Amemiya to Direct

    20.December.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    The next project in the SSSS.Gridman universe will be GRIDMAN x DYNAZENON, a crossover feature film coming soon from Studio Trigger. The announcement was made on December 13. 


    Studio Trigger launched the new Gridman Universe with SSSS.Gridman, which was loosely based on the 1993-94 tokusatsu drama series Gridman the Hyper Agent by Tsuburaya Productions. SSSS.Dynazenon, a sequel, aired in 2021. 


    GRIDMAN×DYNAZENON Teaser Trailer


    The director for both anime series Akira Amemiya will be returning to direct the upcoming film. The script will be written by Keiichi Hasegawa, while the character designs will be provided by Masaru Sakamoto. Music will be written by Shiro Sagisu. 


    While the title has not been announced and details are still scarce, expectations are already incredibly eye. Keep an eye out for more information!


    Comment from Akira Amemiya (Director)

    A new GRIDMAN film has been announced.

    As the first theatrical release in the series, I hope to make it accessible to as many people as possible. I’ll do my best!


    ©円谷プロ ©2018 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「GRIDMAN」製作委員会
    ©円谷プロ ©2021 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「DYNAZENON」製作委員会


  • SSSS.DYNAZENON and SSSS.GRIDMAN Pop-Up Shops Open in Akihabara and Osaka

    14.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION / SPOT

    Two pop-up shops, the SSSS.DYNAZENON @ Dash Store and SSSS.GRIDMAN @ Dash Store, are now open at Animate Akihabara and Animate Osaka Nipponbashi until June 24. The stores are themed on Tsuburaya Productions and Studio Triggers’ anime series SSSS.DYNAZENON, which began airing in April, and SSSS.GRIDMAN.

    SSSS.DYNAZENON @ Dash Store

    SSSS.GRIDMAN @ Dash Store

    Fans of the series can get their hands on a range of pre-sale and exclusive merchandise. For every ¥2,000 spent, they can get their hands on one of five possible bromide illustrations, and if they spend over ¥3,000, they’ll enter for a chance to win a special poster.

    Bromides (5 Designs)

    Special Poster


    The Line-Up

    Dash Store Exclusive T-Shirts | 5 Designs | ¥7,150 Each (Tax Included)


    Dash Store Exclusive Bottles | 2 Designs | ¥2,200 Each (Tax Included) (All come with one of 3 possible illustrated cards)


    Dash Store Exclusive Metal Sticker Sets | 2 Designs | DYNAZENON ¥1,320 – GRIDMAN ¥880 (Tax Included)


    Dash Store Exclusive T-Shirt | ¥2,750 (Tax Included)


    Dash Store Exclusive Stainless Thermo Tumbler | ¥2,750 (Tax Included)


    Pre-Sale Acrylic Stands | 5 Designs | ¥1,980 Each (Tax Included)


    Pre-Sale Tapestries | 5 Designs | ¥3,850 Each (Tax Included)


    Pre-Sale Pin Set | DYNAZENON ¥1,320 – GRIDMAN ¥880 (Tax Included)


    ©円谷プロ ©2021 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「DYNAZENON」製作委員会
    ©円谷プロ ©2018 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「GRIDMAN」製作委員会

  • TV Anime SSSS.DYNAZENON and Dragon Goes House-Hunting OP Themes Performed by Masayoshi Ōishi

    07.January.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Masayoshi Ōishi announced via his live stream concert “Sekai ga Kimi o Hitsuyou to Suru Toki ga Kitan da” on Tuesday (January 5) that he will perform the opening themes for the two anime series SSSS.DYNAZENON and Dragon Goes House-Hunting.

    The SSSS.DYNAZENON opening theme is entitled Imperfect and will be released as Masayoshi Ōishi’s 6th single while the Dragon Goes House-Hunting opening theme Roleplaying will be released as his 7th. Both singles will release simultaneously in Japan on April 21, 2021.

    Dragon Goes House-Hunting is a fantasy manga series written by Kawo Tanuki and illustrated by Choco Aya. SSSS.DYNAZENON is as a continuation of SSSS.GRIDMAN. and is being co-made by Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions.


    ©多貫カヲ・絢 薔子/マッグガーデン・「ドラゴン、家を買う。」製作委員会

    ©円谷プロ ©2021 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「DYNAZENON」製作委員会

  • SSSS.DYNAZENON Confirms April 2021 Release Date With New Cast and Characters Revealed

    08.December.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    SSSS.DYNAZENON‘s second promotional video and a new key visual were showcased at Tokyo Comicon 2020 revealing new staff, cast, characters, and an April 2021 release date.

    SSSS.DYNAZENON key visual

    The second promotional video features music by Japanese composer Shirō Sagisu who is composing the soundtrack for the anime series. Check it out below.



    Ten new cast members have been added to the roster. We will see Hiroshi Kamiya as Jyuga, Yūma Uchida as Onijya, Ayaka Suwa as Mujina, Kouki Uchiyama as Shizumu Mariya Ise as Inamoto, Azusa Tadokoro as Mei, Jin Ogasawara as Awaki, Gakuto Kajiwara as Nazumi, Rio Tsuchiya as Ranka, and Hikaru Tohno as Kaneishi.

    SSSS.DYNAZENON was announced last year as a continuation of SSSS.GRIDMAN. and is being co-made by Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions. Both series make up part of the “GRIDMAN UNIVERSE.”


    If you’ve yet to see SSSS.GRIDMAN, you can catch all 12 episodes on Crunchyroll. The Blu-ray will be released in Japan on February 17, 2021.


    ©円谷プロ ©2021 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「DYNAZENON」製作委員会

  • Studio Trigger Debut SSSS.DYNAZENON’s First Trailer Along With Character Art

    05.October.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    The long-awaited first promotional video for SSSS.DYNAZENON is finally here. The anime was announced last year as a continuation of SSSS.Gridman. and is being co-made by Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions.

    The video showcases the main cast with Daiki Hamano as Gauma, Junya Enoki as Yomogi Asanaka, Shion Wakayama as Yume Minami, Yuichiro Umehara as Koyomi Yamanaka, and Chika Anzai as Chise Asukagawa. The music is by Shirō Sagisu who is composing the anime’s soundtrack.


    SSSS.DYNAZENON: First Promotional Trailer

    It was also confirmed in line with the video’s release that the team responsible for the 3D CG graphics in SSSS.GRIDMAN are reprising their roles as staff on the new series.

    It has yet to be announced when the new anime project will air, so stay tuned.


    ©Tsuburaya Productions ©2020 TRIGGER・Akira Amemiya / “DYNAZENON” Production Committee

  • SSSS.DYNAZENON Anime’s Cast Announced and Key Visual Revealed

    08.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    The cast list has been announce for the upcoming anime series SSSS.DYNAZENON along with a key visual. The anime was announced last year as a continuation of SSSS.Gridman.

    The voice cast list of the characters in the key visual is as follows:

    Daiki Hamano will play Gauma

    Junya Enoki will play Yomogi Asanaka

    Shion Wakayama will play Yume Ninami

    Yūichirō Umehara will play Koyomi Yamanaka

    Chika Anzai will play Chise Asukagawa


    SSSS.DYNAZENON Promotional Video


    We have now seen what both the mechas and characters look like. Stay tuned for the next update from the highly-anticipated series.


    ©Tsuburaya Productions ©2020 TRIGGER・Akira Amemiya / “DYNAZENON” Production Committee

  • Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions Announce New SSSS.Dynazenon Anime

    17.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    It was announced at TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019, which was held at Tokyo Dome City on December 14 and 15, that Tsuburaya Productions and Studio Trigger and teaming up to produce the new anime series SSSS.DYNAZENON.


    “SSSS.DYNAZENON” Promotional Video

    The new anime project will be helmed by staff who worked on SSSS.GRIDMAN, with Akira Amemiya as director, Keiichi Hasegawa as screenwriter, and Masaru Sakamoto as character designer. Shirō Sagisu will compose the soundtrack.

    Details on the story have yet to be announced, but we have the above-pictured visual that was released alongside the project’s announcement which seems to be some kind of mecha.


    Tsuburaya Productions and Studio Trigger both worked on the successful SSSS.GRIDMAN series, which won the Galaxy Prize in the Media Category at the 58th Japan SF Taikai in July 2019. Stay tuned for more information on the studios’ next big project.


    ©Tsuburaya Productions

  • SSSS.GRIDMAN Greatest Hits Album to be Released

    07.October.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    It has been almost exactly one year since popular TV anime SSSS.GRIDMAN came to screens across Japan. To commemorate, a greatest hits album title SSSS.GRIDMAN BEST ALBUM will be released.

    The album will include the anime opening theme song UNION which was performed by musical group OxT, who are widely popular for their heroic anime songs. Other songs include the emotional ending theme song youthful beautiful which was performed by Maaya Uchida, which reflects the struggles faced by the young characters in their everyday lives. The album even contains character songs from the anime, giving even more reason for all fans to have it on their shelves.

    No fan could resist getting their hands on this record after one look at the illustration for the CD cover. The album will be released on December 18, 2019. This goldmine of the best songs from the anime will be released on December 18, 2019, so be sure to check it out. 


    ⒸTsuburaya Productions Ⓒ2018 TRIGGER, Akira Amemiya / “GRIDMAN” Production Committee

  • Event Report: SSSS.GRIDMAN Voice Cast Get Together For Anime’s 2nd Special Event

    04.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW 02, the second of a series of special events centred on the hit 2018 mecha series SSSS.GRIDMAN, was held at Culttz Kawasaki in Kawasaki, Kanagawa on May 26, 2019. Following up from the first event back in February, the second saw the voice cast appear once again along with an even bigger and better schedule packed full of surprises. This is a report of the evening portion of the event.


    The voice cast line-up this time was even bigger than the last with each respective voice actor standing in front of an illustration of their respective characters: Yūya Hirose (who plays Yūta Hibiki), Hikaru Midorikawa (Gridman), Sōma Saitō (Shō Utsumi), Yume Miyamoto (Rikka Takarada), and more. Each of them gave a brief introducing of themselves before the room suddenly faded to black. It was then that Masayoshi Ōishi, the vocalist for music duo OxT, took to the stage to perform the TV edit version of t he anime’s opening theme UNION.


    Following the performance, the cast were given a time limit to draw their own original monsters. Thanks to a classy suggestion by Katsuyuki Konishi, who voices Max, series director Akira Amemiya quickly drew the “Culttzdon” (a pun on the name of the venue) while he was in the waiting room. It was clear for all to see that the cast and staff had a great relationship with each other.

    During the event, a video message was also on screen from Maaya Uchida who performs the ending theme youthful beautiful. The cast also read lines out loud in character once again, continuing from where they left off at the first event.


    At the end of the event when all the cast members left the stage, a message on the screen announced that a manga and novel spin-off will be released and that a live-action stage adaptation will arrive in spring 2020, causing the crowd to give a huge round of applause. Though the anime may have concluded, SSSS.GRIDMAN is clearly not over yet.


    ⒸTsuburaya Productions Ⓒ2018 TRIGGER・Akira Amemiya / “GRIDMAN” Production Committee

  • Event Report: SSSS.GRIDMAN Show an Overwhelming Success, Follow-Up Show Announced

    07.February.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    The first live event for the TV anime series SSSS.GRIDMAN titled “SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW 01” was held at TFT Hall in Odaiba, Tokyo on February 3, 2019.

    The event began with a screening of famous scenes from the show. Each member of the voice acting cast was then welcomed on stage one by one with huge rounds of applause: Yūya Hirose (who plays Yūta Hibiki), Hikaru Midorikawa (Gridman), Sōma Saitō (Shō Utsumi), Yume Miyamoto (Rikka Takarada), Reina Ueda (Akane Shinjō), Ryōsuke Takahashi (Samurai Calibur), Aoi Yūki (Borr), Masaya Matsukaze (Vit), Kenichi Suzumura (Anti/Gridknight), and Suzuko Mimori (Namiko).


    Warning: This article contains spoilers for scenes in the series.

    The event was led by actors Ryōsuke Takahashi and Masaya Matsukaze. It was accompanied by performances from Hirose, Saitō, Miyamoto and Ueda who each performed their own character’s song. For Yūta’s song voice actor Hirose got the crowd pumping by saying “I can’t hear you!” Fans waved their red pen lights to each tune.

    During the discussion each member from the cast looked back at their favourite scenes. Suzumura recalled episode ten when Anti, the character he voices, transforms into Gridknight. “Because special effects have been an important aspect for antiheroes for a very long time [laughs]. I was able to play both a Kaiju and the hero,” he comments. He also gave a little behind-the-scenes insight, continuing: “I actually didn’t know about Anti’s transformation into Gridknight in the beginning. I originally auditioned for Samurai Calibur.”

    The cast also got into character to read some scenes aloud. Tetsu Inada, joined in too who voices the digital being Alexis Kerib. One scene included Akane Shinjō summoning a Kaiju after becoming offended. Alexis got the whole room to shout “Instance Abreaction” at which point Wooser from the TV anime series Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life suddenly appeared. Gridman appeared on stage, saying “We can’t continue our reading like this,” but he did not fight Wooser, instead escorting him away in a gentlemanly manner.

    Anti showed his fighting spirit when Gridman walked on stage. Borr pointed out that “We don’t have the budget to pay the GRIDMAN production team to make mascot costumes.” However, a mascot dressed as Anti in his Kaiju form stepped on stage, delighting even the crowd. The atmosphere was truly one of a hero show.


    The audience also called out the words “Access Code Gridman Calibar” at the call of Samurai Calibar at which his sword was sent to where Gridman was.

    Gridman and Anti got into a heated battle. Fans cheered on with Gridman coming out as victor. It was a spectacular fusion of reading aloud and acting.

    Music duo OxT came onto stage to perform a cover of the song Yume no Hero, the main theme for Gridman the Hyper Agent. Guitarist Tom-H@ck said, “I’ve really been looking forward to today, but we had to wait so long. I was worried our names weren’t written down.” Vocalist Masayoshi Ōishi invited laughs as he took out half a ticket on stage and said, “Even though our names were clearly written down it feels like we’re being treated like secret guests.

     The two musicians continued with UNION, the opening theme for SSSS.GRIDMAN. Their performance ended with Ōishi doing the Access Flash pose.

     The voice cast returned to the stage to announce that a second show, SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW 02, will take place on May 26, which drew cheers and a round of applause throughout the room. The event wrapped up with the screen showing the final live-action part of the series and announcing that a music video for UNION is currently in production. 

  • TV Anime SSSS.GRIDMAN Opening Theme Song Band OxT Release Artist Photo

    11.October.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Japanese music duo OxT who performing the opening theme song UNION for the new anime series SSSS.GRIDMAN―which began airing on October 7―have released a new artist photo.

    As soon as the first episode of SSSS.GRIDMAN dropped it shot up to no.1 and no.2 on the trending tab on Twitter in Japan with people showing their excitement for the series. UNION featured as an insert song in the episode, syncing perfectly with the fight scene between Gridman and the kaiju that appeared. Masayoshi Ōishi, the vocalist of OxT, also expressed his feelings for the show on Twitter, describing it as so feelsy that he cried.


    Also, episode 1.1 of a new voice drama was posted over on the official YouTube page of Tsuburaya Productions, the producers of the anime. It’s available for a limited time only and ties in with episode one of the anime. Check it out below.

    UNION will be released on CD on November 7 and will be coupled with a cover of Yume no Hero, the theme song of the original Gridman the Hyper Agent from 25 years ago.

    The TV-size edit of the song will be available across digital music platforms on October 14 ahead of the CD release.