Sushi izakaya “Sugidama” flagship store opens in Kagurazaka!

02.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Sushi izakaya Sugidama Flagship store “Sushi, Sake, Sakana Sugidama Kagurazaka” has now opened!


鮨・酒・肴 杉玉 神楽坂

“Sushi, Sake, Sakana Sugidama Kagurazaka” is a new line of business of Sushiro Group. Along with freshness and flavour, a lot of care has been taken for the presentation of the sushi which go perfectly with Japanese sake.


鮨・酒・肴 杉玉 神楽坂


鮨・酒・肴 杉玉 神楽坂

As the name implies, it is also possible to enjoy some side dishes with your drink rather than sushi.


鮨・酒・肴 杉玉 神楽坂

Taking things a step forward, there is the “Kiwamizushi” luxury menu.  You can also choose your favourite sushi and enjoy an assortment with the “Odozushi” menu. All sushi dishes on these two menus are ¥299+ tax. Besides this, you can also order items from the food menu that cost ¥399 and ¥499.


You can order alcoholic drinks for the reasonable price of ¥299. There are usually 15 varieties of Japanese sake available in half portions of 90ml – perfect for tasting and comparing!


鮨・酒・肴 杉玉 神楽坂

You can also enjoy set meals and rice dishes during lunch!


Enjoy the flavours of Japanese food to your heart’s content at Sushi, Sake, Sakana Sugidama Kagurazaka!




Sushi, Sake, Sakana Sugidama Kagurazaka

Address: Awatani Building 1st floor, 4-2, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Opening hours:

Monday — Friday 11:30 — 14:30/17:00 — 23:30

Weekends & national holidays: 11:30 — 23:30 ※ No regular closing hours

No regular closing days