MMN Festival 2018 – Laforet Harajuku: Natsume Mito, Rinko Murata & Other Performers Sell Personal Items at Tokyo Flea Market

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At Laforet Museum Harajuku, we will hold a girl’s event titled Harajuku Kawaii Market presented by Mynavi Baito centered around the theme “Find Japan’s Kawaii♡”. Popular models active in fashion magazines, a Youtuber and other guests will take to the stage, and you can get hand-on and involved in the booth area with beauty cosmetics, fortune-telling, an accessory workshop and much more.


In this article we will take a look at just one of the booths you can look forward to: the Tokyo Flea Market. The Tokyo Flea Market is an event every now and then by the MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Tourist Information Center. It’s a popular event where models active in fashion magazines and elsewhere sell their own personal items.


A special version of the market will take place at the event: the “Harajuku Kawaii Market” will exhibit items from the performers at this year’s festival that you can get your hands on. Participating in the flea market is a fantastic line-up of members: Natsume Mito, Ayumi Seto, Rinko Murata, Yuri Suganuma, Hikari Shibata, Ren Koseki, Chie Tsuji, Anna Yano, Ema Tanioku, Eri Tanioku, Yuna Yabe, Megane, Yoshiaki, Michi, and Mei Nagasawa!


So what kind of items will the performers be exhibiting? Let’s take a small peek.


Natsume Mito


三戸なつめ フリマ商品

Natsume Mito, who works as a music artist and model, will put forth her personal effects! Don’t miss out on this super rare opportunity!




Rinko Murata

村田倫子 フリマ商品

村田倫子 フリマ商品2

村田倫子 フリマ商品3

Here are the items that Rinko is offering. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on these Rinko-esque girly items! Her personal belongings will also make their way to the on-stage flea market. (March 25th at 17:20)




Yuri Suganuma

菅沼ゆり フリマ商品

菅沼ゆり フリマ商品2


These are Yurippa’s things. Each of these items are her favourites having all been posted on her Instagram page! The blue one-piece is perfect for the coming season.



Hikari Shibata

柴田ひかり フリマ商品

柴田ひかり フリマ商品3

A picture of what Hikari wears has arrived! Again, perfect for the forthcoming season.



Ren Koseki


古関れん フリマ商品2

古関れん フリマ商品

This item set to hit the market belongs to Ren Koseki. They are tops from popular brands MILK and X-girl.



Anna Yano

やのあんな フリマ商品

やのあんな フリマ商品2

Anna Yano also wore this favourite treasure to Universal Studios Japan. You can also get these personal effects from Anna which go perfectly with any spring co-ord.





めがね フリマ商品

めがね フリマ商品2

Popular Japanese Youtuber Megane is giving away enough items to put a whole outfit together! She intends to add a bunch of other kawaii items besides those in the photo.


Mei Nagasawa


長澤メイ フリマ商品

長澤メイ フリマ商品2

From a girly setup to something sportier! Dress just as cool a Mei!


The flea market opens at 11:00. Those who have an item in mind that they are interested in should allow enough time to get to the event.





Locations: SHIBUYA CAST. / Tower Records Shibuya / Laforet Museum Harajuku / Onden Shrine

Dates: Saturday 24 March – Sunday 25 March

Time: 11:00-21:00 *Times differ at each area

Official Event Website:

Free Pre-Registration:


<Flea Market Cautions>

There are several important points to take note of. Please read the following precautions carefully before participating in the flea market.

・There is an admission limit.

・There is a limit to the number of items you can purchase.

・Please take with you a bag that you can put your purchased items in.

・There is a chance that items may be added during the course of the market.