After their live in San Francisco, BAND-MAID will embark on their 2nd world tour! Join us for a special interview!!

02.October.2017 | FEATURES / MUSIC

On 9th and 10th September, Japan fans living in San Francisco gathered together to celebrate the Japanese cultural event “J-POP SUMMIT”, where BAND-MAID took to the stage!


The MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON team has conducted an interview with the members of BAND-MAID. This autumn, the girls will be embarking on two world tours.


Photo:Shingo Tamai

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– Was that your first time in San Francisco?

Miku Kobato (aka Kobato): Yes! That was my first time.


– Did you have any time away from rehearsals or performing to enjoy San Francisco?

Kobato: We didn’t really have time to chill at our own pace but we managed some light strolling around the area where our hotel was and we had food together at some nearby restaurants.


– So you had some time out from work! Did you manage to get your fill of San Francisco?

Kobato: mmnnh….. I wanna go again!

*Everyone laughed*

Kobato: I’d like to go explore San Francisco again – on my own or with the girls!


– How did it feel to take part in J-POP SUMMIT?

MISA: When we heard the term “J-POP” we thought…but we’re a rock band…so when the decision was made to take part, the first thing we started thinking about was how we should appear on stage.


Kobato: The first time we “served” our masters and mistresses (fans) at a live performance abroad was in Seattle.  After hearing that we were going to America again to perform in San Francisco, I was honestly so happy. I’m pleased that we’re also performing in Japan. I just can’t contain my excitement!


AKANE: Turning up at San Francisco and influencing Americans to fall in love with Japanese culture made me feel good. Ramen is one of my favourite Japanese foods and it is so popular in America – physical evidence that Japan is an awesome country! I was eager to show America how amazing Japan is!


SAIKI: When the plan to perform was finalised, I was slightly anxious thinking about what kind of venue we would be performing at. However, I was relieved when I turned up and saw that there was one venue, where the stage and booth area were well separated. It was great fun to look around the booth area too!


KANAMI: I was overcome with happiness to see so many masters and mistresses (what we call our BAND-MAID fans) come to support us. I’m so pleased to share the love of Japan with foreigners!


– We’ve heard that you started your Japan tour straight after getting back from San Francisco, and that you are starting your world tour in the midst of your Japan tour. Are the contents of your Japan tour and world tour different?


Kobato: The difference between the Japan tour and the world tour is the name. They are the same but we’ve just divided it up. During our rehearsals, we’ve been getting ideas together on how to represent it.


– So how enthusiastic are you about this tour?

MISA: The venues this time are also going to be big. We want to push forward and deliver something even more impressive than our first world tour.


AKANE: At every venue, I want to nail it with perfection – even the way I greet the audience. Last time there was a lot going on…


Kobato: You said yourself, “I AM GORILLA!” – remember?


SAIKI: And in Germany you said “ICH BIN GORILLA!” haha!


AKANE: There were some things I couldn’t really get across very well to the audience last time, so this time I’m gonna practice so I can tell our fans exactly how I feel! Hehe.


Kobato: We will be visiting some countries for the second time, so we will be overcome with feels if we see the same fans from last time! We want to say “Welcome back!” to our masters and mistresses who revisit us. We want to show everyone just how much we’ve grown.


SAIKI: We had a hard schedule for our first tour. It looks like we’ve got another tough schedule this time too! Haha! This time I’ll be planning breaks ahead of time so that we can be on stage in good shape!


Kobato: I wanna get on stage in good shape!



Photo:Shingo Tamai


KANAMI: I want to kick off our third world tour and keep in good health so I will give it my all!


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