From Kiki’s Delivery Service to Your Name – check out our model’s halloween costume!

22.October.2017 | FASHION

Halloween has already dawned upon the streets of Tokyo. You should make the most out of Halloween this year by adding some spirit into your costume! That’s why today our popular models are going to show you their Halloween costumes from previous years!


Transform into a cute cat with Ren Koseki & Ema Tanioku


Er Tanioku (top) and Ren Koseki (bottom) are both dressed up as cats! ♪

The big ribbon is so cute. ♡ This is a costume that even beginners can put together easily. We recommend this for those who are looking for something easy!


Saki Shibata uses a scoop of sorcery to become Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service! 

Saki Shibata transformed into Kiki from the Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service. The broomstick and cat companion Jiji are important to complete this look! You can pull off this look if you have a navy blue dress. This is also an easy costume for first-timers!


The dangerous devil YuRippa and a Horror-themed Misa Kimura


Yuri Suganuma (top) and Misa Kimura (bottom) decided to go along with the horror theme. All you need is horror makeup and your look will be perfect! You can get costumes, accessories, fake wounds, tattoo stickers and anything else you need from a ¥100 shop or a ¥300 shop, so don’t forget to check them out!


Culumi Nakada as Mitsuha from “Your Name”


Culumi Nakada transformed into the main character Mitsuha from “Your Name”. This film is still selling strong and is still a popular theme in the news, so there might be a lot of people dressing up as her this year too!


Whatever you’re dressing up as for Halloween this year, please check out the costumes of our stylish models from previous years!






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