Kaori’s easy recipe – learn how to make a“character dessert!” Introducing,“Jack-o’- Lantern’s Halloween Cupcake.”

21.October.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

With just a small bit of ingenuity, turn everyday food into something cute using Kaori’s recipe series! With a few simple ideas, an ordinary recipe magically transforms into a cute dish.

 This time, I will introduce to you “Kabocha to Obake no KITTY-chan Cookie! (a pumpkin and ghost KITTY cookie”)



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・Seria’s black cup cake mix flour


Pumpkin cream

・whip cream / 70g

・pumpkin (actually, squash) / 70g

・granulated sugar / 15g


・cookie / moderate amount

・chocolate pen black

・please refer to “KITTY chan’s Halloween Cookie” if you want to learn how to make a cookie. (It is OK to use cookies which you purchased)



2: Mix Seria’s black cupcake as noted in the recipe and fill the cupcake cup (about 70% to 80%) and bake it.

S__8290430 copy

3: How to make the pumpkin (squash) cream

Heat the pumpkin using a microwave and take away the seeds. Measure the pumpkin (70g) and strain it if you have time.

Whip the cream and mix in the granulated sugar.

After mixing the granulated sugar well, pour in the pumpkin (make sure that the pumpkin is not hot) and mix it in well.

☆The cream is colored with purple potato powder since I couldn’t find a purple potato.

S__8290431 copy

4: Making a Jack-o’- Lantern using a cookie.

After dissolving the chocolate pen using hot water, draw the eyes first and then the nose and mouth (use the tip of a toothpick) of the character.

S__8290432 copy

5:Squeeze the pumpkin cream into the cup cake (make sure to cool down the cupcake).

Then, decorate the dessert.

S__8290433 copy

S__8290434 copy

Voila! It is now complete.

It might be a good idea to use a Halloween cookie sold at stores♡


Kaori also invites you into her world of character-themed rice dishes in her recipe series! Please check out her Instagram where she has uploaded many pictures of her character dishes!



Kaori Kubota (@kaopan27)

I live in Hokkaido and I love to make character-shaped meals, desserts and breads.

I enjoy making character foods because I want to see my family smiling,

The character foods and character bento boxes are introduced in my Instaglam page→@kaopan27