Kenshi Yonezu released new art photos! Elaiza Ikeda performed with him in the tune “fogbound”

11.October.2017 | MUSIC

New photos of Kenshi Yonezu were released before the release of his new album “BOOTLEG.” The photos were taken by Jiro Koizumi who took photos of “Peace Sign.”


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Also, the album track of “fogbound (+?)” was released initially and an announcement was made that Elaiza Ikeda, a model and actress sings in the song.

The songs included in the latest album and the world of “BOOTLEG” can be experienced at the premium initial listening event.

<Elaiza Ikeda’s Comment>

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I am awed with Yonezu’s love of music and creativity.

The song that I helped with called “fogbound” is a song where the listener can feel various colors.

I hope that listeners will listen to the song using their five senses without thinking about anything.


<Kenshi Yonezu’s Comment>

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I was hoping to sing with her since the day I heard her singing on Instagram.

The recording of the song proceeded smoothly after I noticed that her whispering voice matches well with the foggy atmosphere of the song.

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<Kenshi Yoneze “BOOTLEG” Premium Listening Event>

Date: 2017,10,10 (Tue.) 19:00 to 20:30

Venue: Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall C


Kenshi Yonezu “BOOTLEG” Premium Listening Event special website:

<Latest release information>

Kenshi Yonezu New Album “BOOTLEG”

Release date: 2017,11,01 (Wed.)

Boot version (first limited): CD+12 inch analog version jacket+art illustration+poster+dummy record / 4,500 yen+tax / SRCL-9567~9568

Video version (first limited): CD+DVD 3,700 yen + tax / SRCL-9569~9570

First limited version / normal version: CD only 3,000 yen + tax / SRCL-9571

<All versions / first version> ※The quantity of the first version is limited

“Kenshi Yonezu 2018 LIVE / Fogbound” ticket lottery application sheet

“Kenshi Yonezu 2017 TOUR / Fogbound” (Live which will be held in December) ticket application sheet

Date: 10,31 (Tue.) 12:00 to 11,5 (Sun.) 23:59


<Songs inclueded>
< CD > (all versions)
01. Hien
03. Peace Sign
04. Suna no Wakusei ( + Hatsune Miku)
05. orion
06. Kaiju no March
07. Moonlight
08. Shunrai
09. fogbound ( + Elaiza Ikeda)
10. Number Nine
11. Alice
12. Nighthawks
13. Uchiage Hanabi
14. Haiiro to Ao ( + ?)

< DVD > (included only in the “video version / first limited”)
1. LOSER Music Video
2. orion Music Video
3. Peace Sign Music Video
4. Yumekui Shojo Music Video

■Live information
Kenshi Yonezu 2017 TOUR / Fogbound

2017,11,01 (Wed.) Osaka Festival Hall

2017,11,02 (Thurs.) Osaka Festival Hall

2017,11,04 (Sat.) Hyogo Prefecture Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall

2017,11,05 (Sun.) Hyogo Prefecture Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall

2017,11,08 (Wed.) Saitama Prefecture Omiya Sonic City

2017,11,09 (Thurs.) Saitama Prefecture Omiya Sonic City

2017,11,18 (Sat.) Tokushima Prefecture Narutoshi Bunka Kaikan

2017,11,19 (Sun.) Aichi Prefecture Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan

2017,11,23 (Thurs. / holiday) Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Sun Palace

2017,11,24 (Fri.) Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Sun Palace

2017,11,26 (Sun.) Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall Daiichi

2017,11,29 (Wed.) Niigata Prefecture Niigata Kenmin Kaikan

2017,12,01 (Fri.) Hokkaido Nitori Bunka Hall

2017,12,07 (Thurs.) Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

2017,12,09 (Sat.) Fukushima Prefecture Koriyama Shimin Bunka Center Dai Hall

2017,12,14 (Thurs.) Kanagawa Prefecture Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai Hall

2017,12,16 (Sat.) Aichi Prefecture Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijo Century Hall

2017,12,17 (Sun.) Aichi Prefecture Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijo Century Hall

2017,12,23 (Sat. / holiday) Okayama Prefecture Okayama Shimin Kaikan

2017, 12,24 (Sun.) Hiroshima Prefecture Ueno Gakuen Hall

Kenshi Yonezu 2018 LIVE / Fogbound

2018,1,09 (Tue.) Tokyo Nihon Budokan

2018,1,10 (Wed.) Tokyo Nihon Budokan