Kenshi Yonezu releases a package of the album, “BOOTLEG!”

01.October.2017 | MUSIC

Some stunning packages of Kenshi Yonezu’s new album “BOOTLEG” (three versions are available) were released. The album will be released on the 1st of November (Wed.).

 d13546-910-351126-3 copy

The “Boot Version” has a cutout (the size of it is the same as the jacket of the 12inch analog version) and it includes six illustrations and a “clear sheet” which has the logo of BOOTLEG. This version also includes a B2 poster (a collage of his illustrations), colorful clear dummy record, a big lyric sheet and CD. It is a fantastic product, a product where one can feel the passion of Kenshi Yonezu with his/her own ears, eyes and hands.

d13546-910-728647-2 copy d13546-910-427447-1 copy copy

The “Image Version” is made with custom ordered old paper and has a three-way sleeve case. Aside from the music videos of “LOSER,” “orion” and “Peace Sign,” the DVD includes the music video of “Yumekui Shojo” which was performed at his first hall one-man live held in July 2017 created by Takashi Kato, an auteur. It is recommended to get this product since it includes tunes that have never been released as an official product except for “LOSER.”

d13546-910-854329-4 copy copy

The store-amenities are film sheet and A4 size clear files. The amenities which can obtained at TOWER RECORDS, HMV and Animate are created based on the illustrations of Kenshi Yonezu.

d13546-910-973553-5 copy copy

Can’t wait to see the design of each amenity and film sheet which can be obtained at other stores and clear files which can be obtained at TSUTAYA RECORDS!



Kenshi Yonezu New Album “BOOTLEG”

Release date: 2017,11,1 (Wed.)

Boot version (first limited): CD+12inch analog jacket+art illustration+poster+dummy record 4,500 yen+tax / SRCL-9567~9568

Video version (first limited): CD+DVD 3,700 yen+tax / SRCL-9569~9570

First limited version / normal version: CD only 3,000 yen+tax / SRCL-9571


<All reservations the same> ※The number of product is limited.

“Kenshi Yonezu 2018 LIVE / Fogbound” ticket reservation on first-come-first basis

“Kenshi Yonezu 2017 TOUR / Fogbound” (December) apply ticket

Apply date: 10,31 (Tue) 12:00 to 11,5 (Sun) 23:59


<Included tunes>

< CD >(All reservations the same)

01. Hien


03. Peace Sign

04. Suna no Wakusei (+Hatsune Miku)

05. orion

06. Kaiju no March

07. Moonlight

08. Shunrai

09. fogbound ( + ?)

10. Number Nine

11. Arisu

12. Nighthawks

13. Uchiage Hanabi

14. Haiiro to Ao  ( + ?)


< DVD > (Only included in “Video Version (first limited) 「

1. LOSER Music Video

2. orion Music Video

3. Peace Sign Music Video

4. Yumekui Shojo Music Video


▶Information RE Live concerts

Kenshi Yonezu 2017 TOUR / Fogbound

2017,11,1 (Wed.) Osaka Festival Hall

2017,11,2 (Thurs.) Osaka Festival Hall

2017,11,4 (Sat.) Hyogo Prefecture Kobe Kokusaikaikan Hall

2017,11,5 (Sun.) Hyogo Prefecture Kobe Kokusaikaikan Hall

2017,11,8 (Wed.) Saitama Prefecture Omiya Sonic City

2017,11,9 (Thurs.) Saitama Prefecture Omiya Sonic City

2017,11,18 (Sat.) Tokushima Prefecture Naruto Shimin Bunkakaikan

2017,11,19 (Sun.) Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama Shiminkaikan

2017,11,23 (Thurs. / holiday) Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Sunpalace

2017,11,24 (Fri.) Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Sunpalace

2017,11,26 (Sun.) Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima Shiminbunka Hall Daiichi

2017,11,29 (Wed.) Niigata Prefecture Niigata Kenminkaikan

2-17,12,1 (Fri.) Hokkaido NITORI Bunka Hall

2017,12,7 (Thurs.) Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Sunplaza Hall

2017,12,9 (Sat.) Fukushima Prefecture Koriyama Shiminbunka Center Dai Hall

2017, 12,14 (Thurs.) Kanagawa Prefecture Pacifico Kokuritsudai Hall

2017,12,16 (Sat.) Aichi Prefecture Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijo Century Hall

2017,12,17 (Sun.) Aichi Prefecture Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijo Century Hall

2017,12,23 (Sat. / holiday) Okayama Prefecture Okayama Shiminkaikan

2017,12,24 (Sun.) Hiroshima Prefecture Ueno Gakuen Hall


Kenshi Yonezu 2018 LIVE / Fogbound

2018,1,9 (Tue.) Tokyo Nihon Budokan

2018,1,10 (Wed.) Tokyo Nihon Budokan


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