Six recommended autumn color spots in the Tohoku area.



Yamadera (Yamagata)


The mountain gate which was built during the Kamakura Era is the starting point for a climb and there are more than 800 stone stairs which lead up to the Okunoin that has a Colossal Hall of the Great Buddha surrounded by old trees. The temple that has many strange-looking rocks are surrounded by maple trees and the view is gorgeous. The autumn leaves in Okuyamadera Yusenkyo and Omoshiroyama Koyo Keiryu are also an awesome autumn color spot.



Address: Yamdera, Oaza, Yamagatashi, Yamagata

Access: 5 minutes from JR Yamadera Station




Entsuin / Matsushima Area (Miyagi)

Sansuiden which is the grave of Mitsumune, Masamune Date’s descendent, was designated as an important national cultural property in 1985. Illustrations of a rose and cross are depicted on the miniature shrine which Tsunenaga Hasekura brought from Europe and the Japanese garden created by Ensyu Kobori is very beautiful. You can enjoy a magical view in the light up event which is held during the autumn season.


Entsuin / Matsuhi Area

Address: 67, Aza Chonai, Matsushima, Matsuhimacho, Miyagigun, Miyagi

Access: 8 minutes on foot from JR Matsuhima Kaigan Station / 20 minutes on foot from JR Matsushima Station





Nakakamado’s Shidaremomiji (weeping maple tree)(Fukushima)

“Nakakamodo’s Shidaremomiji” is a huge tree inside the grounds of Kannondo in Watanabecho, Iwakishi. The tree’s height is 6.8m, the trunk circumference is 3.5m and the spread of the tree is about 10m. The tree is a very rare tree. The trunk of the tree is twisted and the tree itself looks like an umbrella. The red leaves which can be seen in late November are so beautiful. The tree was designated as the natural treasure in 1937.


Nakakamado no Shidaremomiji

Address: 117-2, Aza Zenpyo, Nakakamado, Watanabecho, Iwakishi, Fukushima

Access: 10 minutes on taxi from JR Izumi Station





How did you like our introduction to some beautiful autumn color spots on the Tohoku area?

Let’s go to the Tohoku area to behold these breathtaking views of autumn colors.



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