After their live in San Francisco, BAND-MAID will embark on their 2nd world tour! Join us for a special interview!!

02.October.2017 | FEATURES / MUSIC

On 9th and 10th September, Japan fans living in San Francisco gathered together to celebrate the Japanese cultural event “J-POP SUMMIT”, where BAND-MAID took to the stage!


The MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON team has conducted an interview with the members of BAND-MAID. This autumn, the girls will be embarking on two world tours.


Photo:Shingo Tamai

IMGP4241-©Alan Paredes_s


– Was that your first time in San Francisco?

Miku Kobato (aka Kobato): Yes! That was my first time.


– Did you have any time away from rehearsals or performing to enjoy San Francisco?

Kobato: We didn’t really have time to chill at our own pace but we managed some light strolling around the area where our hotel was and we had food together at some nearby restaurants.


– So you had some time out from work! Did you manage to get your fill of San Francisco?

Kobato: mmnnh….. I wanna go again!

*Everyone laughed*

Kobato: I’d like to go explore San Francisco again – on my own or with the girls!


– How did it feel to take part in J-POP SUMMIT?

MISA: When we heard the term “J-POP” we thought…but we’re a rock band…so when the decision was made to take part, the first thing we started thinking about was how we should appear on stage.


Kobato: The first time we “served” our masters and mistresses (fans) at a live performance abroad was in Seattle.  After hearing that we were going to America again to perform in San Francisco, I was honestly so happy. I’m pleased that we’re also performing in Japan. I just can’t contain my excitement!


AKANE: Turning up at San Francisco and influencing Americans to fall in love with Japanese culture made me feel good. Ramen is one of my favourite Japanese foods and it is so popular in America – physical evidence that Japan is an awesome country! I was eager to show America how amazing Japan is!


SAIKI: When the plan to perform was finalised, I was slightly anxious thinking about what kind of venue we would be performing at. However, I was relieved when I turned up and saw that there was one venue, where the stage and booth area were well separated. It was great fun to look around the booth area too!


KANAMI: I was overcome with happiness to see so many masters and mistresses (what we call our BAND-MAID fans) come to support us. I’m so pleased to share the love of Japan with foreigners!


– We’ve heard that you started your Japan tour straight after getting back from San Francisco, and that you are starting your world tour in the midst of your Japan tour. Are the contents of your Japan tour and world tour different?


Kobato: The difference between the Japan tour and the world tour is the name. They are the same but we’ve just divided it up. During our rehearsals, we’ve been getting ideas together on how to represent it.


– So how enthusiastic are you about this tour?

MISA: The venues this time are also going to be big. We want to push forward and deliver something even more impressive than our first world tour.


AKANE: At every venue, I want to nail it with perfection – even the way I greet the audience. Last time there was a lot going on…


Kobato: You said yourself, “I AM GORILLA!” – remember?


SAIKI: And in Germany you said “ICH BIN GORILLA!” haha!


AKANE: There were some things I couldn’t really get across very well to the audience last time, so this time I’m gonna practice so I can tell our fans exactly how I feel! Hehe.


Kobato: We will be visiting some countries for the second time, so we will be overcome with feels if we see the same fans from last time! We want to say “Welcome back!” to our masters and mistresses who revisit us. We want to show everyone just how much we’ve grown.


SAIKI: We had a hard schedule for our first tour. It looks like we’ve got another tough schedule this time too! Haha! This time I’ll be planning breaks ahead of time so that we can be on stage in good shape!


Kobato: I wanna get on stage in good shape!



Photo:Shingo Tamai


KANAMI: I want to kick off our third world tour and keep in good health so I will give it my all!


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  • BAND-MAID Announces Fan Listening Party to Promote New Album ‘Unseen World’

    22.January.2021 | MUSIC

    BAND-MAID has announced a special listening party with fans to promote their new album Unseen World which was released on Wednesday (January 20).

    All Masters and Princesses, which is what the band called their fans, from around the world are invited to join the party where they will be able to listen to the album at the same time as everyone else and post their thoughts on the new record together at the time of its release. The party will begin on January 20 at 21:00 (JST) and can be followed with the hashtags #bandmaid and #BMUWLP on Twitter.


    BAND-MAID will be posting new content over the next couple of weeks including a special YouTube premiere which will take place on the band’s official YouTube page at midnight (JST) on the same day as the new album’s release.

  • BAND-MAID Release ‘Manners’ Music Video From New Album ‘Unseen World’

    15.January.2021 | MUSIC

    Japanese maid hard rock band BAND-MAID are set to release physical editions of their 4th album Unseen World on January 20, 2021. But if you can’t wait one more week, then don’t worry, as the album is now available on music streaming and downloading sites, including Spotify, as of January 13.


    In line with the release, the five-member maid line-up dropped a new music video for the song Manners.

    BAND-MAID has announced that they will release new content every week for four weeks from January 13 starting with the music video. The video comes as the first from the new album.


    BAND-MAID / Manners (Official Music Video)

    To promote the release of Unseen World, a special panel exhibition will take place at participating Tower Records and HMV stores in Japan from January 20.


    BAND-MAID also announced on Wednesday (January 13) the unfortunate cancellation of their concert at the Nippon Budokan which was scheduled for February 11, 2021. It will instead be replaced by a no-audience live stream at a different venue on the same day.


    The members released a statement which you can read below.


    Important Notice from BAND-MAID Regarding the NIPPON BUDOKAN OKYU-JI

    Important Notice from BAND-MAID


    To all the masters and princesses who were looking forward to BAND-MAID Nippon Budokan Okyu-ji
    on February 11th, 2021. We regret to announce that we have decided to cancel the show.


    We are truly sorry that we will not be able to meet you all at the Nippon Budokan.
    However, we have decided that the best thing we can do now is to cancel the show.


    It is truly heartbreaking to see how the pandemic situation worsens day by day, threatening
    people’s health, lives, and normal daily lives. We have decided to cancel this event because
    we do not want our activities to put people in danger.


    We understand that this decision might bring up mixed reactions, but we sincerely hope for your understanding.


    When we announced Nippon Budokan exactly one year ago, we were concerned about taking on such a huge challenge.
    However, throughout the past year, we have had some restrictions on our activities due to the pandemic,
    but through your generous support, we worked hard and believed that we would make the Budokan okyu-ji happen.


    When we announced that we would hold our okyu-ji at the Nippon Budokan, the cheers and applause that
    rang out like a thunderclap were incredible, and we still strongly remember the joy that all the members felt.


    We want to perform at the Nippon Budokan again someday in the best possible condition.


    We have a goal to conquer the world. Although this was an important Nippon Budokan okyu-ji,
    the journey towards achieving our dream has only just begun.


    Even though we had to cancel many shows due to COVID-19, we found out through the online okyu-ji that
    more people worldwide are waiting for us and watching us than we could have ever imagined.


    Although the future is still unclear, we will continue to bring everyone joy through our music, in our own BAND-MAID way.

    We will continue to move forward toward our dreams unceasingly, and we hope that you will continue to follow us.


    From all of us at BAND-MAID



  • BAND-MAID Post Teaser For New Album ‘Unseen World’

    08.January.2021 | MUSIC

    BAND-MAID have posted a teaser video for their upcoming fourth studio album Unseen World which is set for release on January 20, 2021.

    The teaser, posted on BAND-MAID’s official YouTube channel, features live footage taken from their recent online live concert to the tune of select songs from the forthcoming 12-track record. The band have released one song, After Life, from the album so far. The album will also be released digitally worldwide on January 13, one week before the release of the CD version.


    BAND-MAID / Unseen World (Official Teaser Video)

    BAND-MAID will post something new related to the album on January 13, 2021. They are also sett o perform at the Nippon Budokan on February 11, 2021.

  • Interview: NiziU Discuss Their Favourite Moments in Life For Coca-Cola Japan’s New Commercial

    06.January.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Coca-Cola Japan launched a new campaign and commercial on Monday (January 4) titled “Kono Shunkan ga, Watashi,” which roughly translates to “This Moment is Me.”

    2020 saw tremendous changes in the lives of people around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and those changes continue to this day. Coca-Cola Japan’s new campaign aims to spread positivity with a mindset that says enjoy yourself to the fullest is the right way to go precisely because things have changed. It’s a campaign for loving those moments spent with friends and family in whatever way possible.


    The new commercial posted alongside the campaign’s launch features the members of the Japanese girl group NiziU singing and dancing to the tune of their new song Take a picture. The commercial shoot took place over the course of two days, and it’s reported that the set had a bright and positive atmosphere as NiziU greeted staff with smiles, vim, and vigour. On the first day they shot the dance and rooftop scenes, while the second day took them to the house studio. There’s also a scene of the group giving MAYUKA’s a surprise birthday celebration her birthday had fallen on the day before.

    Coca-Cola Japan has released limited-edition NiziU bottles as part of the collaboration which feature a QR code on them. When scanned, you can access the campaign website to sign up to win access to a special Coca-Cola x NiziU online event, a NiziU-original QUO card worth ¥1,000, and points for the LINE app. A total of 200,000 lucky winners will be chosen. There are 10 bottle designs to look out for.

    Additionally, a special 35-meter long ad poster is being displayed for a limited time at Shinjuku Station connecting to the East and West exits.


    NiziU Interview

    ―Your names are written on the limited-edition NiziU Coca-Cola bottles. How do you feel about them lining the shelves in stores?


    I am super happy that our names get to go on the Coca-Cola labels! I hope lots of people see them and are filled with positive vibes.


    It doesn’t feel real to me yet either that our names are featuring on Coca-Cola products. When they hit the stores I kind of want to go searching for my own name <laughs>.


    There’s a QR code on the bottles when might land you something if you scan it with your phone, so be on the lookout and try finding my bottle.


    ―When do you find yourselves wanting to drink Coca-Cola?

    I’m personally a huge foodie, so I like to drink it together with people when everyone’s eating their favourite food.


    I definitely find myself wanting some when I need a kick of positivity or need some energy.


    ―Please give your thoughts on the commercial shoot.

    When went on the rooftop with everyone, and when we were practicing the dances, we were drinking Coca-Cola. I feel the shoot had a completely different air to it than our usual practice. Everyone said “Cheers!” [with their drinks] on the roof. It was a lot of fun.


    It was hard to convey the appeal of Coca-Cola [during the shoot], so we thought to convey its delicious taste how we would convey the appeal of [NiziU]. We showed ourselves really enjoying its delicious taste.


    The shoot for this commercial was so much fun, there’s so many great bits in it! It looks so tasty watching everyone gulp down their drinks. It was a great time, I like everyone’s facial expressions in it. Be sure to check it out.


    ―Give us each of your thoughts on the “This Moment is Me” campaign and how it relates to yourselves.

    I feel the most me thing is when I’m writing in my diary. I write in it at the end of every day, it’s my favourite moment.


    When I’m eating something. I feel only happiness when eating; I forget all the bad things and can concentrate just by eating something tasty. It’s a moment I can be myself.


    I really love steady and straightforward work, like puzzles, so when I’m concentrating on one thing I really get in the zone, to the point where I can’t hear people even if they call my name. I think that kind of moment is most me.


    For me, it’s when I’m dancing. It’s something I’ve done since I was little, so I think working hard and practicing to improve in that is my most me moment.


    The moment which is most me is when I’m cooking. I find it so much fun and love seeing people enjoy the food I cook for them.


    It would be when I’m playing with my cat. I have two cats at home and can be my true self when playing with them.


    When I’m video calling my mom. We talk about the silliest things and laugh, and that’s when I feel most like myself. I love those moments the most.


    The moments I love the most are when I’m drawing. I don’t have to think about anything when I’m drawing and can relax, so they’re definitely my favourite.

  • BAND-MAID Release New Song ‘After Life’ From Upcoming Album ‘Unseen World’

    14.December.2020 | MUSIC

    BAND-MAID will release their 4th album Unseen World on January 20, 2021. Fans unable to wait for the hotly-anticipated new record can enjoy the band’s new track After Life that was released today (December 14). Pre-orders from the album also opened in Japan today on iTunes and Apple Music.

    Unseen World will be released in three versions: the Limited Pressing Edition, First Press Limited Edition, and Regular Edition. Each edition of the new record will include 14 songs, but two will feature exclusive tracks. Their new song Youth will feature on Limited Pressing Edition copies only, while the instrumental track without holding back, which is one played at their live shows, will be on Regular Edition copies only. Additionally, the Limited Pressing Edition comes with two discs with different themes: one being ‘going back to the roots’ and the other ‘evolving here and now.’


    After Life is the first song to be released from the upcoming album, with another set to roll out before it’s released.


    BAND-MAID performed their third Okyu-ji online live concert on Sunday (December 13) where they performed After Life for the first time.

  • BAND-MAID Release Music Video For Log Horizon Opening Theme ‘Different’

    02.December.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    BAND-MAID released music video on Tuesday for their new single Different which dropped today on December 2, 2020.


    Different will serve as the opening theme for the upcoming third season of the anime series Log Horizon, entitled Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table. The video was directed by Ryoji Aoki who has worked with BAND-MAID on many occasions. It’s a simple music video filled with that infectious BAND-MAID energy.


    BAND-MAID / Different (Official Music Video)

    Different is available to listen to on major music streaming services in Japan. BAND-MAID will perform the song for the first time at their upcoming live stream on December 13, 2020.


    BAND-MAID will release their new album BAND-MAID Unseen World will release on January 20, 2021.

  • BAND-MAID to Release New Album ‘Unseen World’ On January 20

    25.November.2020 | MUSIC

    BAND-MAID have announced that their fourth studio album Unseen World will release on January 20, 2021. It will be released in three versions: the Limited Pressing Edition, First Press Limited Edition, and Regular Edition.


    Each edition of the new record will include 14 songs, but two will feature exclusive tracks. Their new song Youth will feature on Limited Pressing Edition copies only, while the instrumental track without holding back, which is one played at their live shows, will be on Regular Edition copies only. Additionally, the Limited Pressing Edition comes with two discs with different themes: one being ‘going back to the roots’ and the other ‘evolving here and now.’

    Unseen World cover art

    The band members also made a collage of their fingers for the album’s cover art to create a truly ‘unseen world.’

    Fans in Japan who buy the album can get their hands on a selection of seven different pieces merchandise depending on where they pick it up from, including items with an Unseen World logo created by band member SAIKI. These are all available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    BAND-MAID will perform their third online Serving (concert) to fans around the world on December 13, 2020. They are set to perform Different for the first time, a new single being released on December 2. They will also stream their concert at the Nippon Budokan live in 2021. Until then, you can enjoy the archive of their performance from back on July 23, 2020.

  • BAND-MAID Perform TV Anime Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table’s Opening Theme

    02.November.2020 | MUSIC

    It has been announced that BAND-MAID’s new single Different, which is set for release on December 2, 2020, will be used as the opening theme for the upcoming TV anime series Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table coming this January. The song will feature on BAND-MAID’s highly-anticipated fourth album Unseen World which will hit shelves on January 20, 2021.

    Different cover art

    Unseen World comes as BAND-MAID’s first release since moving labels to Pony Canyon. It will be released in three versions: the CD-only Regular Edition, the First Press Limited Edition which includes a DVD featuring instrumental music videos, and a Limited Pressing Edition which features two discs, a multi-track Blu-ray with instrumental music videos, a studio photobook, and special packaging.


    BAND-MAID will perform at the legendary Nippon Buddokan in Tokyo on February 11, 2020. The concert will be held in accordance with government guidelines surrounding the pandemic.

  • BAND-MAID Announce New Single and Album Releases

    29.September.2020 | MUSIC

    BAND-MAID have announced that they will release a new single on December 2, 2020 as well as a brand new studio album in January 2021 at the same time as the band moves labels to Pony Canyon.


    BAND-MAID recently held online concerts for fans in July and August which saw Masters and Princesses from over 60 countries tune in.


    The rock band’s new single is their first in nearly eight months and comes as the first release following their live DVD and Blu-ray WORLD DOMINATION TOUR Shinka at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA which hit shelves back in April. Full details of the single have yet to be revealed, but it’s been confirmed that it will include their song Different which is set to be used as the opening theme for an upcoming anime series in January. It will be the band’s final release from Nippon Crown before their move to Pony Canyon.


    BAND-MAID will perform at the legendary Nippon Buddokan in Tokyo on February 11, 2020. The concert will be held in accordance with government guidelines surrounding the pandemic. Pre-sale tickets are now on sale.

  • Hulu Japan Announces Weekly Long Interviews With NiziU Members

    28.July.2020 | MUSIC

    NiziU is a nine-member global all-female group which formed via Nizi Project, an audition programme co-produced by Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Labels, and JYP Entertainment (JYP). NiziU’s first music video, Make you happy, has over 63 million views on YouTube (as of July 2020). Released at the end of June, the iconic jump rope dance in the video has already become something of a social phenomenon.

    In the run up to NiziU’s first anniversary, Hulu Japan will begin streaming long interviews with each of the nine members in a show called NiziU 9 Nizi Stories, beginning on July 30, 2020, where they will talk about their experience in the Nizi Project, as well as life in Tokyo and South Korea. They will discuss in detail why they wanted to be part of a girl group, what troubles they have gone through, what the other members think of them, their impression of J.Y. Park, what kind of artists they want to become, and so on.


    ©Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc./JYP Entertainment.

  • Concert Review: BAND-MAID’s First Online Concert Rocks Fans Around the World

    27.July.2020 | MUSIC

    BAND-MAID held their first ever online Serving (concert) on July 23, 2020, which was watched by Masters and Princesses (fans) across the globe who expressed their great excitement at the performance.

    Intro sound effects rang while LED lights fell on the stage as the band members stepped out to an audience-less venue. They began their set with DOMINATION, followed by their up-tempo classics Dilemma and Play. Guitarist KANAMI and bassist MISA showed off their incredible skill on their instruments as the band put on a performance that had fans feeling like they were actually there at the show.

    Before we knew it, the first part of the show had concluded. For the middle section, BAND-MAID played some ballads like glory and Rinne. Guitarist and vocalist Miku Kobato then took to the mic for some MC time. She read comments which were flooding in from fans around the world, something which is only possible with a streamed show like this. Comments were in multiple languages, including English. The official hashtag for the concert (#bandmaidokyuji) made it to 2nd place on Twitter’s trending page in Japan. It was proof of BAND-MAID’s popularity around the globe.

    Kobato carried out her signature Omajinai Time―a section of the concert performed at every show―which consists of call-and-response with the crowd of the phrases “Moe Moe” and “Kyun Kyun.” The Serving resumed with DICE as BAND-MAID dashed into the final part of the 1-hour show. The band performed FREEDOM, and lastly Blooming during which bright vivid lights lit up the stage.


    The members took a photo on stage while visuals appeared on the back screen. Whether BAND-MAID have an audience watching in the venue, or at home, what is certain is that they always make sure to crack up their performance to max, and then some.

    Pre-sale tickets for BAND-MAID’s upcoming concert at the Nippon Budokan in February 2021 are now on sale.


    Photos: SAKU

  • BAND-MAID Announce First ‘Online Serving’ Live Stream Concert

    08.July.2020 | MUSIC

    BAND-MAID have announced details for their first ever no-audience, online Serving (concert) which will be live streamed on July 23, 2020.


    According to the band’s official website, the show will start at 4:00pm (JST). Tickets are scheduled to go on sale on July 9 from 12:00pm (JST).


    In the run up to the concert, BAND-MAID have posted a live performance of their song Wonderland taken from February 14, 2020.


    BAND-MAID / Wonderland (Feb. 14th ,2020)

    It has also been announced that official pre-sales for the band’s forthcoming performance at Nippon Budokan next year in February will go on sale on July 11, 2020.