A new type of Halloween event. “Jimi Halloween” which was held at Shibuya was so cool

03.November.2017 | FASHION

Halloween has become a big event here in Japan. The event was originally held to celebrate the autumn harvest and to chase out the devils, but Japanese people are enjoying Halloween as a “cosplay party.”

Traffic has to be regulated by police in Shibuya because many people gather in Shibuya on Halloween and many people are disguised as zombies and characters of games and animations.


However, it seems that Halloween in Japan has evolved into a new type of event.


The name of the Halloween event is called “Jimi (low-keyed) Halloween”


This new event gathered more attention than the real Halloween event held in Shibuya on twitter and the tweets of the event were have been shared among tens and thousands of people.


Let’s take a look at what kinds of costumes were worn by the people who participated in this new event.



A person who’s rucksack is wide open

Excuse me, your rucksack is open… Oh I see. He opened the rucksack on purpose!


A person who has spilled coffee on his shirt.

I hear you. Spilling coffee on yourself when you’re wearing a white. Oh dear!


Asian staff of American sushi bar.

I’ve never seen this but it is very possible. The sushi-shop uniform that the person is wearing is too flashy.


A banned “home” button of an iPhone who’s feeling blue.

The costume of an I PhoneX button which was banned. The face looks so sad.


A person who’s earphone cord gets caught on the commuter train.

A situation which we often see. The face of the person who’s earphone has gotten caught is expressed so realistically.


A serious guy you can find in comedies set in an American college in the 80’s who is not familiar with girls.

He looks so pathetic you want to help him out.


A girl relaxing in her house.

This depiction is so real that many girls won’t even want to laugh.



Many of these costumes are depicting some real situations and people’s real emotions.
I couldn’t stop laughing while writing this article.

Please look up on twitter the keyword “#地味ハロウィン (Jimi Halloween)” if you want to see more costumes of the participants at this event.

Taking a hint from these examples maybe you will want to start thinking about your costume for next year’s Jimi Halloween.




Whiter:Shiota Nao