【Tokyo Stroll】”Traveler’s Factory” in Nakameguro—jot down memories of each day with a personalized “traveler’s notebook”

22.November.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

Nakameguro—a quiet district nestled within Meguro. It’s a fun place to take a stroll around, lined with second hand clothes shops and cafés. It’s just two stops from Shibuya Station making it an easy location to get to.


Today, Hikari Shibata takes us to “Traveler’s Company,” an internationally popular notebook shop that specializes in “traveler’s notebooks.”


Upon hearing that the shop stocks lots of cute items, Hikari quickly took the lead. Traveler’s Company is just 3-minutes’ walk by foot from Nakameguro Station via the Tōkyū Tōyoko Line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. It’s super close to the station so it’s the perfect first stop on your stroll.


A “traveler’s notebook” is a special type of notebook that you can refill and customize to your liking. The cover is made of leather meaning the style and texture will change the more you use it. Part of its charm also comes from how easy it is to get absorbed in writing inside one. The pages are refillable, and you can get all sorts of different customizable parts for the notebook, so you can really work to make it personal.

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In addition to these traveler’s notebooks, the shop also stocks masking tape, stamps and other stationery pieces, not to mention countless bits and bobs that will go towards making your notebook truly your own creation. And because Traveler’s Factory sells many items that are popular even overseas, lots of foreigners will make their way to Nakameguro to stop by.

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Besides stationary, you can also expect to find a range of other items in the shop, such as restored film cameras and beverage products such as cups and coffee drippers. Hikari  was in a daze by the coffee grinder, something she’s been interested in for a long time.


These adorable penguin items are a collaboration with Pan American World Airways, or Pan Am for short. That’s right, there aren’t just original items – the shop often collaborates with various shops and businesses, so be sure to check what they’re selling if you drop by.


These are original design postcards. The shop gets a lot of travelers so they sell a lot of postcards! You can write about your travels on a postcard you purchase in the free space on the 2nd floor and mail it from the shop. You can also buy stamps there.

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Hikari intently studied the practicality of the notebooks. The main aspect that sparked her attention was the refills. You can buy useful pouches to store away tickets, seals to conveniently stick photos and many other unique refill items you wouldn’t find for ordinary notebooks.


Another highlight at Traveler’s Company is receiving a special stamp. When you shop there, you can stamp a book with one of their 20+ stamps! The designs are unique to the shop, so be sure to stamp one in your travel log.


The shop is a 60-year-old renovated building and has a 2nd floor free space area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Shelves are lined with lots of books, so you can spend some relaxing time there to chill out and read a book. Events and workshops are also held about once a month so be sure not to miss out!


Hikari is no stranger to Nakameguro as she has visited many times to go around the second-hand clothes stores. She was thrilled to find this hidden spot that not only sells original notebooks and various stationeries, but a range of miscellaneous items too. It even has a café. If you find yourself in Nakameguro and in need of some quiet time, then definitely consider taking refuge at the cozy Traveler’s Factory.



Traveler’s Factory

Address: 3-13-10 Kamimeguro, Meguro, Tokyo

Access: 3 minutes by foot from the South Exit of Nakameguro Station via the Tōkyū Tōyoko Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

Open: 12:00-20:00

TEL: 03-6412-7830

Website: https://www.travelers-factory.com

Model:Hikari Shibata


Hikari Shibata is a model for numerous popular fashion magazines. She gives a fresh and eloquent impression with her fashion sense that goes hand in hand with her unique style. She also posts lifestyle content across her social media, including on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, which receives huge support and attention from her female readers of the same generation. As well as working as a model, she is also active in the field of photography, and has even held photo exhibitions inside and outside Tokyo. Hikari also maintains her very own portfolio website which features her photography work.


Writer:Ryoichi Komaba

Photograph:Haruka Yamamoto

Translator;Joshua Kitosi-Isanga