The “dorayaki” specialized store, “DOU” will release matcha/strawberry flavors.

09.February.2018 | FOOD

The “raw” dorayaki (bean-jam pancake) specialized store, “DOU’s” third store will open inside “atre Kawasaki” on the 17th of February 2018.


Dorayaki is a Japanese dessert where red bean-jam is sandwiched between two “castella” sponge cakes. It is loved by many Japanese people as a snack/dessert.


“DOU” is a dorayaki-specialized store that offers new types of dorayakis. Since they opened their first store in Ikebukuro on May 2017, they have been selling standard-sized heavy “raw” dorayakis.

DOU (2)

To commemorate the opening of the store inside atre Kawasaki, they released two new dorayakis which are “Nama Dorayaki Matcha” where matcha powder is mixed inside fresh cream and “Nama Dorayaki Ichigo (strawberry)” which uses the strawberry variety, “Tochiotome” produced in Tochigi Prefecture as a topping. They will also offer their plane dorayakis. The size of the dorayakis will be made smaller so that they can be eaten easily.

DOU (6)

“Nama Dorayaki” is a brand new type of dorayaki that uses sponge cake-like soft dough, smooth fresh cream using milk produced in Hokkaido, red bean- jam using the best grade red beans called “Miyabi” and chewy soft mochi made with “Hakuchomochi” produced in Hokkaido which has a chewy texture.


The exterior/interior of the store and package of each product is designed in a modern style, so why not visit this store and try eating a dorayaki.





Nama Dorayaki – 270 yen (one piece) (tax included)

Nama Dorayaki <matcha> 270 yen (one piece) (tax included)

Nama Dorayaki <strawberry> 324 yen (one piece) (tax included)


“DOU” atre Kawasaki Store

Address: atre Kawasaki 3F, 26-1, Ekimae Honcho, Kawasakiku, kawasakishi, Kanagawa prefecture

Business hours: 10:00 to 22:00