A “caramel and raw chocolate flavor” will be released from the “Yukimi Daifuku Torokeru Shifuku” series.

14.September.2017 | FOOD

Lotte Ice will release a new product from its sweets series, “Yukimi Daifuku Torokeru Shifuku” on the 18th of September. This series is a gorgeous series in that each product contains a “melty flavor” inside the ice cream ball. This time, two new flavors (caramel pudding and raw chocolate) will be released.


 “Yukimi Daifuku” is a product which fills one’s heart with joyfulness. The new flavor which contains caramel sauce inside the ice cream ball has a “melty flavor” like pudding. The flavor of the caramel sauce is not so sweet and it recreates the flavor of pudding with vanilla ice cream.


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