Let’s find out the fabulous aspects of Oita Prefecture! Check out the events which will be held in October.

23.September.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

Oita Prefecture in Kyusyu is known as the number one hot spring prefecture in Japan. Oita Prefecture is called “the hot spring prefecture – Oita” and the amount of hot spring water and the number of hot springs known to be No.1.

. The PR video “Shinfuro” broadcasted two years ago and last year gathered much attention but Oita has many other amazing sightseeing spots, indigenous products and delicious foods. In this column, I will introduce to you the sightseeing spots, products, art facilities and culture of Oita Prefecture.


-Sightseeing spots and experience in Oita-

Oita Prefecture Kokuto Peninsula Usa Area

sub5 copy

Rokugo Manzan located in Kokuto Peninsula has been open for 1300 years. In commemoration of this, Kyusyu National Museum will hold a special exhibition which introduces the mystery of Rokugo Manzan which is known as the birthplace of syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism. The exhibition exhibits rare cultural assets including four important cultural properties. One of the important cultural properties is the Buddhist statue “Monju Senji Monju Bosatsu” which can be seen only once every 12 years.


Rokugo Manzan Special Exhibition

Date: September 13th 2017 (Wed.) to November 5th (Sun.) (eight weeks)

Venue: Kyusyu National Museum Cultural Exhibition Room



Disclosing hidden cultural assets / light ups and special events

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At each temple of Rokugo Manzan, a light-up event (two hours) will be held from the 28th of October to the 9th of December and food such as soup will be offered to visitors. Traditional performing arts such as Kagura can also be seen.






-Oita Prefecture’s sightseeing spots which are suitable for the autumn touring season-

“Yabakei” and “Kurushimashi Teien” are known as very famous sightseeing spots in Japan. “Yabakei” is the beauty spot of Nakatsushi. “Ichimoku Hakkei”

sub2 copy

located in the center of “Yabakei,” a famous spot which is surrounded by huge rock mountains. The contrast of the rocks and autumn leaves is a must-see.

sub9 copy

 “Goryo Momiji” can be seen when the autumn leaves in Yabakei fall. The sight of the tunnel of red leaves and the carpet of colorful leaves is so beautiful.

sub7 copy

 “Kyu Kurushima Teien” is a beautiful sightseeing spot in Kusumachi. The garden was created in 1829 and consists of three small gardens. It is very exciting to think about the history of the garden while walking through it.


sub8 copy

 “Sobo / Katamuki / Okue” located in Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture is a treasure spot of rare animals and has a beautiful view and untouched nature. Many people are awed by its unique view which changes depending on the season. The location becomes very beautiful especially from mid October to late October. The location was designated as a UNESCO Eco Park which is an ideal place where nature and human society exist together in a peaceful manner.

sub6 copy

“Kyusuikei” in Kusugun Kusucho has a huge cliff with a length of about 2km. Natural forests and beautiful canyons can be seen in this spot. The view from “Kue ‘Yume’ Otsuribashi” is very beautiful. The spot is packed with many climbers during the autumn season.




The Mini Yonku (Japanese racing car toy) club will hold a race (elementary school children can participate in this event)

sub3 copy

“THMF Hitahashiri,” a Mini Yonku club set up a racing course in Hitashi. Elementary school students can use the racing course for free and enjoy this event together with adults. The racing course holds an event where visitors can play with Mini Yonkus handed out for free. An “elementary school students-limited race” is held every Sunday from 14:00 and a night race is held every second and fourth Saturday.


Elementary School Students-limited race

Address: 273-1, Mizumecho, Hitashi, Oita Prefecture

Date: 15:00 to 20:00, 10:00 to 21:00 – Sat, Sun and holidays, Mon – holiday

TEL: 080-1776-1208




-Sports experience in Oita-

Rugby is gaining much popularity nowadays!!

sub1 copy

Oita Prefecture is where the final match of the world rugby tournament is to be held. The 5th match of the league of Japan Rugby Top League 2017-2018 will be held at Oita Ginko Dome on the 24th of September (Sat.). Many people are awaiting a fierce battle.


Japan Rugby Top League 2017-2018 Season League 5th match

Date: September 24th, 2017 (Sat) 14:00 kickoff

Venue: Oita Sports Park Oita Ginko Dome / 1351 Yokoo, Oitashi, Oita Prefecture

URL: http://orfu.jp/?page_id=2095



Oita×Kumamoto “Baitoku Campaign” will be offered!

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After the earthquake of Kumamoto, Oita and Kumamoto are working actively to re-establish the areas. So, Beppu and Aso will hold “Baitabi Campaign”

On October 3rd (Tue.) Kumamon and Mejiron (mascots) will appear in the Kansai area. They will participate in events such as in central square in the JR Osaka Station City Atrium.


Baitabi Campaign

TEL: 097-534-3500





-Foods and events of Oita-

“Oita Kurafeshu 2017” is an event at which shochu (Japanese alcohol) and nihonshu (Japanese sake) can be enjoyed.

sub14 copy

“Oita Kurafeshu 2017” is an event created under the concept of “the entertainment of sake” at Osakashi kitaku / Hotel Hankyu International.

They will offer full-fledged shochu and nihonshu made by various kuramotos (sake breweries). You can enjoy the allurement of Oita through Oita’s foods and drinks including sake and local dishes.


Oita Kura Feshu 2017

Date: October 13th, 2017 (Fri.) 19:00 to 21:00 (reservation 18:15~)

Reservation due date: September 25th

Fee: 3,900 yen

Venue: Hotel Hankyu International 6th floor “Zuicho” / 19-19, Chayamachi, Kitaku, Osaka




 “Oita Kabosu Fair in GINZA” at which food items using kabosu (a type of citrus fruit) can be enjoyed.

main copy

This fair which offers kabosu produced in Oita will be held at Ginza. Bars, Japanese cuisine restaurants, sushi restaurants and French restaurants will be participating in the event. Let’s enjoy kabosu dishes created by topnotch restaurants in Ginza.


Oita Kabosu Fair in GINZA

Date: Septemeber 15th, 2017 (Fri.) to 30th (Sat.)




Eat and shout to release your stress! Yufuin Ushigui Zekkyo Taikai will be held.

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“Yufuin Ushigui Zekkyo Taikai” has been held 43 times. After enjoying BBQ using lots of “Hoshu Yufuin Gyu”(beef) produced in vast grass farms, participants scream at the top of their lungs. The winner of this contest will be judged according to the volume of the scream and on how unique the content of the scream was.


Yufuin Ushigui Zekkyo Taikai

Date: October 9th, 2017 (Mon. / holiday) fixed number / 600 persons

Fee: 3,500 yen – older than junior high school students / 2000 yen – below elementary school students

Venue: Yufushi, Yufuin Machikawagami, Namiyanagi Bokujo


HP: http://www.yufuin.gr.jp/



◎9:00 selling entrance tickets

◎10:30 open

◎11:30 collecting the participators of the shouting event

◎12:00 shouting event

◎13:00 lottery event

◎14:00 results announced and and / awards ceremony



“Oita Bungo Ushi’s” support shop “Sumibi to Wine”

sub15 copy

“Sumibi to Wine” is a meat/wine specialty store which has eight branch stores in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Oita Bungo Ushi (beef) is the brand beef of Oita which is healthy and has a high-quality taste, smell and texture. The “Kuju Yume Pork” and moule they offer are both produced in Oita.


Sumibi to Wine Kyobashiten

Address: K Buratto, Keihan Kokabashi, 1-5-1, Higashinocho, Toshimaku, Osakashi, Osaka





The sky hot spring “CITY SPA Tenku” from which Beppu Port can be seen

“CITY SPA Tenku”

sub16 copy

“CITY SPA Tenku” is a hot spring facility in “JR Oita City” near JR Oita Station. Since the hot spring is located 80m above ground, you can enjoy the view of Beppu Port, Takasami Mountain and Tsurumidake. They offer a natural, brown-colored hot spring which is called “natrium ammonium hydrogen salt hot spring.” The hot spring has a smooth texture.



Address: 19F-21F, JR Oita City, directly connected with Oita Station, 1-14, Kanameshi, Oita



Let’s enjoy the wonderful autumn in Oita that has many gorgeous spots.



  • ONE PIECE FILM RED Inspires Collaboration Event with Raku Spa

    02.August.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    From August 18 until September 19, 20 Gokurakuyu and Raku Spa locations will hold a special collaboration to celebrate the release of ONE PIECE FILM RED. 





    During the event, a new bath will be available each weekend. Guests can enjoy fragrant baths inspired by Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Shanks, and Uta. Check the website to see which baths will be available at which locations!


    Those visiting can find some new merchandise featuring exclusive illustrations made for the campaign and a tasty menu inspired by One Piece characters, so don’t miss it!

  • Attack on Titan in HITA Smartphone App Reveals Captain Levi 3D-AR Experience

    19.July.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Attack on Titan was created by Hajime Isayama, a manga artist born and raised in Hita, Oita Prefecture. Fans of the manga and anime series can experience the world of the famous series in his hometown, and by downloading a specific smartphone app and traveling to a specific location, they can now experience a new 3D-AR experience featuring Captain Levi. The installation will be installed at the camp resort Paradiso Oita in Oita Prefecture.


    The AR application uses colored model data of the Captain Levi statue erected in the plaza in front of Hita Station on March 6, 2021. The realistic image of Captain Levi can be viewed from 360 degrees, and visitors can even take commemorative photos with the popular character!


    The installation will be located at the Paradiso Oita Front Ridge, which costs nothing to enter. The grand opening will take place on July 22, 2022. With its convenient location just off the Amagase-Takatsuka interchange on the Oita Expressway, many believe that the installation will help to revive tourism in the area. 

  • Hololive VTuber Members Collaborate with Raku Spa in ‘Furolife’ Campaign

    06.February.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Hololive has announced a special collaboration between HoloFantasy and Raku Spa, with special merchandise and VTuber-scented baths at participating locations around Japan!




    Collaboration Menu (Coasters Available!)


    Photo Spot


    Guests can grab original merchandise with newly-drawn illustrations during the event period, and original food and beverages based on the five members will be on sale. Five unique baths have been prepared by the Hololive members, as each girl chose her favorite scent. The announcements in each location will also be broadcast by the popular VTubers.


    Starting February 6, called Bath Day in Japan, specially-drawn yukata and chibi versions of the characters will be available on limited-edition postcards and new merchandise. To get one of these postcards, visitors will need to follow the official Raku Spa Twitter, retweet the campaign Tweet, and present it at the reception desk at their Raku Spa of choice. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to grab them before they’re all gone!

  • Supporting Japanese Sake Breweries During the Pandemic With the WAX&WANE Project

    22.June.2021 | FASHION / FOOD

    WAX&WANE is the name of a new project that has launched in an effort to support ARCADE TOKYO, an ‘online shopping arcade’ stocking countless must-grab products from Tokyo, due to the impact COVID-19 has had on participating businesses having to close down, resulting in a drastic decrease in shipping and consumption.


    12 breweries pour 12 unique sake beverages


    Pair your drinks with foods outside Japanese cuisine to change things up


    Bottle clothes with designs showcasing each sakes’ personality

    The project was launched on June 10 via the crowdfunding website CAMPFIRE as a way to pay back thanks to 12 sake breweries in Japan who produce sake you can’t get anywhere else. It aims to spread the word of Japan’s sake culture the world to preserve its future and create even more brands, thereby adding new value to sake.


    As part of the project, tie dye creator YUKIDYE, who has worked with many different street brands, has produced a collection of tie dye cloths which take inspiration from each of the 12 sake flavours and the characteristics of each brand.

  • VTuber Yukihana Lamy Releases Her Own Sake Called ‘Yuki-Yo-Zuki’

    02.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Yukihana Lamy, a Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, launched her own Japanese sake project in February to bring her dream to life of making her very own sake by hand. That sake has now been released by the name of Yuki-Yo-Zuki, a premium brand daiginjo sake.

    The sake was created in collaboration with Meiri Shurui, a Japanese sake brewery which has been around since the Edo Period. Every single ingredient in the drink was considered from scratch including the type of rice, the ratios, yeast, alcohol content, and so on. The sake is made by hand in a brewery located in Mito, Ibaraki.


    Yuki-Yo-Zuki uses Fukushogun Daiginjo as its base, a sake that won Gold in the Sake category at IWC2020. It’s made with a combination of Yamada Nishiki and Biyama Nishiki rice as well as ginjoka, the highest quality daiginjo, known for its light spicy kick and fruity notes. The bottle features an illustration of Yukihana Lamy drawn by Abara Heiki, an artist Lamy likes, with a fusion of black and silver inspired by the meaning of drink’s name: ‘Snowy Evening Moon.’

  • haccoba Craft Sake Brewery Re-Releases Limited Edition Hanauta Drops Sake

    01.June.2021 | FOOD / Uncategorized

    haccoba launched its new sake brewery, haccoba -Craft Sake Brewery-, in February. It released its first product last Monday: a limited restock of Hanauta Drops, a sake that uses unrefined sake brewing methods which first originated in the Tohoku region.

    Hanauta Drops

    ©︎ Puddle Inc.

    Humulus lupulus hop

    The sake crafted by haccoba uses the same techniques found in traditional Japanese sake brewing, including the rice and yeast used, but throws in a variety of fruits and herbs during the fermentation process. This upholds the traditional culture of Japanese brewery which was formerly carried out in homes while adding some fun flair. The brand plans to make its main product a fusion of hops used in beer making and classic Japanese crafting methods.


    The secret ingredient that was so enjoyed in Japanese homes in the past when making sake is the humulus lupulus, a type of hop that makes this brewing process to making beer. Hanauta Drops uses the very same technique. It also enjoys a blend of yellow koji mold which has a sweetness similar to refined Japanese sugar found in rice, and white koji mold for a lemony tang. The result is a refreshing experience with every sip thanks to the bubbles that occur naturally during fermentation.

  • From Hello Kitty to Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and more – Sanrio’s internationally adored cast of characters can be universally agreed to be representatives of Japan culture of ‘kawaii.’ In celebration of Sanrio’s 60th anniversary, the company have announced an exhibition centred on the beginning of kawaii culture. The event will take place at TOKYO CITY VIEW from September 17, 2021 to January 10, 2022.


    60th Anniversary Sanrio Exhibition: The Beginning of Kawaii is currently taking place at Matsuzakaya Art Gallery in Nagoya until June 12 and will move to Ōita Prefectural Art Museum where it will run from July 10 to September 5 before heading to TOKYO CITY VIEW.


    © 2021 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. SP610376

    This exhibition will not only look back over Sanrio’s 60-year history, but will also dive into how Japan’s culture of ‘kawaii’ came about. Fans of Sanrio and Japan’s kawaii can expect product and design showcases, in-depth explanations, and more.


    Over 800 products, documents, and materials related to Sanrio will be presented, many of which will shine a spotlight on some of their most famous characters out of their roster of 400, such as Hello Kitty and My Melody, and other characters that might not be known to those outside Japan such as best friends Patty & Jimmy.


    What to look out for at Sanrio’s 60th anniversary exhibition

    Unforgettable Tower by Sebastian Masuda

    Sebastian Masuda, a pioneer of kawaii culture, will showcase his symbolic art pieces at the event at TOKYO CITY VIEW’s observation deck, combining his iconic work against a breathtaking background.


    The Beginning of Kawaii

    Learn about the history of Sanrio’s culture of kawaii, beginning as a service to ‘move people’s hearts’ through gifts and products. Visitors will get a chance to see the secrets of Sanrio’s iconic style which draw a line under fancy products from other companies.


    There will also be a chance to see Japanese illustrators Takashi Yanase, Ado Mizumori, and Rune Naito’s work with Sanrio.


    The Birth of the Characters

    What makes something kawaii or not kawaii? Why do characters not necessarily need to have a story to become so popular? These questions are more will be answered as the exhibition looks at the birth of Sanrio’s characters.


    Sanrio’s Characters

    How did their hit characters come to be? During the 1980’s, Japan was a warzone for characters. Sanrio changed how characters became popular, moving from characters that were popular with everyone to creating characters that people wanted for themselves – their own personal characters. Discover how Sanrio’s long list of characters came about, including ones that have stood the test of time and ones that have declined in popularity.


    Ichigo Shimbun

    Ichigo Shimbun is a magazine published by Sanrio all about Sanrio and their characters – a familiar read to all fans in Japan. The magazine will be featured at the exhibition.


    Hello Kitty: The Character Who Turned Into a Global Icon

    Hello Kitty is known the world over, with even Lady Gaga having worn a dress of Hello Kitty plush toys in the past. This dress will be exhibited at the event, amongst many other things related to Sanrio’s global idol.


    A Battle Between Artists

    Artists from various artistic background will participate in the exhibition by creating a range of different Sanrio works. Participating artists and their specialities include Ryūsuke Fukahori (objects), Hajime Nakatomi (bamboo art), Takaya Mori (sculptor), Mio Hashimoto (sculptor), and Risa Fukui (paper cut-outs).

  • Premium Japanese Sake Lounge Opens Inside JR Chiba Station

    12.April.2021 | FOOD / SPOT

    After the success of the hit Ikkon-Fugetsu event held at Perie Chiba Ekiue Hiroba last autumn, a permanent nihonshu Japanese sake lounge is set to open at JR Chiba Station on April 28, offering the same kind of atmosphere as inside a luxury airport lounge.


    A sake shop will also open at the same time at the lounge where customers can scroll through different drinks they’d like to purchase using their smartphone or tablet. You can purchase sake that you enjoyed drinking in the lounge as well as pick up exclusive and original beverages available online only at CHIBASAKE, sake from different regions across Japan, and more.


    That’s not all for customers’ sake experience however. Umami is a big part of Japanese food culture, and so in order that all who visit can enjoy their drink to the fullest, Japanese wineglass makers RIEDEL, who have been in the business for 260 years, have provided their special junmaishu glasses which were developed over a period of eight years. Food will also be on the menu made with ingredients local to Chiba Prefecture, and more.

  • Sanrio Harmonyland Announces 30th Anniversary Event

    27.March.2021 | SPOT

    Sanrio Harmonyland, the popular Sanrio character themed theme park in Oita, has announced the commemoration of its 30th anniversary with a special event titled ‘HARMONYLAND 30th ANNIVERSARY’ which will begin on April 26. Visitors can look forward to parades, a special night show with fireworks, celebratory merchandise, a special food menu, and more.

    Memorial visual created by Japanese manga author and character designer Eisaku Kubonouchi

    Harmonyland Parade Parallel 30th Memories

    Daniel and Kuromi to make an appearance before the start of the parade

    Throughout its 30-year history, Harmonyland has hosted many shows and parades for guests. For their 30th anniversary celebration, a special parade titled Parade Parallel 30th Memories will have three runs throughout 2021 and into 2022 which will feature a set list of nostalgic, old-time show and parade music. Guests will be able to experience what it felt like to be at Harmonyland back when each song was first performed. Check out the song list for the first run below.


    Parade Song List

    Parallel World 1st (April 23, 2021 – Late August 2021)

    1. Hajimaru yo Party from Parade Shiroi Tori Kara no Okurimono (First performed in 1991)
    2. Celebration from The Celebration Parade (First performed in 1996)
    3. Happiness from Parade Shiroi Tori Kara no Okurimono (First performed in 1991)
    4. Hajimaru yo Party from Parade Shiroi Tori Kara no Okurimono (First performed in 1991))


    Parallel World 2nd (Starting Early August 2021)

    Parallel World 3rdnd (Starting Early January 2022)


    30th Anniversary Night Party

    A very special night show will take place which will see appearances from fan-favourites Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, Cinnamoroll, and Kuromi who will be joined by a cast of dancers. Expect new music written just for this show as well as fireworks.


    30th Anniversary Merchandise

    An exclusive line-up of merchandise will be sold featuring a memorial visual created by Japanese manga author and character designer Eisaku Kubonouchi.


    30th Anniversary Menu




    Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without a themed menu either, which will include meals, desserts like an ice cream float and soft serve ice cream, and more.



    ⓒ 2021 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN 著作 株式会社サンリオ

  • Harajuku Whips Up Oita Prefecture’s Jazz Youkan Sweet Adzuki Bean Block

    10.February.2021 | FOOD

    The Jazz Youkan is a cute confection made from sweet adzuki red bean paste and made to look like a little piano. It’s made in Japan’s Oita Prefecture, but Tokyo residents can now enjoy this sweet treat at HARAJU Cross JAPAN MASTERY COLLECTION_est which is located on Floor B1F of WITH HARAJUKU, a shopping complex in front of Harajuku Station. It is being sold until February 14 in three flavours: Chocolat, Matcha Chocolat, and Classic.


    The Jazz Youkan

    The Jazz Youkan is a confectionery made by Jazz to Youkan Yufuin CREEKS, a shop in Yufu, Oita. It’s part of their concert series of sweets and pairs well with a cup of coffee or glass of wine.


    Line-Up (Prices Include Tax)

    Chocolat | ¥2,646

    The seasonal winter Chocolat is made with sweet white bean paste, couverture chocolate, dried cherries, fig, and raisins. All the chocolates in this series are individually handmade by the shop’s chocolatiers, and this time, the classic Chocolat variant has been made even more delicious. It’s smooth, moist, and rich without being too sweet. Best enjoyed with coffee or wine.

    Matcha Chocolat | ¥2,646

    If you love matcha then this is the treat for you. It’s different from the normal Chocolat version of this sweet as it’s made without dried fruits. Instead, it contains large-grained adzuki beans for an irresistible texture.

    Classic | ¥2,160

    The Classic version is made with brown sugar from Okinawa and adzuki beans and contains dried figs soaked in wine. Another perfect pairing with coffee or wine, and the piano face shows the work of true Japanese artistry.


    ©冬季限定 ジャズ羊羹 chocolat

  • 6 Best Spots to Visit in Japan’s Oita Prefecture During Autumn – MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON

    10.September.2020 | SPOT

    Oita in Kyushu has been nicknamed “Hot Spring Prefecture Oita” due to having the largest number of hot spring water sources and outputs in Japan. Oita welcomes many visitors every year who flock to the prefecture’s many famous hot spring locations like Beppu and Yufuincho Kawakami.


    But the charm of Oita doesn’t lie solely in its hot springs. It’s also a location that offers breathtaking scenery during autumn. We’ve picked 6 spots around Oita Prefecture that are must-visits during autumn.



    The gorge of Yabakei is designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty in Japan. Keiseki-en is a beautiful Japanese garden that was built to commemorate the completion of the Yabakei dam. It’s home to over 31,000 individual trees of around 100 species as well as a lake, waterfalls, and crags. It’s a place that boasts natural beauty throughout all four seasons.


    Address: 2286-1 Yabakeimachi Ōaza Ōshima, Nakatsu, Oita


    Kinrin Lake

    Kinrin Lake is one of Yufu’s most famous sightseeing spots for the mysterious torii gate that sits within the lake. Spring water and hot spring water flows through the lake, and because the temperature of the water is warm throughout the year, you can see steam rising from the surface in the early hours of winter days. Tenso Shrine also sits on the bank of the lake which is home to a sacred tree that’s designated as a natural monument.


    Address: 1561 Yufuinchō Kawakami, Yufu, Oita
    Access: 20 minutes on foot from Yufuin Station (JR Line)



    Kyusuikei’s scenery spans through the prefectural road that connects the Kokonoe IC to Yamanami Highway. Its 2km expanse is made up of sheer cliffs which create the valley that is known for its autumn colours. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the maple and ginkgo trees from the observation deck that runs along the cliff. There are other nearby sightseeing spots too like Kokonoe Yume Otsurihasi Bridge and Kyusuikei Onsen hot springs.


    Address: Tano, Kokonoe, Kusu District, Oita
    Access: 20-minutes by car from Kokonoe IC



    The valley of Hakubaki was designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty of the city of Usuki. In autumn, surrounding trees are dyed in reds and yellows, bringing people from all over to witness the spectacle. And because the valley it at a high altitude, the gradation of the colourful trees changes as you go further in.


    Address: Badai, Usuki, Oita
    Access: 5-minutes by car from Usuki IC


    Fukiji Temple

    Fukiji Temple was built in the Heian Period for the high priest of Usa Jingu. The temple is a national treasure, and the Amida-Nyōrai contained inside is designated by the Japanese government as an Important Cultural Property.


    Address: 2395 Tashibufuki, Bungotakada, Oita
    Access: 30-minutes by car from Usa Station


    Mount Kuju

    Mount Kuju stands as the highest mountain in Kyushu Island at nearly 1,800-meters tall, which has also led to to be nicknamed the “Rooftop of Kyushu.” Its has many peaks, the highest being Mount Nakadake at 1,791-meters. One peak in particular draws mountain climbers, and that’s Mount Taisen. At its apex one can enjoy the breathtaking autumn colours together with the sight of the rolling mountains.


    Address: Tano, Kokonoe, Kusu District, Oita
    Access: 40-minutes by car from Kokonoe IC.

  • Sanrio Harmonyland Announces ‘Happy Halloween’ Event For October 2020

    06.September.2020 | SPOT

    Harmonyland, a theme park centred on Sanrio’s cast of characters, has announced that this year it is holding a Halloween themed event titled “Happy Halloween” which will run from October 11 to 31.

    Meet the characters

    A greeting event will take place twice a day where guests can have photos taken next to the Sanrio characters who will be dressed in their best Halloween outfits. For the afternoon greeting, the characters will dance too.


    Photo opportunities

    There will be many photo opportunities around the park at a variety of Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, and other character decorations. Shops inside the park will also be decorated in all things spooky.


    Hello Kitty’s Castle transforms into Halloween mode

    Hello Kitty Castle will feature Halloween themed decor to greet guests who enter. Hello Kitty will also change into a spooky ghost costume at 10:00, 12:00, and 14:30 each day of the event.


    Halloween character merchandise

    Sanrio fans can get their hands on a selection of Halloween themed character merch.


    Limited-time character events

    Sanrio character ‘Wish Me Mell’ will also have her own birthday party between September 20 and 23 where she will be out to greet guests. After each greeting, 100 people will be given a special free thank you card on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Pin Badge Set ¥990 / Acrylic Key Ring Set ¥1,540 / Strawberry Milk Pudding ¥500 / Pancakes ¥600 / Smile Set ¥1,200

    This year marks the 15th anniversary of Kuromi, as well as My Melody’s 45th anniversary, and so both will be performing mini live concerts between September 25 to October 31. After each show 100 people will be given a Kuromi anniversary card on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Pin Badge Set / Kuromi Black Curry ¥1,380


    ©’76,’79,’88,’89,’91,’93,’96,’98,’99,’01,’05,’10,’12,’13,’17,’20 SANRIO  S/D・G
    *The information in this article is correct as of September 2, 2020. Please note that information related to the event is subject to change.