KAWAII LAB. Report #21 ~ FRUITS ZIPPER Chats About the ‘Chou Medetai Song’ Music Video

06.July.2023 | MUSIC

Soon after wrapping up their successful first-anniversary concert, FRUITS ZIPPER released Chou Medetai Song ~Konnanni Shiawasede Iinokana?~ as a digital single on May 4, 2023. New teaser trailers for the song’s music video have been released every day since June 29, with the final product scheduled to drop on July 7 at 21:00 JST. Ahead of this exciting day, we sat down with the members to commemorate the music video’s official release!


–Just listening to Chou Medetai Song ~Konnanni Shiawasede Iinokana?~ is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face! How did you feel when you heard it for the first time?


Suzuka Chinzei: I thought it was the happiest song of the Reiwa era! I love the lyrics that
tell people they can choose their own happiness. The question in the song’s title–Is it okay
to be this happy?–was answered by the amazing Sho Yamamoto, who wrote the song’s
lyrics. “Yes, it’s okay, because it’s something I chose myself.” I think he’s a genius for that answer.

–What’s your favorite lyric in Chou Medetai Song?


Yui Sakurai: “It feels impossible to feel this way without expecting something a little bad!” Whenever you’re SO happy that you feel like something bad must be on the way, that’s some powerful happiness. The lyrics in this song are so fluffy and packed with joy, I just love it.


–What’s the main thing audiences should focus on when they see Chou Medetai Song’s choreography?


Mana Manaka: Everything! The choreography is really fun, catchy, and easy to imitate!

@fruits_zipper 8/4(金)『TGC teen 2023 Summer』 @国立代々木競技場 第二体育館に出演させて頂きます✨#FRUITSZIPPER #ふるっぱー #ちょめでた #ちょめでたダンス ♬ 超めでたいソング 〜こんなに幸せでいいのかな?〜 – FRUITS ZIPPER


–The music video will be released soon! What are the vibes?


Luna Nakagawa: I feel like our fans have been really excited about this one. I just hope that this music video will make everyone happy–remember to congratulate yourself sometimes!

–Is there a specific scene in the video that you’d like fans to watch out for?


Amane Tsukiashi: I love Luna and I wearing fun sunglasses when we sing “First, can we start being bolder today?”

–Share something super happy that’s happened to you lately!


Noel Hayase: That has to be our performance at Nakano Sunplaza!



Karen Matsumoto: Amane really loves Arin from Momoiro Clover Z, and getting to perform with her was so wonderful! I was happy too!

–Lastly, do you have anything you’d like to say to the fans?


Suzuka: The music video for Chou Medetai Song ~Konnanni Shiawasede Iinokana?~ is
finally here! Whether you’re a man or woman, young or old, an earthling or an alien, it
doesn’t matter–this song will make you happy! I love all of you so much♡♡So lucky!!!”

FRUITS ZIPPER is continuing their incredible success, recently announcing their first CD release, first national tour, and first arena show. Keep an eye out for what they’ll do next!


  • KAWAII LAB. Debuts New Idol Group SWEET STEADY

    23.January.2024 | MUSIC

    The KAWAII LAB. idol project has announced a new group, SWEET STEADY. Previously, the project has been responsible for the formation of FRUITS ZIPPER, who won the Best New Artist award at the 2023 Japan Record Awards and whose song Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro has pulled in 900 million views on TikTok, and CANDY TUNE, who filled Zepp Shinjuku to capacity just six months after their debut.


    Eight members have been selected for the new group: Ayu Okuda, Yui Otoi, Natsuka Kurita, Rise Shiokawa, Mayumi Shiraishi, Nagisa Shoji, Mia Yanagawa, and Sakina Yamauchi. This will be the first KAWAII LAB. group in which all members have a history in the idol world—all eight girls have participated in various idol activities, including modeling, stage performances, and gravure shoots. Together, they have amassed over 1.8 million followers on social media even before their debut.


    The group’s name, SWEET STEADY, is inspired by the hope that these sweet girls, like a bouquet of colorful flowers, will steadily grow step by step through their idol experiences. The group will be produced by Misa Kimura, general producer of KAWAII LAB.


    Additionally, the group’s debut concert, KAWAII LAB. SESSION Vol.7 – SWEET STEADY, will be held at Ebisu’s The Garden Hall on March 4. All members of KAWAII LAB., including FRUITS ZIPPER, CANDY TUNE, and KAWAII LAB. MATES, are also scheduled to perform at the event.


    [SWEET STEADY Member Profiles / Comments]

    ■ Ayu Okuda : Blue

    “Hi there, I’m Ayu Okuda!

    I’m happy to announce that I’ll be continuing my activities as part of SWEET STEADY. I never thought I’d be able to be an idol under KAWAII LAB. again, so I’m super excited to be debuting with a new group and am looking forward to meeting all the fans!
    I hope we can all aim higher and make our dreams come true! I’ll give it my all! Thank you for your support!”


    X: @ayu_ss0107
    Instagram: @okudaayu
    TikTok: @okudaayu



    ■Yui Otoi : Light Blue

    “I’m Yui Otoi, also known as Oyui! I’m pleased to announce that I’m now a member of SWEET STEADY, a new KAWAII LAB. idol group. I’m so happy to be working with these kind girls that I love so much.


    I already feel like this group will be a powerhouse since each member has their own personality, strengths, and abilities.


    At the moment, we’re practicing a ton and growing a lot. We’re going to give it our all from the very start, so I hope you’ll stick with us from the beginning and not miss a single second!


    I’m going to do my best to bring a lot of happiness to those who support me! Thank you so much!”


    X: @yui_ss0109
    Instagram: @otoi_yui_19
    TikTok: @otoi_yui_19



    ■Natsuka Kurita : Pink

    “I’m Natsuka Kurita from Kyoto!
    I’m excited to announce that I’m now a member of the new KAWAII LAB. idol group SWEET STEADY. It’s so thrilling to make my idol debut with KAWAII LAB., something I’ve wanted so badly! Each member has their own personality, and I believe that we’ve gathered together some of the strongest members who love each other very much. I would like to make big dreams come true with SWEET STEADY!

    I’ll continue to be grateful and grow every day! Please look forward to the debut of SWEET STEADY and enjoy the happiness we bring!”


    X: @natsuka_ss0719
    Instagram: @n_wanwan3
    TikTok: @n_wanwan3



    ■Rise Shiokawa : Purple

    “I’m Rise Shiokawa!

    I’m here to announce that I’ve been chosen as a member of SWEET STEADY, a new group from KAWAII LAB. I’m so happy and proud to work with some of the strongest and most incredible members, all of whom embody both kindness and power. Although we’re just starting, I’d like the eight of us to become incredible idols so that one day we can all bloom as a single flower.


    I’d like to make my dream come true with all of you who support me, as well as with the other members and the staff! Thank you very much for your support.”


    X: @rise_ss0731
    Instagram: @rise_shio
    TikTok: @rise_7



    ■Nagisa Shoji : Orange

    “I’m Nagisa Shoji and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been chosen to be a member of SWEET STEADY, a new group from KAWAII LAB.!


    I’m so thrilled to make my debut with the strongest members in such a supportive environment!


    It’s a miracle that eight such strong members have come together, and we’ve heard people say “It’s hard to believe that they haven’t even debuted yet!” We’ll do our best to make our dreams come true one by one, hand in hand, and to make our cheering fans happy!
    We’d like to become a group that can add color to the idol world! Thanks for supporting us!”


    X: @nagisa_ss1029
    Instagram: @nagyuuu_official
    TikTok: @nagyu_official



    ■Mayumi Shiraishi : Red

    “My name is Mayumi Shiraishi!

    I’m pleased to announce that I’m now a member of SWEET STEADY, a new idol group from KAWAII LAB.!


    I’m very happy to be able to work hard as an idol alongside such cute and kind people as we aim to be the top performers in KAWAII LAB! I’m really looking forward to the days ahead when we can work together as SWEET STEADY! I think we have the eight strongest members out there, so I’d be thrilled if you can watch and support us as we grow!
    Thanks for cheering for SWEET STEADY!!”


    X: @mayumi_ss1227
    Instagram: @mayumi.1227
    TikTok: @shiraishi_mayumi



    ■Mia Yanagawa : Mint Green

    “I’m Mia Yanagawa! I’m excited to announce that I’m now a member of the new KAWAII LAB. idol group SWEET STEADY. It’s a dream come true to work with some of my favorite people and some of the most skilled girls out there at my dream company!
    With this happiness in mind, I’ll never forget my original intentions, I’ll always be grateful, and I’ll do my very best!


    Alongside the other members, I’d like to make big dreams come true and repay those who have helped us by becoming successful!”


    X: @mia_ss0211
    Instagram: @miapichan_
    TikTok: @mia_pyon_



    ■Sakina Yamauchi : Yellow

    “My name is Sakina Yamauchi!


    I’m happy to announce that I’ll be continuing my activities as part of SWEET STEADY!
    I’m so excited to be able to work with these lovely members who I care for so much!
    My goal is to spread as much happiness as I can while always remembering to be grateful for the incredible opportunity to become an idol in such a warm environment!
    I hope to make many big dreams come true with SWEET STEADY and everyone who supports us! Thank you so much!”


    X: @sakina_ss0229
    Instagram: @sakina_yamauchi
    TikTok: @sakina_yamauchi

  • FRUITS ZIPPER Member Yui Sakurai to Release 1st Photobook in February 2024

    10.January.2024 | FASHION / MUSIC

    Having celebrated her 10th year in showbiz in 2023, Yui Sakurai, a member of the popular idol group FRUITS ZIPPER, will release her first photobook on February 20, 2024.


    The photos were shot in Phuket, Thailand, and the Phi Phi Islands, which Sakurai had dreamed of visiting. On the world-class island of Phuket, the artist experienced riding an elephant along the beach and enjoyed a romantic floating breakfast in a warm pool. When visiting the Phi Phi Islands, Sakurai visited Maya Bay, which served as the location for the film The Beach and is known by many as ‘Phantom Beach.’ Along with some swimsuit shots, Sakurai also makes her first appearance in lingerie.


    A special edition of the photobook including an acrylic stand, a special book, and an exclusive box will be sold exclusively at HMV&BOOKS online, HMV&BOOKS, HMV (participating stores), and Tower Records (the Shibuya store and online). The special book features an exclusive dialogue between Sakurai and the other members of FRUITS ZIPPER, snapshots of their many outfits, and other rare personal details. Those who purchase the special edition will also be invited to attend an exclusive event.


    <Comment from Yui Sakurai>

    “I am so excited to announce the release of my first photobook! Shooting this book overseas during the 10th anniversary of my idol career was a dream come true. The release date is February 20, which is the last day I’ll be 23 years old. I’m so lucky to be able to experience so many wonderful things!


    Thank you so much to the fans and all of the people whose support has made this dream come true! In the book, you’ll see plenty of photos that show not only my on-stage self, but also my more relaxed self and a more personal side of me! I hope this release will give more people an opportunity to get to know me…I hope you’ll enjoy it…”

  • FRUITS ZIPPER’s First Arena Concert Report: Group to Hold Second Anniversary Concert at Nippon Budokan!

    09.November.2023 | MUSIC

    On October 28, the idol group FRUITS ZIPPER held their first arena concert at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and announced that they would perform a solo show at Nippon Budokan on May 18, 2024 to celebrate the group’s second anniversary.


    During the concert, the group also performed the new song Kimikoi (Dear you) for the first time. The track is filled with gratitude for the legions of fans who have supported the group since their debut and is available to stream now.


    This September, FRUITS ZIPPER’s first nationwide tour ‘FRUITS ZIPPER JAPAN TOUR 2023 -AUTUMN-’ took the girls to Osaka, Aichi, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Hokkaido, and Kanagawa. The tour culminated in a sold-out show at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, the first arena performance for the group. Presale tickets also sold out, and around 8,000 people attended the event. Even before the show started, there was plenty of excitement both inside and outside the venue.

    When the show’s opening video began to play, the crowd’s fervor exploded. Penlights incorporating wireless lighting were introduced for this concert, and once the entire venue was flooded with beautiful, unified light, the members appeared. The concert began with Pure in the World, which has been popular throughout the tour. Continuing with Kanpeki Shugide☆ and Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete, the girls were ready to show off their skills in their first-ever arena show.

    Once the girls had a chance to breathe, the audience’s cheers echoed throughout the venue. Each member asked the crowd if they were excited, and the fans quickly responded as loudly as they could.


    During Fre-Fru Summer!, the girls rode in a giant float that traveled around the arena, bringing the members and fans even closer. Despite the show taking place at the end of October, the vibes inside the arena were entirely mid-summer. As the excitement of the fans grew, RADIO GALAXY began, featuring lasers and other flashy effects, turning the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium into a dance hall. Not letting up, the group transformed the atmosphere into something more emotional, performing Roller Coaster Heart, We are Frontier–remixed for the tour–and Zutto, Zutto, Zutto! The final song of the first half was CO-Kosei, which was performed for the first time at the Kanagawa concert in September and shows off FRUITS ZIPPER’s individuality.

    During the halfway point titled WORLD KAWAII CLASSIC, the seven members were divided into three groups and performed a unit song for the first time. First on stage were the friendly Amaren Sisters (Amane Tsukiashi, Karen Matsumoto) to perform their song Pinky Red. The song’s comical lyrics and catchy melody transformed the venue into a sea of cuteness, playing into the pair’s standard interactions. The audience was also excited to see the world’s most adorable JoJo Pose during the performance. The next unit was comprised of Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, and Mana Manaka, who performed their song Tenshinranmanwhile showing off both their cute idol-like appearance and their uniqueness. Finally, Luna Nakagawa and Noel Hayase performed Bye-Bye, showing off a next-level melody and rap segment not heard in any FRUITS ZIPPER songs in the past. Fans couldn’t take their eyes off the girls’ performance, which was completely unexpected for an idol concert. During the MC, the members shared the story behind each song and praised one another.

    The second half of the show continued with the same incredible momentum as the first. Each member appeared in new costumes covered in ribbons before performing Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru, Welcome to the ♡ Furuppa, and the incredibly popular Happy Chocolate. Yui Sakurai’s line ‘Naani, naani,’ which trended on TikTok earlier this year as ‘Naaze, naaze,’ immediately struck a chord with fans.


    During the second half of the show, the girls gave an energetic and cool performance of Re→TRY & FLY as flames illuminated the stage. The voltage in the venue continued to ramp up as the group performed skyfeelan and Going!, making it the perfect environment for FRUITS ZIPPER to perform their new songKimikoi (Dear you) as a surprise. The track is packed with gratitude for the group’s fans who have supported them from the start and urged them to aim higher, through their first CD release, nationwide tour, and solo concert at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Kimikoi (Dear you) was produced with the hope of “continuing to make dreams come true together with the fans.” The lyric-like posts that have been posted on FRUITS ZIPPER’s Twitter over the past few days caused a stir among fans, and all foreshadowing led to this new song. The girls thanked everyone from the bottom of their hearts as they sang the moving lyrics with all of their might.


    The concert came to a close with FRUITS ZIPPER’s signature track Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro. As the members danced along to their signature track, many people in the audience did as well. 8,000 people dancing in unison truly embodied the heart of “NEW KAWAII.”

    But the concert wasn’t over yet. The members returned to the stage after hearing the audience loudly begging for an encore, thanking the fans for their support. “We’re not done yet, so I’d like to show everyone an even more incredible performance,” said Yui Sakurai. The group filmed a TikTok with the 8,000 audience members as they performed Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, so visit FRUITS ZIPPER’s social media to check it out!


    For the encore, the girls performed Kimikoi (Dear you) again, this time allowing the audience to record video. “Let’s get this trending,” said Matsumoto as the performance began.
    Suddenly, a video began playing on the large screen on stage, announcing that FRUITS ZIPPER would be celebrating its second anniversary with a performance at Nippon Budokan on May 18, 2024. The members were also speechless, as they hadn’t been made aware of this exciting news. As some of the girls were moved to tears, the fans congratulated them with loud voices and warm applause. Fittingly, the group then sang Chou Medetai Song ~Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?, and the entire venue celebrated the overwhelmingly exciting news. The shouts of “Congratulations” rang out louder than ever before at the massive Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

    Luna Nakagawa commented on the final performance of the tour with tears in her eyes, expressing her joy at being able to stand on the stage she had always dreamed of. Yui Sakurai, who celebrated her 10th idol anniversary on October 20, also reflected on the day she passed her first idol audition and the day she quit her part-time job to pursue showbiz. “I’m so happy to be able to stand before you all today as an idol, and I’m so glad I came back. Today, I was able to fulfill my dream of making so many people happy, and I hope I was able to repay everyone for their incredible kindness.” Suzuka Chinzei continued with her final remarks. “I want everyone here tonight to be happy,” she yelled with a huge smile on her face before the group launched into their debut song Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete. The girls showed their determination to strive towards the next stage of their careers, and after the song, Luna Nakagawa asked that the lights in the venue be turned off so that the girls could only see the penlights in the crowd. The seven-colored lights illuminating the venue may as well have been beacons leading FRUITS ZIPPER towards their bright future.


    FRUITS ZIPPER has had a total attendance of over 16,000 people since its nationwide tour began in September, and is scheduled to perform at Nippon Budokan in May. Fans look forward to seeing what kind of happy performances await them in the future as the girls continue to evolve.

    <Member Comments>

    Comment from Suzuka Chinzei
    “It’s a miracle that we’ll be able to perform at Nippon Budokan on our second anniversary, and it’s all thanks to the fans and people who have always supported us that this dream is coming true. We’ll give the best possible performance as a girls’ idol group worthy of standing on stage at such a legendary venue, so I hope that everyone in the world and the universe comes!”


    Comment from Yui Sakurai
    “I can’t believe that we’ll soon be standing on stage at Budokan. It’s the goal of every idol, and we’re doing it just two years after our debut. I hope that the fans will look forward to that special day–we’ll work hard and do our best to truly become idols worthy of Nippon Budokan!”


    ■Set List
    M01 Pure in the World
    M02 Kanpeki Shugide☆
    M03 Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete
    M04 Fre-Fru Summer!
    M06 Roller Coaster Heart
    M07 We are Frontier -Tour Remix ver-
    M08 Zutto, Zutto, Zutto!
    M09 CO-Kosei
    M10 Pinky Red (Amane Tsukiashi, Karen Matsumoto)
    M11 Tenshinranman (Suzuka Chinsei, Yui Sakurai, Mana Manaka)
    M12 Bye-Bye (Luna Nakagawa, Noel Hayase)
    M13 Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru
    M14 Welcome to the ♡ Furuppa!
    M15 Happy Chocolate
    M16 Re→TRY & FLY
    M17 skyfeelan
    M18 Going!
    M19 Kimikoi (Dear you)
    M20 Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro

    M21 Kimikoi (Dear you)
    M22 Chou Medetai Song ~Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?~
    M23 Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete


    Kimikoi (Dear you) – FRUITS ZIPPER (New Digital Single)

  • FRUITS ZIPPER’s Yui Sakurai Celebrates 10 Years Since Idol Debut, Limited Edition Merch and Commemorative Events Planned

    20.October.2023 | MUSIC

    The idol group FRUITS ZIPPER has been picking up steam since its debut in February 2022. On September 13, 2023, the group’s first single CD Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro was released, ranking 3rd on the Billboard Japan Top Single Sales chart and 4th on the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking chart. Yui Sakurai, one of the group’s members, celebrated her 10th year as an idol on October 20, 2023. For the next year, the Yui Sakurai 10th Anniversary -IDOL OF IDOLS- project will be held.


    Yui Sakurai has amassed incredible support over the past year. Her line “Nani Nani” from the song Happy Chocolate inspired “Naze Naze,” which hit the top spot in the SNS Trending Word Ranking for 2023. Sakurai was also voted #1 in the “Idols Who are Simply Cute” ranking seen on Fuji TV’s program Neru, Shuzai Ittekimasu ~Tokyo Idol Times~.
    FRUITS ZIPPER was formed in April 2022, but Yui Sakurai’s roots as an idol began before the group came together. Over the next year, a number of projects and events will take place to celebrate her incredible idol milestone.


    The project’s official website was unveiled today and features commemorative goods for sale, as well as comments from the members of FRUITS ZIPPER. A request page has also been opened, allowing fans to send requests to Yui Sakurai detailing what they’d like to see her do for her 10th anniversary.


    A live event is also scheduled for December 24, 2023. For the latest information, check FRUIT ZIPPER’s social media.

    <Comment from Yui Sakurai>

    “I, Yui Sakurai, have been an idol for ten years.

    Thank you so much for your continued support!

    I treasure sooooo many of the memories I’ve made with all of you, both during the tough times and the happy times. Those treasures have supported me in the past, and they continue to support me now.

    This year, to show my gratitude to all of you, I’m beginning my “10th Anniversary Year!”

    I just want to give something back to all of you, and I hope that you’re excited to see much more of me in the future.

    I’m working with everyone on staff to come up with a lot of ideas, so please look forward to it!” ♡♡♡


    Yui Sakurai 10th Anniversary -IDOL OF IDOLS- Official Site
    URL: https://yuisakurai-10th-anniversary.com/


  • CANDY TUNE Announces First Concert Tour in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya

    18.October.2023 | MUSIC

    After debuting in March as part of the idol project KAWAII LAB., CANDY TUNE announced that it would hold its first solo concert, -NEW WAY-, on October 18. The group will also hold its first tour in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya in March 2024.


    The tour will kick off on March 16 at Nagoya ReNY limited, followed by Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS, and Osaka Umeda TRAD, before wrapping up with a finale at Tokyo’s Toyosu PIT, the largest venue in the group’s history.


    ■October 18 Solo Concert Report

    Presale tickets for CANDY TUNE’s first solo concert quickly sold out. The venue, Zepp Shinjuku (Tokyo), was overflowing with fans, and when the Overture began accompanied by excited shouts from the members, the energy in the space immediately became more electrified.


    The cheers became louder as the girls appeared on stage, starting the show with a new version of CATCH YOU in which each member introduced themselves during the song. Fans called out the names of their favorite members, and as the first number came to a close, the energy changed as TUNE MY WAY began, the members confidently switching to their cool and sharp choreography. Mikanna Seishun followed, showing the group’s variety as the girls captivated the audience with their youthful voices.

    CANDY TUNE took the stage in new cute yet elegant costumes for this live performance. “I tried to design costumes with autumn flare that kept to our usual style but was also a little different than usual,” said member Bibian Murakawa. “I want to make this the most euphoric space ever,” said member Shizuka Miyano, her enthusiasm for the concert clear.


    Following the first MC, the group continued with Cu Cu Cu Cute, WAO AOHARU, Maewo Muke, and Nanairo Prologue in one go. The audience cheered louder and louder, and keeping up the momentum, CANDY TUNE performed the new song Twilight Dilemma released on October 18. Fans couldn’t take their eyes off the incredible performance, which offered a glimpse of a totally different side of the group. “I think you’ll see an entirely new genre of CANDY TUNE,” said Miyano.

    The second half of the show featured Kiss Me Patissier, one of CANDY TUNE’s most popular songs, with a call and response portion from Rino Fukuyama. The members performed with all their might, and as the energy hit an all-time high, the final song hanamaru inspired the biggest cheers of the day.

    When the members left the stage, the audience immediately begged for an encore. As the girls returned to the stage, they performed their new song Hissatsu Azato Pose for the first time. The lyrics and choreography of the track are cute and flirty, and during the performance, the members addressed the audience with plenty of flirtatious lines and poses that seemed to strike a chord. “The choreography is simple and cute, making it easy for anyone to dance along! I’d be happy if you learn it and dance at live performances or make it go viral on TikTok,” said Nanako Ogawa.


    Miyano had plenty to say about the solo concert. “We’re only able to perform on bigger and bigger stages because of our dedicated fans and staff members who support us. I also think that fate brought these seven cute girls together. Please continue to watch over us as we grow,” she said. As the atmosphere became more emotional, the group performed their well-known track Nanairo Prologue as their second encore song. In the midst of so much excitement, Miyano suddenly stopped the performance, standing in the center of the stage to announce CANDY TUNE’s 1st Anniversary tour, with the finale to be held at Toyosu PIT. The audience was shocked by both the new song and the announcement of such a major milestone.

    “Thanks to all the publicity from Ame-chan, we were actually able to achieve our goal of filling up Zepp Shinjuku today. I truly believe that we’ll also be able to sell out Toyosu PIT,” said Ogawa, expressing her sincere gratitude. Natsu Minami, in tears on stage, stepped forward to share her feelings. “Before our debut, the seven of us set this goal. For a while, we thought it might not happen, but thanks to everyone’s love for us, it’s actually coming true. Will you come and see the grown-up version of us on April 27 in Toyosu?”


    The audience immediately burst into loud applause, and the excitement remained at a fever pitch as CANDY TUNE performed Kiss Me Patissier one more time to bring the solo concert to an end.


    ■Set List
    Mikanna Seishun
    Cu Cu Cu Cute
    Maewo Muke
    Nanairo Prologue
    Twilight Dilemma
    Kiss Me Patissier

    Hissatsu Azato Pose
    Nanairo Prologue
    Kiss Me Patissier

  • Idol Group CANDY TUNE Releases Fast-Paced Coming-of-Age Song ‘WAO!AOHARU!’ on Streaming Platforms

    27.September.2023 | MUSIC

    CANDY TUNE, an idol group from ASOBISYSTEM’s KAWAII LAB. project, released the new song WAO!AOHARU! on all major streaming platforms today, September 27. The group debuted in March of this year.


    Like the group’s popular song Kiss Me Patissier, which has created plenty of buzz on TikTok and inspired a recent music video, WAO!AOHARU! also features sound production by Naoki Kubo and lyrics by Suu, both from SILENT SIREN. This catchy and fast-paced coming-of-age track expresses the wide range of emotions felt so deeply at a young age, from love and friendship to depression and melancholy. CANDY TUNE expresses their earnest feelings as girls living through the peak of their youth as idols. WAO!AOHARU! will be performed live for the first time at Nanako Ogawa’s Birthday Event at Spotify O-WEST on September 28.


    On October 18, CANDY TUNE will hold its long-awaited first solo concert at Zepp Shinjuku in Tokyo. Tickets are available now from a variety of retailers.

    CANDY TUNE 1st Solo Concert -NEW WAY-




  • FRUITS ZIPPER’s 1st Single CD ‘Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro’ Ranks #3 on Billboard JAPAN Top Single Sales Chart!

    20.September.2023 | MUSIC

    On September 13, 2023, popular idol group FRUITS ZIPPER released its first single CD Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro. Immediately upon release, the album reached the #3 spot on the Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales chart and #4 on the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking chart. The titular track was released digitally in April 2022 and has received over 900 million views on TikTok and 13 million music video views on YouTube.


    FRUITS ZIPPER is currently holding its first nationwide tour, FRUITS ZIPPER 1st JAPAN TOUR 2023 -AUTUMN- The parlor of FRUITS ZIPPER. The long-awaited tour began on September 3, and on September 16, the group held a semi-final show at KT Zepp Yokohama in Kanagawa.


    The title of the tour, ‘The Parlor of FRUITS ZIPPER,’ hopes to inspire the audience to discover the individuality of each member, akin to a parfait with different layers. Tickets for the Osaka, Aichi, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, and Hokkaido shows have completely sold out. Tickets for the Kanagawa performance were also sold out, and the show was held in front of a completely packed house, even when accounting for the second-floor seats.


    Multicolored lasers inspired by the member’s colors swept across the venue, cueing the group to start the show with the hit song Pure in the World, which was released digitally in August. The peppy track instantly captured the hearts of fans in the audience, and that excitement carried into the following songs: Kanpeki Shugide☆ and Fre-Fru Summer!

    During the MC, the members took the time to explain the theme of the tour and their new costumes prepared exclusively for the long-awaited event. Each member has a representative fruit, and their flashy costumes feature adorable aprons and other details reminiscent of parlor clerks. “Welcome,” the members yelled, inviting fans into their unique world for a few hours to have a happy and sweet time.


    The concert resumed immediately following the MC with Happy Chocolate, and inspired by the TikTok trend, many fans danced along during the chorus. Transforming the energy into something gentler, Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru began soon after, captivating fans with its addictive sweetness. The girls showed their sexy dance moves during We are Frontier and their cooler side during the upbeat Going! With incredible momentum, FRUITS ZIPPER powered through six songs in a row, including the hyper RADIO GALAXY and Roller Coaster Heart. The audience was lucky enough to experience all sides of this multifaceted idol group, subverting expectations and wowing everyone lucky enough to attend.

    After the impressive performance, Mana Manaka and Luna Nakagawa shared memories of the national tour, including a moment in Hokkaido when the two felt their lives were in danger from an enzyme bath, drawing laughter from the audience. Suzuka Chinzei also excitedly announced that she would play the starring role in the upcoming CBC drama Link!, and that the theme song for the drama would be the group’s popular track Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru. Mana Manaka touchingly reflected on the group’s past performances, which visited each member’s hometown. “It felt like our triumphant return home. It was such a great experience, to show everyone how much we’ve grown.”


    After the members and audience calmed down after the MC, Nakagawa eagerly began the second half of the show. “Are you excited, Yokohama,” she called out. The group ignited fans’ hearts with Welcome to the ♡ Furuppa! and Re→TRY & FLY, leading into one of the happiest songs in recent memory, Chou Medetai Song ~Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?~ The audience called out the members’ names in loud voices and clapped in unison, creating a deep sense of unity between FRUITS ZIPPER and their fans. As many would expect, the final song performed was Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, the group’s most popular song which was just released as a physical single. TikTok photography was allowed for this song, and legions of fans kept their phones pointed at the stage. Check TikTok to see the colorful and adorable performance!

    In typical FRUITS ZIPPER fashion, the show didn’t end there! After fans begged for an encore, the members returned to the stage to perform the new song CO-Kosei. Composed by Sho Yamamoto, the composer of Watashi no Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, the track fit the tour’s theme perfectly. The lyrics are filled with overwhelming individuality from each member, and the catchy choreography instantly grabbed the audience’s attention, with easily mimicked moves sure to be the next trend. Following the performance, the members showed their eagerness to make the ‘CO-pose’ more popular.


    Following the TikTok shoot with fans throughout the venue–a popular trend during FRUITS ZIPPER concerts–the group performed a few more tracks, including Zutto, Zutto, Zutto! Sending love to the fans, Yui Sakurai announced the last song, asking fans to “make memories together with them.” The performance finally came to an end with a heartfelt rendition of Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete. The audience couldn’t help but dance along, making it the most earnest moment of the performance.

    After the show ended, Yui Sakurai and Luna Nakagawa were so moved that they immediately hugged each other. “The song Kimi no Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete was where everything started for us, and every time I sing it, I just have so many flashbacks of the past year and a half,” Suzuka said with tears in her eyes. “The tour isn’t over, and I can’t wait to meet the fans at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium! Let’s keep making memories together, all of you and FRUITS ZIPPER.” The sweet and incredibly action-packed performance came to an end amidst a sea of loving applause.


    During this tour, FRUITS ZIPPER has grown to new heights. Their next appearance on the national tour will take place on October 28 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, the group’s first arena performance and their largest venue to date. There’s no telling what to expect!

    Text: Masatoshi Mayuzumi

    Photo: Yuuna Yoshimori




    Limited First Edition

    Standard Edition

    Seven-member edition

  • FRUITS ZIPPER Releases ‘Pure in the World’ from 1st Single CD ‘Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro’ in Advance

    09.August.2023 | MUSIC

    On September 13, FRUITS ZIPPER will release its first single CD, Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro. The idol group has released a song from the album titled Pure in the World ahead of this exciting date.


    Pure in the World was created by Tamaya 2060% from the rock band Wienners, who was inspired by the ‘pureness’ of the idols. Even when life has you feeling troubled or aimless, this happy track has the power to imbue any listener with instant positivity.


    Teaser Video

    A teaser for the song’s music video has also been posted to YouTube, with the full video set to premiere on August 16 at 20:00 JST. Directed by Eri Yoshikawa, the video represents the stylish neighborhood of Harajuku, perfect for FRUITS ZIPPER. After all, the group’s concept is ‘From Harajuku to the World.’


    Teaser videos focusing on each member will be released in the coming days, along with a dance practice video and more. For this release, the choreography was co-written by SACO MAKITA and Saki Kamiya, who are well-known for their work with FRUITS ZIPPER’s music. For the latest FRUITS ZIPPER information, please follow the group on social media.


    FRUITS ZIPPER’s nationwide tour is scheduled to begin in September. All shows have completely sold out except for the finale, which will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. This marks the group’s first arena show, and tickets are now available.


  • Limited First Edition Photobook and Jacket for FRUITS ZIPPER’s 1st Single ‘Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro’ Revealed! First Collaboration with ‘King of Kawaii’ Sebastian Masuda Announced!

    27.July.2023 | MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER will release Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro as the group’s first single CD on September 13, 2022. The popular song has amassed over 800 million views on TikTok and over 12 million music video views on YouTube since its release in 2022. Now, the concept for the photobook that comes paired with the Limited First Edition has been revealed along with the jacket cover. The Standard Edition jacket covers have also been revealed along with the seven-member variations.


    Limited First Edition

    Standard Edition

    Seven-member Variations


    Those purchasing the Limited First Edition as part of the ‘Ichiban Kawaii Package’ will
    receive a 40-page photobook. The themes for the book are ‘Your Cutest Part’ and ‘My
    Cutest Part,’ and two different sides of the FRUITS ZIPPER members are featured on the
    A-Side and B-Side.


    The A-Side features a collaboration with Sebastian Masuda, the globally-known ‘King of
    Kawaii’ and global proponent of Japanese Kawaii culture currently residing in New York City. By chatting with each member before the photo shoot, Masuda explores “the individuality
    and cuteness that lies beneath the cuteness that we can see,” expressing it through his art. The artist hopes that the girls will keep the cuteness exhibited during their debut while
    focusing on their unique inner charms that continue to shine as their careers progress.


    “Kawaii is your own microcosm. I believe that the girls are so much more than their
    superficial cuteness. Their charm comes from what lies beneath the surface–the cuteness
    that overflows from within,” said Masuda. This marks the first time that the idol group and Masuda have joined forces to present ‘Kawaii’ culture to the world.


    The B-Side features a ‘cuter than usual FRUITS ZIPPER,’ including fresh visuals linking to
    each of the member’s fruit-inspired colors. The graphics were created by yenter, a creative team with a long history of working on logos, merchandise design, and artist photos. The
    Limited First Edition has a holographic three-sided case and Digipak with A-side packaging, while the Standard Edition and seven-member edition jackets display the B-side visual.


    ■Comment from Sebastian Masuda

    “Kawaii is your own microcosm. If we chat with 100 people, we’ll find 100 different types of kawaii. With that in mind, I chatted with each member of FRUITS ZIPPER one-on-one to
    explore their personalities and individual charms. I hope you’ll open the photobook and
    compare their words to the artwork on the pages. Their charm comes from what lies
    beneath the surface–the cuteness that overflows from within.”



    FRUITS ZIPPER is preparing for its first national tour in the fall and has announced a solo
    concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium as the tour finale. CD pre-order events will also be held throughout Japan in conjunction with the tour, so check out FRUITS ZIPPER’s
    official NOTE for the schedule and details!

  • KAWAII LAB. Idol Project Opens Auditions for New Group

    27.July.2023 | MUSIC

    The idol project KAWAII LAB. is now accepting applications from aspiring artists wanting to join a new idol group.


    The KAWAII LAB project aims to introduce Japan’s growing idol culture to overseas audiences under the concept of ‘From Harajuku to the World.’ The project has spawned three groups so far–FRUITS ZIPPER, known for the TikTok smash hit Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro; IDOLATER, comprised of the finalists of ASOBISYSTEM’s first audition; and CANDY TUNE, which made its debut this March.


    The audition is open to females between the ages of 10 and 24. While dance and vocal skills are important, the project is also seeking unique applicants with a charm that extends beyond skill or ability. Both those with and without experience are welcome to apply. Those who pass the audition will work toward their debut in 2024 in a new idol group and as solo performers aiming toward a global debut.


    This audition will also include the selection of candidates for a training group for a future debut. Successful candidates will be given basic lessons in preparation for their debut.


    KAWAII LAB. Artists




  • IDOLATER Streams New Track ‘Promise,’ Boasting an Electric Sound and a Cozy Rhythm! Member Attempts to Rap for the First Time

    20.July.2023 | MUSIC

    IDOLATER, a group belonging to the KAWAII LAB. project, which aims to promote Japan’s growing idol culture to the world, will release its 12th single, Promise, on streaming services on July 20, 2023.

    The new track is upbeat with a cozy and rhythmic electro sound. Promise was first performed at the KAWAII LAB SESSION event held by KAWAII LAB. at Zepp Shinjuku in June, where members of the group donned new costumes for the track’s reveal. The comical and easy-to-imitate choreography by SACO MAKITA is sure to make this song a hit at live concerts, and a certain member’s adorable first attempt at rapping is a major highlight.


    A live video of IDOLATER performing the new song has been uploaded to YouTube, so be sure to check it out!


    [Live Footage] Promise – IDOLATER (Live at Zepp Shinjuku)


    Yukino Fushiki

    Ayu Okuda

    Kurumi Tsukishiro

    Ririka Satsuki

    Fuka Oishi

  • FRUITS ZIPPER Announces First Arena Live Show at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium this Fall

    29.June.2023 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    On June 26, FRUITS ZIPPER held a one-man live performance at the “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival,” marking the culmination of Nakano Sunplaza’s rich history as it undergoes a fresh transformation in honor of its 50th anniversary this year.

    With the opening SE playing, laser beams filled the venue, creating an atmosphere brimming with anticipation as the live performance kicked off with “Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru.” Popular upbeat songs like “Kanpeki Shugide☆,” “Cho Medetai Song – Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?-” and “Fure Furu Summer!” followed, captivating the audience from the beginning and keeping the excitement alive.

    During the MC segment, it was announced that their hit song “Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro,” which garnered a staggering 800 million views on TikTok and surpassed 12 million views on the music video since its digital release last year, would be released as the group’s first-ever CD single in this September. The announcement of the release consisting of a first-press limited edition, regular edition, and member edition featuring solo jacket designs for each member, heightened the excitement of the audience even further. With smiles on their faces, the group delivered an outstanding performance of all 14 songs, bringing the live show to a close.

    As the encore calls echoed through the venue, a sudden news program-style video began playing on the screen, and the expressions of the members reflected a sense of nervousness. Within the homage-like footage resembling the moment of the Olympic host city announcement, it was revealed that the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium had been chosen as the venue for the grand finale of their nationwide tour in this fall. Suzuka Chinzei expressed, “Having the opportunity to perform in such a large venue in our second year since debut is an amazing challenge, and we were able to make this decision because of all of you being here. We will train together as a group leading up to this day, so please stay excited!” The audience responded with warm applause to her heartfelt words.

    During the encore, they unveiled their new song “Pure In the World,” which is sure to become a new staple that energizes their live performances. The song was produced by Tamaya2060% from Wienners. At the finale of the event, which was filled with “super celebratory” announcements for both fans and members, they performed “Cho Medetai Song -Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana-?” once again. The audience joined in with loud handclaps and responded to Luna Nakagawa’s shout of “FRUITS ZIPPER Arena Live Show!” with chants of “Congratulations!” The entire venue came together as one, closing the curtain on a memorable night.

    FRUITS ZIPPER will kick off their first nationwide tour in September. The pre-sale of tickets for the tour finale at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium has begun and will run until July 3.