The crepe shop, “MOMI&TOY’S” collaborates with Sanrio characters!

17.October.2017 | FOOD

The “melting crepe” shop “MOMI&TOY’S” has been selling collaborative items with Sanrio’s popular characters, “Hello Kitty”, “My Melody” and “Cinamonroll.”

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MOMI&TOY’S was opened by its founding president who was a pastry chef. It is made with the concept of “ tasty crepes beyond common sense.”

One of the big differences of these crepes compared to you every day crepe is the dough.

It uses almond flour instead of gluten to avoid having a sticky texture. The crepe is made so that it has a “melting” texture like that of a milk crepe.


For the collaborative menu items, some fruit which match the image of each characters and a “character monaka”is placed on top of the crepe. In each of these items it looks like the character is peeking at you from the edge of the crepe. They are all truly cute items.


Each menu item is rapped with a special paper. The paper is designed with an illustration of the character. There is a fall version and a winter version of the wrapping paper.

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Hallo Kitty no torokeru crepe ¥750(tax included)

Ingredients:original whipped cream, custard cream, apple jam, yellow peaches, strawberries, mint


My Melody no torokeru crepe ¥750円(tax included)

Ingredients:original whipped cream, cheese cream, strawberry milk crape, strawberries, mix berries


Cinamonroll no torokeru crepe ¥750円(tax included)

Ingredients:original whipped cream, chocolate mint whipped cream, cocoa biscuits、chuel, chocolate sauce, cherries, chocolate spray


Let’s enjoy these “kawaii” collaborative crepes!



Selling period:October 16th to December 15th

Selling place:MOMI&TOY’s throughout Japan(not offered at some stores)

MOMI&TOY’s Japan:62 shops, overseas:30 shops

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