Starbucks will release cherry-blossom flavored/related drinks and goods!

13.February.2018 | FOOD

Starbucks Coffee Japan will release a popular tumbler, mug cup and coffee of the popular series SAKURA on top of cherry-blossom flavored drink from the 15th of February 2018 at Starbucks stores throughout Japan (except for at certain stores).



 “SAKURA Promotion” has continued for 15 years since 2002 and this is an event of selling cherry-blossom related products under the concept of “paying respect to the culture of each country/area.” The promotion theme of this year is “SAKURA and me.” The products express the sense of nostalgia and the wish to start a new life which many people in Japan feel when they view cherry blossoms.



This time, three products which are Japan-limited will be released, a hot drink, a Frappuccino and a tea. The cherry blossom flavored tea was added to the lineup too. It is the first in the SAKURA Series to release three drinks at the same time.


 “Sakura Strawberry Pink Milk Latte”is a drink where hot milk is poured into a strawberry sauce including cherry blossom petals and fruity strawberries. Also, shredded cherry blossom leaves and sake lees are added to the drink to thicken the taste.


 “Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino®” includes chewy cherry blossom rice cake sauce using coarse rice powder. The texture produced by the harmony of the powder and strawberry chocolate chips which has a thick taste of strawberry, is extraordinary.


 “Sakura Strawberry Pink Tea” uses TEAVANATM’s spring-like chamomile tea, cherry blossom strawberry sauce and freeze dried strawberries to add to the texture of strawberry’s fresh and sweetness/sourness.



Moreover, many goods including a tumbler of the SAKURA series and a Starbucks Card will be sold.


The first product of the series “Looking Back” which will be sold from the 15th of February has a “retro look” because it uses the designs of lace, paper cutouts and soap bubbles.


The second product “Looking Forward” which will be sold from the 28th of February (Wed.) has the design of poppies and colorful cherry blossom petals. The modernly designed petals colored in white represent a bright future.


Let’s enjoy the spring season in advance by drinking/purchasing Starbucks’ cherry blossom-related products.



 “Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino®”

Tall 580 yen (other sizes are not available)


 “Sakura Strawberry Pink Milk Latte”

Short \430 Tall \470 Grande \510 Venti® \550


 “Sakura Strawberry Pink Tea”

Short \430 Tall \470 Grande \510 Venti® \550

※All prices noted above do not include tax


Available period: 2018/02/15 (Thurs.) to 2018/03/14 (Wed.)

Available stores: Starbucks throughout Japan (except at certain stores)

※please note that the quantity of each product is limited.