Kenshi Yonezu will distribute the full-version of his new song, “Lemon”

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Kenshi Yoneze’s song which is being used as the main theme of the drama called “Lemon” will be distributed from the 12th of February (Mon.).


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The song was written for the drama and the beautiful melody and lyrics are gathering much attention from the viewers of the drama.

More than 350 thousand copies of the latest album which is gaining much popularity, “BOOTLEG” have been sold so far. Let’s experience the world of Kenshi Yonezu by listening to his new music.


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Moreover, the CD which will be released on the 14th of March (Wed.) will include the initiative applying ticket for the ticket of the live concert (2 days) which will be held in Makuhari Messe on October 2018.

The video version (first edition) includes the first live video of Kenshi Yoneze called “Yonezu Kenshi 2018 LIVE/Fogbound” (Nippon Budokan live held in January.). Even those of you who are not a fan of him must get his new products!





Kenshi Yonezu – latest release information

Kenshi Yoneze new single “Lemon”

Release date: 2018/3/14 (Wed.)


Lemon edition (first limited edition):CD+letter set ¥2,000+tax / SRCL-9745~9746

Video version (first limited edition):CD+DVD ¥1,900+tax / SRCL-9747~9748

First limited edition/normal edition:CD only ¥1,200+tax / SRCL-9749


<All editions – first edition>

Yonezu Kenshi 2018 LIVE initiative applying ticket for the live ticket

Application period: 2018/03/13 (Tue.)  12:00 to 03/18 (Sun.) 23:59

※The ticket is included in the first editions only.


Latest live

Yonezu Kenshi 2018 LIVE

Venues: Chiba Prefecture, Makuhari Messe, Kokusai Tenji Hall 1 to 3

Date: 2018/10/27 (Sat.)  OPEN 16:30 / START 18:00

2018/10/28 (Sun.) OPEN 15:30 / START 17:00

The official title of the live is undecided


Official website: