Ultimate Sweet Potato Dessert “Torori Yakiimo” Available at GINZA SIX

23.January.2018 | FOOD

Minamikaze Noukasha is a dessert house that uses sweet potato, herbs and fruits naturally cultivated in Osumi Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan’s most southernmost point, to create original desserts. From February 1st, their original sweet potato dessert Torori Yakiimo will be sold directly at GINZA SIX.


Yakiimo are roasted sweet potatoes. A familiar snack in Japan since old times, yakiimo are a much loved soul food that have gone unchanged. A signature sight to witness during wintertime in Japan is yakiimo piled up in big iron pots at shops, food stalls and special trucks designed to go around looking for customers to buy some yakiimo.


Minamikaze Noukasha, who will produce the new Torori Yakiimo, cultivate 150 varieties of sweet potato on their farm in the Osumi Peninsula. To produce their new dessert using these sweet potatoes, the company signed a development agreement with Meilleur Ouvrier de France winners, as well as worked together with various specialists including wagashi experts and university foodstuff researchers for 7 years before releasing the product.


Torori Yakiimo is syrupy sweet potato served in immaculate transparent containers. There are 3 types to pick. From the 150 different sweet potatoes in their arsenal, Minamikaze Noukasha picked two to create the Konashi Imo type – the ripened “benihayato” and “beniharuka” – both of which are combined with dairy products. To enhance the flavour of the potatoes even more, the skin is roasted which is sprinkled into the product, sweet potato konamizuki cultivar is melted into the sauce. The other two types include Aya Murasaki and Benihayato.


Their sweet potatoes contain plenty of polyphenols and carotene which are good for your health. So they don’t lose that goodness, the products also don’t use any preservatives, leavening agents or colouring. To preserve their freshness, they are frozen instantly once made and kept that way until they reach GINZA SIX.


If you’re looking for the ultimate dessert, made possible only by Japan, then look no further.



Sweet Potato Dessert – “Torori Yakiimo”

(Japanese: とろ~り焼芋)


On Sale: February 1, 2018

Price: Set of 3 – ¥900 (tax incl.) / Set of 5 – ¥1,500 (tax incl.)

Colours: Konashi Imo (Golden), Aya Murasaki (Purple), Benihayato (Red)

Location: GINZA SIX branch of Minamikaze Noukasha Dessert House

Website: http://www.minami-kaze.com/