Green soup and noodles! “Ochaya no Curry Udon” will be served at Ito Kyuemon

19.February.2018 | FOOD

An established shop of Kyoto Uji Matcha called Ito Kyuemon will release a new menu item, “Ochaya no (tea shop’s) Curry Udon (Japanese) Udon” (only available at Ito Kyuemon JR Uji Ekimae Store” from the 16th of February 2018 (Fri.)



 “Ito Kyuemon JR Uji Ekimae Store” is located in front of JR Uji Station. The café space has 72 seats where a Japanese garden can be viewed.



This brand-new menu item is a combination of “Uji Matcha,” and curry/udon noodles which have been loved by many Japanese people. Ito Kyuemon started selling a “boil-in-the-bag” curry called “Uji Matcha Curry” from 2014 and the product has been gathering much attention in SNS for its uniqueness. This time, they combined a delicate curry soup using Uji Matcha curry, a Kyoto-style broth and matcha udon noodles where matcha powder is mixed in it. The menu item is suitable to be uploaded onto SNS. Let’s visit the shop to eat this menu item. (the number of servings which can be served per day is 20. The menu item can be ordered from 11:00 to 15:00).


Why not try this traditional/modern “tea shop’s curry udon noodles?”



Ito Kyuemon JR Uji Ekimaeten Chabo

Address: 16-1, Monji, Uji, Ujishi, Kyoto

Business hours: 10:00 18:00 (Chabo L.O. 17:30)

Fixed holiday: no holiday (except the New Year’s Day)