Try the new egg design pancake at “Cafe brunch TAMAGOYA”

27.November.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

Cafe brunch TAMAGOYA serve a range of different delicious foods, and they are known for their perfectly cooked sunny-side up fried eggs. To change things up a little, they are now selling breakfast “Medama Yaki” pancakes.


“Medama Yaki” (¥1,200 excl. tax)

This may come as a surprise to you, but that egg pictured above and below? That’s a pancake. Using a special cooking method, the yolk part is made with egg yolk sauce to look like a real a real yolk. It even spills just like a real yolk when you stick your fork in there. The white part also looks like like the real thing. It’s made of milk sauce white, together with the yolk, create a tasty balance for the flavour of the pancake.



The pancake comes with a serving of corn potage and sausage, and fresh salad if you want it. You can also have coffee afterwards too.

*Served weekdays from 9:30am-3:30pm and weekends from 9:30am-4:30pm


Fondue Sweets


One recommendation from TAMAGOYA’s winter menu is the “Tamago Fondue” which comes with piping hot egg chocolate which you can dip fruits and sweets into. You can also enjoy mixing the seasonal fruits together with 3 different sauces.


“Tamago Fondue” (¥1,200 excl. tax)


The egg chocolate sauce of the “Tamago Fondue” has a touch of luxury with its hint of vanilla.



“Matcha Fondue” (¥1,300 excl. tax)

The slight bitter flavour of the matcha chocolate sauce is one that adults will enjoy.


“Sweet Chocolate Fondue” (¥1,200 excl. tax)

This one’s a sweet and bitter tasting sauce.


Enjoy yourself after your meal too!


“Cafe brunch TAMAGOYA” serves lattes in cute petite cups so customers can enjoy their fondue eating experience right to the end. Try mixing the leftover sauce with some hot milk too, it’ll warm you right up.


Baumkuchen cake – best before 30 minutes, so eat it right away!



Freshly Made Baumkuchen (¥500 excl. tax)

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of egg-specialist shop TAMAGOYA, the cafe released a new baumkuchen cake to the menu. They are made fresh from 11am-1:30pm and are best eaten within 30 minutes to enjoy the full flavour. Starting from November 23rd, they are now limited to 30 every 30 minutes on weekends and national holidays.


Limited Edition Christmas Goodies (December 23rd-25th)



Chocolate Special (¥3,800)

This one’s for chocolate lovers – a rich chocolate mousse filled with vanilla mousse.



Tarte Fraise (¥4,200)

This tarte fraise is topped with sweet strawberries from original brand strawberry company “BonBon Berry.”



Strawberry Short (¥3,800)

This special shortcake also uses strawberries from “BonBon Berry.” It’s popular with both children and adults alike.



Yule Log (¥3,800)

The combination of bitter coffee and sweet chocolate in this yule log is exquisite. Perfect for special nights.


Enjoy the delectable sweets of “Cafe brunch TAMAGOYA.”



Cafe brunch TAMAGOYA

Address: 322-1 Yasuhisa, Mishima, Shizuoka

Open:Pancake/Cafe Serving Hours – 9:30-16:30 (last orders 16:30) / Meal Serving Hours – 11:30-15:00

Access: 15-minutes by taxi from JR Mishima Station / 10-minutes by taxi from Daiba Station via Izuhakone Railway

TEL: 0120-54-0831

Open all year around.