【Kyoto Stroll】 Two travellers, one day of tourist spots, gourmet food and activities in Kyoto!

04.October.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

A stroll around Kiyomizu-dera Temple


Looking for somewhere to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Kyoto to take photos, the girls headed to the area around Kiyomizu-dera temple. They made their way to Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka – two of Kyoto’s most beautiful streets. Whilst peeping around the souvenir shops on Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka, they soaked up the beautiful atmosphere.


You can find many of the most beautiful street views of Japan in Kyoto – wherever you choose as your photo spot, your photo will look good! If you want to take a really wonderful photo, check out Yuri and Hikari’s photo spots!



The girls pause to catch their breath – after coming all the way to Kyoto, of course you have to try the tea!


Kyo Baum Kiyomizu is located near Ninen-zaka. Here, the girls took a break to drink some green tea, which they felt was moderately sweet. Kyo Baum Kiyomizu was the perfect place to cool down after all that walking!


If you have room in your stomach then you might want to try a matcha-flavoured Baumkuchen (log cake) at “Kyo Baum”. The girls recommend the Kyo Baum Cornet (¥540), which is full of “Kyo Baum”. The log cake is coated in matcha fondant and coated with sugar. This is a popular Kyoto souvenir.


Yuri: The combination of fresh cream and the Kyo Baum is delicious〜



Kyo Baum Kiyomizu store 京ばあむ 清水店

Address:2-229, Kiyomizu, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto

Opening hours: 09:00 〜 18:00 (Opening hours vary each season)




A hidden gem of a photo spot!


A quick stop at the shop to take a photo and they’re off again!

170919_KS_00658 170919_KS_00667

With the scenery of the streets of Kyoto and the Tower of Yasaka in the background, this photo spot is a very valuable discovery by YuRi-chan and Hikari-chan!



To end the day: A stroll along Kamo river, Gion

When you ask of a typical “Kyoto” spot, the answer would be Gion. Before returning home, our two travellers stopped by Gion, absorbing the typical Kyoto street view and walking along the Kamo river.

170919_KS_00787 170919_KS_00772170919_KS_00833 170919_KS_00849

It doesn’t matter where you take a photo in Kyoto, it will always come out as a beautiful image. Check out Hikari-chan and YuRi-chan’s SNS threads to see pictures of their time in Kyoto.


Hikari: This is the second time I have been on a stroll around Kyoto but this time I had a completely new experience. I looked around the Otabe factory, experienced making traditional Otabe sweets by hand and much more – I made the most out of a day in Kyoto! I’ve always been a fan of matcha and I eat it a lot, but to actually eat matcha treats in the homeland of matcha makes me feel extremely satisfied!


Yuri: Kyoto is the best place for matcha treats! There are so many different types of delicious sweets! The freshly made Yatsuhashi and the Kyo Baum were so delicious – I could easily keep eating and loose track! Making Yatsuhashi by hand was a fun experience! Although we only spent one day in Kyoto, my heart and stomach were completely satisfied! I love to eat – this was the best girls holiday ever! I want to visit Kyoto again 〜♪



From tasting Kyoto-limited sweets and making Yatsuhashi to visiting tourist spots, Kiyomizudera temple and the Kamo river, this day was packed with adventure! What did you think? After spending a day with the girls in Kyoto, how about going yourself?



Hikari Shibata Instagram:@_sbthkr

Hikari-chan is active in many popular fashion magazines. She has both a transparent and fresh impression and her own individual fashion sense. She shares a variety of different aspects of her lifestyle on Twitter, Instagram and other SNS sites. She receives a tremendous amount of support from young girls of the same generation. Alongside her modeling career, she is also a photographer. She holds photo exhibitions in regions outside Tokyo and within Tokyo. As a creator, she also runs her own portrait website called “HIKARICAMERA”.


Yuri Suganuma Instagram:@yurippa93

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Photograph :Kayo Sekiguchi

Writer:Sayuri Mizuno(ASOBISYSTEM)

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