Eir Aoi resumes her music career! The music video of her new song, “Yakusoku ” was released

09.February.2018 | MUSIC

Eir Aoi who stopped her music activities from the day she performed at Nippon Budokan in November 2016, announced that she will resume her music career starting from spring of 2018. Also, it was announced onher official website that she will release a new song called “Yakusoku” (promise).


On the 1st of February, a blue light started to pulse on her website and her fans went into anticipation mode thinking, “new information might be announced soon!” Then on the 8th of February (Thurs.), an official announcement was made that she will resume her music career and release her new song “Yakusoku.”


Aoi Eir “Yakusoku” (YouTube Edit)



“Yakusoku” is a song created/written by Aoi herself representing her feelings and determination and is a “prelude song” of her music activity restart.


She will go into full swing in her music activities starting from this spring. Let’s keep an eye out on her restart activities!



Official website:www.aoieir.com