Grand Opening of Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo―4 Floors & Premium Coffee

28.February.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

The new Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo finally opened its doors at 7:00AM on February 28, 2019 as the 5th global branch of Starbucks Reserve Roastery®.


Roastery Tokyo boasts a line-up of over 100 unique coffee and tea beverages as well as a bounty of merchandise and a Princi® menu―an authentic Italian bakery by Starbucks and the branch to arrive in Japan. The building’s top floor is home to the AMU Inspiration Lounge where Starbucks hopes to bring together people from all regions and in the near future turn it into coffee chain’s first officially-recognised Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) training facility. The branch hopes to make it an opportunity for people to get hands on with Japanese culture, make connections and see the dexterity of its workers.


Roastery Tokyo is located in Naka-Meguro, a lively and creative region in the centre of Tokyo. The building’s charming design is inspired by the famous cherry trees that line Meguro River and bloom in full during springtime.


Roastery Tokyo is the first Starbucks Roastery to be constructed in collaboration with a local architect from the ground up. It was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who is professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Tokyo, and Liz Muller, the Chief Design Officer of Starbucks who has served as Lead Designer on all 5 Roastery branches around the world.


The new branch is a fusion of traditional and modern with four unique floors littered with the skillful labour of workers in Japan. Customers can look forward to the ultimate search and discovery experience of coffee in a gorgeous and eye-catching space.

Upon entering Roastery Tokyo customers are greeted by the world’s biggest Starbucks Roastery coffee cask which towers all 55 feet of the four-story coffee complex. The cask is made from copper which has light red tints to it and cherry blossom decorations crafted by Japanese artisans that change hues with the changing natural light throughout the day. The giant cask was made thorugh a Japanese technique called tsuchime, a hammering technique, whereby every person involved in the construction of Roastery Tokyo was given the chance to strike the cask once, giving it its unique quality and appearance.

Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo’s coffee tour begins on the first floor, home to the main bar where customers can indulge in exquisite coffees and learn more about the delicious beverage by seeing how the unroasted coffee bean becomes a drink. It’s a chance not only to see the roasting and serving process up close―where baristas pour their heart and soul into every cup―but also to experience coffee at its freshest with beverages such as the Barrel-Aged Cold Brew.


Ascending to the second floor brings you to the world’s largest Teavana™ Bar.  This is where customers can enjoy coming into contact with the tradition of Japanese tea. Drinks such as the Pop ‘n Tea Sakura Jasmine, a Jasmine tea adorned with vibrant pink ice candy, will offers an insight into unique Japanese ingredients through a combination of innovative flavours.

Going further up to the third floor brings you to Japan’s first Arriviamo™ cocktail bar, a showcase of revolutionary mixology and cocktail craft. The two walls of spirits bring together the bar’s menu which features such unique drinks as the “Nakameguro Espresso Martini,” a combination of chestnut liqueur, creme de cacao, espresso which is served with “green bean to bar CHOCOLATE,” a local brand of chocolate. Other exclusive options range from more cocktails to wines, beers and more.


Roastery Tokyo is an absolute must-visit for coffee lovers who are looking for the ultimate experience.