Beef bowl restaurant chain “Yoshinoya” will release “White Curry”

12.January.2018 | FOOD

The popular gyudon restaurant chain “Yoshinoya” will release “Shiro Curry” for a limited time offer at “Yoshinoya” restaurants throughout Japan.


 “Shiro Curry” is a full-fledged spicy curry which looks like a cream stew.

This curry uses 12 kinds of spices including black/white pepper and therefore you can enjoy a full-fledged curry taste.


You can also enjoy various kinds of tastes by adding toppings such as beef, cheese and soft-boiled eggs.


Moreover, they will hold a “Follow & Tweet Campaign” from the release date of this product, January 11th, where 46 free-sampling tickets of “Shiro Curry” will be handed out to lottery winners.

Check out the official website of Yoshinoya RE: detailed information【@yoshinoyagyudon】.


 “Shiro Curry” is a playful and tasty curry. Let’s eat this new product and the standard curry “Kuro (black) Curry)” so as to help you ride out this cold winter season.



Shiro Curry


Release date: 2018,01,11 (Thurs.) 10:00

Price: ordinary serving – 350 yen / large serving – 450 yen


※the dish can be taken out

※please note that some Yoshinoya restaurants will not sell this product.