New Year’s holiday-limited dog goods will be sold at Tokyo Disney Resort

29.December.2017 | SPOT

Tokyo Disney Land® and Tokyo Disney Sea® will hold a New Year’s holiday program from the 1st of January 2018 (Mon.) to the 5th of January (Fri.) and they will sell a “Happy New Year’s Box” including specially designed Disney Characters’ goods (limited to dog characters) from the 1st of January (Mon.) after the special program, “New Year’s Eve” is finished.


 “Happy New Year’s Box” is an assortment of cute, originally designed goods (four kinds.)


The first item is “Nuigurumi (stuffed toy) badge” of “Lucky” with cute flopping ears which appears in the Disney movie “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.”


The second item is a can of caramel-flavored candies with dogs paws marks printed on them. The candies are inside a round, gold-colored can.


The third item is “netsuke” (a traditional miniature carving attached to a cord used to hang from personal items) which depict characters such as “Plute” and “Max” printed in the style of a karuta (traditional Japanese playing cards). There are five kinds of netsuke available and one of the kinds is put inside the box in a random manner.


The forth item is a “tenugui” (Japanese towel) which has the Japanese-style design of Tokyo Disney Resort and it is very suitable to be used during the New Year’s holidays.


Why not begin a wonderful New Year by purchasing your very own “Happy New Year’s Box.”



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